Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mandarin Barking Dog

Well I guess the dog has spoken.

The Vernacubeng.

More Ahbeng than the typical AhBeng

Panjang nak mampus lu post Beng.

Ape lu cita Pek?

Well too much crap there but underneath all that ranting 2 basic theme emerges

    The use of Malaiyoo law in Pure Shiite’s attempt to coerce the Chinese to learn Malay is akin to the practice of Anglo-Saxons arriving in Australia or Canada or the US. Upon landing, they would get together, institute rules which they’d call Law and then hand it to the aborigines and say, “Now, obey it!” The National Language Act is Malaiyoo law. And Malaiyoo law, like hudud, does not concern the Chinese. Once inapplicable there is neither cause nor compunction to have to obey it. Worse for it, such laws run contrary to the multiple identities, cultures and languages that birthed the country. The Chinese shall no longer be made to obey fascism that locks them up in some American-like Indian internment reservations white people called New Villages. Because this use of force is so untenable today, because its motivation is fascistic and the basis for it both frivolous and contradictory in terms ethical (Satu Bahasa, communicating in one language) and political (Satu Bangsa, one race), the Malaiyoos have only one thing left to get One Sekolah going. It presumes that there is something wondrous, something culturally great, something edifying in a Malay-based education. It presumes Malay is better than Chinese education in delivering knowledge, progress and for the betterment of Malaysian society. That is, it is superior, like English in PPSMI is superior for the attainment of scientific and mathematical knowledge. (This is further evidence into explaining why the DAP Anglophiles and Hannah Malaiyoos are one of the same kind – racist to boot.) Below are the series of PISA results showing the standing of Chinese schooling – more accurately, script language – compared to, say, English language education. PISA tests precisely the criterion used by PPSMI Malaiyoos favouring English: the global quality of maths and science knowledge. That is, it tests how well students understand the maths formulas, the scientific laws of gravity, and how well they can articulate that which they are given to read. It tests students all of the same age-group, 15, having spent nine years learning in their respectively mother tongues.
     The test questions are identical, different only in translated form in the language of the countries participating, 100,000 students from 60 plus jurisdictions. There are three comparisons to be culled from the tables below: Chinese (or script) vs English, and Chinese vs Malay, English vs Malay. Some SK Malay schools participated in the PISA 2009 tests. What came of that nobody seems to know (although the inference is obvious, and we know why. Don’t we?). This means that the strength of Malay education would have to be gleaned and assessed either by its absence or by its motherland equivalent, Indonesia, which sits at the bottom of every league table. The conclusion is clear: Malaiyoo education proposed by the SS Malaiyoo fascists isn’t just third-rate at home and in the world, it’s completely useless – for everybody, for Malay kids and Chinese as well. This means, forcing Chinese into one, Malaiyoo school can have only the effect of making the Chinese equal to the Malays in stupidity (something Pure Shiite exemplifies best). A sociological phrase for this is called, ‘dumping down’. Why does Sat Dee want to do that? What have the Chinese done to him to deserve his spleen and wickedness? Or is he simply jealous of the superiority of Chinese education and so wants it out of the way, lest people make comparisons? Or, does he suffer from a Malaiyoo inferiority complex, in response to which he invokes English – not Malay – as the challenge to the ching chong ching chong language he ridicules regularly? Sat Dee the Anglophile racist is no coincidence in identity values held similarly by Hannah Yeoh, the Anglicised Chinese Jew or Tony Pua, the Anglo Sing. All three share a common anti-Chinese bigotry – much like Harry Lee of Singapore – and so support the use of English to supplant and suppress hanzi education.  Ketua Persatuan Aku Boleh Mengeja Nama Ibu Dalam Hanzi here

Actually folks, barking dogs like this one been around for the longest time. They bark bark bark straight out of the tongkang, till today they bark.

But what do they actually bark about? Same story it seems with this particular one, the other blogger regurgitate doggie's thought in Bahasa

This particular dog loves to bark at everything that is not Chinese enough.

Attacks everyone by questioning their ability to write their mothers name in hanzi

Who gives a fuck beng? 

Source here

Anglophile or Not, every single Chinese Politician in a Party that "represent" Chinese Interest WILL SUPPORT VERNACULAR EDUCATION FOLKS.

That would leave MCA and DAP out of the equation.

Dog goes on to attack the National Language Act and says that it does not concern the Chinese

Wonder why folks are asking which Nationality are you when you go around Ching Chong Ching Chong 24 jam?

Is being Illiterate in the National Language something that the Majority of the Population should tolerate (here)? 

Now back to the National Language act and Article 152

The dog now barks the similar call of the 60's

Mandarin and Tamil to become part of Our National Language

Little doggie...that battle is long gone la Beng, lu naik bas nombor berapa?

Little doggie now knows that without having those 2 languages in our Article 152 and National Language Act, the Golden Brick Beggars need to roam the streets.

No need to worry ma, your kind got corporate sponsorship lo.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Penipuan atau Biawak di bawah Tempurung?

This will be a short one......

Kenapa sekolah Cina yang mendidik pelajar pelbagai bangsa dicop sebagai ‘cauvinis’ manakala sekolah asrama dan MRSM, yang dibiayai pembayar cukai tetapi tidak menerima pelajar Cina, dilepas pandang? (here)

Source here

As for Sekolah Asrama Penuh it was never about an Exclusive Malay Only Institution (except for one called MCKK)

Get your "facts" right please, such low standards of engagement to be a blogger.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Brick by Brick

Saya menandakan ‘sic’ [tidak betul] di atas kerana pada tahun 1981, DAP belum lagi mencipta cogankata ‘Malaysian First’ yang hanya dipopularkan selepas pilihanraya umum Mac 2008. Sebelum itu, cogankata DAP berbunyi ‘Malaysian Malaysia’. Dan lagipun zaman sudah beredar.

Pendirian ‘Malaysian First’ yang dipegang DAP hari ini sudah jauh menyimpang dari konsep ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ yang didakap parti itu 30 tahun lalu. Walaupun kenyataan-kenyataan Kit Siang pada tahun 1982, 1984 dan 1994 (rujukan dipautkan oleh SatD dalam blognya Pure Shiite) mungkin menggambarkan pendekatan DAP pada tahun 1980-an dan awal 1990-an, namum hari ini Kit Siang yang berumur lebih 70 tahun tidak lagi memegang jawatan setiausaha agung parti. Jawatan tersebut telah diwasiatkan kepada anaknya Lim Guan Eng yang berjaya memberikan DAP suatu wajah baru (here)
 Is that true? 

Malaysian First – Pursuing The Malaysian Dream Ensuring Opportunity And Security For All Opening Speech at the DAP 40th Anniversary Celebration by Lim Guan Eng (Federal Hotel, Saturday):

Four decades ago a group of men formed the DAP because they believed in the great Malaysian Dream. Our founding Chairman Dr Chen Man Hin declared that this newly independent nation formed of disparate races, religions and cultures can be united by a common identity not based on race or religion but on a democratic socialist ideal seeking to abolish poverty, ignorance, disease and all forms of social injustice and economic exploitation. In focusing on wiping out socio-economic injustices, DAP National Vice-Chair Mohd Nor Jetty said, “the capitalist system in which the large proportion of wealth produced is intercepted and hoarded by the non-producers through rent, interests or profits tends to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, which we as socialists decry and is precisely what Islam also abhors.” Malaysian Malaysia was the DAP’s non-racial response to UMNO’s call for Malay unity, MCA’s call for Chinese unity and MIC’s call for Indian unity at the expense of Malaysian unity.

Unlike UMNO, MCA or MIC, DAP believed that we should be Malaysians first and last. That bangsa agama dan Negara should not refer only to one particular race or religion but one Malaysian nation for Malaysians practicing freedom of religion. As the then Rocket Editor Lim Kit Siang wrote in one of his first editorials, “All Malaysians of reason and goodwill must make a heart-searching reappraisal as to what they conceive to be Malaysia’s destiny. If it is the common hope that our destiny is a multi-racial nation where there shall be no discrimination on the grounds of race, colour or creed, then there must be agreement on certain fundamentals if a multi-racial nation is to succeed. These fundamentals are: As a multi-racial nation, Malaysia does not belong to any one particular race. In consequence, no race should regard itself as typically Malaysian, a norm to which the other races must conform. All the languages spoken by Malaysians of different origins are Malaysian languages. To describe Chinese or Tamil as foreign languages is tantamount to saying Malaysian Chinese or Indians are foreigners. The national language shall be the common language as a force of unity and not division. The use of mother tongue as the media of instruction in an educational system which is completely Malaysian in outlook.

If there is no agreement on these fundamentals, then clearly there is no will or determination to build a multi-racial nation.” DAP was alone in these 40 years in pursuit of this Malaysian dream. We were mocked that the idea of a national Malaysian consciousness was not practical when racial or religious prejudices ruled. We were even prosecuted and jailed for refusing to abandon commitment to a Malaysian Malaysia that corruption, poverty and discriminatory acts were the real dangers to national unity. As Confucious said, “A repressive government is indeed more frightening than a tiger.” But even though we walked alone we were never lonely because we had the support of millions of Malaysians who subscribed to our Malaysian Malaysia ideal. Your support have enabled us to courageously withstand blows after blows.

We are proud that DAP is still here after 40 years. To be still standing here today is a remarkable testament to our leaders and members who have not only lost their liberty but also shed sweat tears and blood. For that we thank Malaysians from all walks of life Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Ibans regardless of race, creed or religion. Especially the middle-class and poor who have sustained DAP through all our trials and tribulations. You have made our sacrifices worthwhile in pursuit of this Malaysian Dream. I wish to pause here to thank all the leaders gathered here who at one time of another suffered detention. People like Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, P. Patto, Chian Heng Kai, Chan Kok Kit, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Lau Dak Kee, V. David, Kerk Kim Hock, Tan Kok Wai, Dr Eng Seng Chai, Sim Tong Him, Ngoi Thiam Woh and myself. Your sacrifices have enabled us to persevere in our belief that Malaysians are a harmonious and tolerant lot who would prefer to unite as Malaysians and progress together than divide into their individual and separate racial compartments where progress is measured only by competing against each other and not together. We need to begin a new chapter to sustain this struggle in the next 40 years.

The Malaysian First chapter!

MALAYSIAN FIRST is a continuation of DAP’s original struggle for a Malaysian Malaysia. Malaysian First stresses the dual purpose of achieving national unity and economic prosperity amongst all Malaysians. First, national unity should be based not on race or religion but on a common identity centered on democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity. Secondly the importance of becoming global champions in academic excellence, economic competitiveness, technological merit and knowledge management to ensure economic prosperity that is shared equitably with all Malaysians. The first limb: National Unity If we should not identify ourselves based on the colour of our skin or the God we pray, then what is the meaning of being Malaysian? DAP submits that being Malaysian should depend on certain universal values we share and subscribe, focusing particularly on democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Equation of Nonsense: Understanding Malaysian First

"Saya telah mengemukakan pandangan bahawa SSS and DAP bagai pinang dibelah dua kerana mereka sehati sejiwa dalam hasrat mahu membentuk Bangsa Malaysia. Menurut gerakan SSS, kempen mereka berteraskan penubuhan “satu bangsa, satu negara, satu bahasa”. ‘Satu bangsa’ yang diuar-uarkan SSS saling tak tumpah dengan konsep bangsa ‘Anak Malaysia’/Malaysian First yang dilaungkan DAP." (here)

This is getting fun actually, watching someone who is unable to counter argue, repeats the assertion. How different are you in comparison to the DAP Zombies who telan bulat2 and roam the cyberspace to regurgitate the garbage?

Apakah rumusan diatas benar?

Yang jelas ada perbedaan ideologi yang amat ketara antara Satu Sekolah berbanding dengan halatuju perjuangan DAP dan sejarah evolusi DAP Malaysian Malaysia.

Would a party that vehemently rejects the National Cultural Policy be supporting something that is?

 Penggubalan Dasar Kebudayaan Kebangsaan adalah penting bagi sesebuah negara membangun dan yang mempunyai penduduk berbilang kaum seperti Malaysia. Dasar ini nanti akan dapat menjadi Garis panduan dalam membentuk, mewujud dan mengekalkan identiti negara di kalangan dunia antarabangsa. Penggubalan dasar ini perlu dibuat dengan mempertimbangkan fakta-fakta perkembangan sejarah serantau dan kedudukan negara ini sebagai pusat pertemuan serta pusat tamadun dan perdagangan sejak dua ribu tahun yang lampau. Peranannya sebagai sebuah pusat pertemuan, telah melahirkan proses interaksi, pengenalan, penyerapan dan penerimaan pelbagai unsur-unsur yang sesuai kepada kebudayaan asas rantau ini dari pelbagai unsur-unsur kebudayaan dunia. Dengan yang demikian, sebagai satu proses yang berterusan, penwujudan Kebudayaan Kebangsaan Malaysia akan terus berlandaskan unsur-unsur dan tiga prinsip yang ditetapkan oleh Kerajaan sebagai Dasar Kebudayaan Kebangsaan iaitu:

(i) Berteraskan kepada Kebudayaan Rakyat Asal rantau ini yang merangkumi kawasan Malaysia, Indonesia, Filipina, Singapura, Brunei, Thailand dan Kampuchea serta Kepulauan Selatan Pasifik (Polynesia, Melanesia dan Oceania) sehingga Malagasi adalah merupakan bahagian utama dari kawasan tamadun atau budaya Melayu. Rantau ini merupakan pusat pemancaran, pengembangan dan warisan Kebudayaan Melayu sejak zaman berzaman dan ditandai pula oleh kegemilangan dan keagungan tamadun Melayu yang berpusat di Melaka yang menggunakan Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa perhubungan antarabangsa (linguafranca). Kebudayaan serantau ini digambarkan oleh persamaan-persamaan di bidang bahasa yang berasaskan keluarga bahasa Melayu - Austronesia, kedudukan geografi, pengalaman sejarah, kekayaan alam, kesenian dan nilai-nilai keperibadiannya. Budaya Melayu pada hari ini merupakan cara hidup, lambang identiti dan asas ukuran keperibadian kepada lebih 200 juta umat manusia yang menuturkan satu rumpun bahasa yang sama. Dengan yang demikian, kebudayaan rakyat asal rantau ini dalam pengertian sempit atau luasnya kebudayaan Melayu telah dijadikan teras kepada Kebudayaan Kebangsaan.

The Equation of Nonsense

This post is dedicated to the Late Mark Koding

How should one react when other bloggers engage you in a post?

I had one the other day by this Hard Core Vernacubeng one way traffic blogger (here)

Today another blogger responded to a link...

Siap taruk nama gua dalam title post tu beb.....

Gerammer macem pelik je...but good effort....did you think in BM or another language when u wrote that?

In there the blogger tries hard to equate DAP's Malaysian Malaysia/Anak Malaysia push as Equal to Satu Sekolah Objective

Hakikatnya SSUS dan DAP seperahu dalam hasrat membentuk Bangsa Malaysia!! Saya pasti DAP dengan falsafah Malaysian Firstnya akan memberi sokongan padu kepada usaha murni SSUS. Natijah berkongsi ideologi, parti tersebut semestinya mahu menghulurkan pertolongan demi memungkinkan pembentukan 1Sekolah — tempat Anak Malaysia bakal bertadah payung. Selamat berjuang dan semoga berjaya!
This is coming from someone who said this in her comment section

Sudah berkali-kali dalam blog ini dan juga di mKini saya secara konsistennya mengatakan saya sokong sekolah vernakular.

As I’ve been asserting in this blog, those of us who support vernacular education actually want to remain Chinese and Indian. I will even admit to you that I speak Chinese to my dog.

The reason I take issue with the Firsters, and this is where SSUS overlaps, is their intellectual dishonesty. (here)
So do Satu Sekolah share the same boat as DAP?

Let's not go too far back
Malaysia today would be a very different country if there had been no DAP in the past 28 years

Speech by the Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary General and MP for Tanjong, Lim Kit Siang when launching the Pull Liberalisation campaign in Perak at a ceramah at the Tou Boo Kong Hall in Ipoh on Saturday, 10th December, 1994 at 8pm

Malaysia today would be a very different country if there had been no DAP in the past 28 years DAP MPs and leaders can feel proud that when Chinese education, Chinese primary schools, Chinese Independent Secondary Schools faced their greatest threat in the 1970s and early l980s, they were there to stand up in Parliament in the defence of Cultural Democracy.

Those were the darkest and most dangerous period of nation-building in Malaysia, which culminated in the demand for a ‘One-Language, One Culture’ Policy in utter disregard of the fact that Malaysia is a nation of many races, languages, cultures and religions. In the sixties, there were calls for the ban on ‘un-Malaysian’ symbols like the dragon in Malaysia, the closure, of Chinese and Tamil primary schools and even the closure of Chinese and Tail newspapers.

In the 1970s a powerful Cabinet Minister seriously suggested the replacement of the lion dance by the tiger dance! Malaysia would be a very different country today if there had been no DAP in the past 28 years to oppose, resist and check the undemocratic forces which wanted to establish a ‘One Language, One Culture’ Malaysia, and there would definitely be no ‘Minor Liberalisation’ in certain government economic and educational measures in the past three years.
The ‘Minor’ Liberalisation’ of the past three years must be seen in the context of the 28-year political struggle of the DAP for a Malaysian Malaysia aria the people’s consistent support for this political objective. The ‘Full Liberalisation’ will serve as a standard to measure how tar short the Barisan Nasional’s ‘Minor Liberalisation’ had fallen from the legitimate aspirations of the people It is the greatest fallacy for anyone to think that the ‘Minor Liberalisation’ had fallen from the skies, or is the result of the ‘charity’ of ‘the Barisan Nasional Government, or even worse, is the achievement of the Gerakan and MCA. This is not the case. The ‘Minor Liberalization’ are the ‘tiny results’ of the long-ten political struggle of the people with the PAP for a more just and equal Malaysia – a Malaysian Malaysia – for the past three decades.

If we see the ‘Minor Liberalization’ completely out of context of the people’s struggle with the DAP for a more just and equal Malaysia, as if Malaysian politics started in 1991, we will get the impression that the Barisan Nasional Government is getting more and more enlightened and, we should be happy and content However, It we judge the Minor liberalisation in the context of the people’s political struggle with the DAP for the past three decades, we will then be able to place it in a proper context. Although we welcome the ‘Minor Liberalisation’ of the past three years, we cannot over look the fact that in the past three decades, the rights of the people had suffered serious erosion and that the ‘Minor Liberalisation’ of the past three years had not even fully restored these lost rights. If we regard the ‘Minor Liberalisation’ of the past three years as ‘three forward steps’, and look at them in isolation, then they are a great advance.

However, if we place the ‘Minor Liberalisation’ in the context of the past three decades, where the Barisan Nasional policies had made the people to ‘go back by thirty steps’, taking ‘three steps forward’ while welcome is clearly not sufficient or satisfactory. This is why DAP has called for Full Liberalisation’ as the people and the DAP cannot be content and satisfied with the ‘Minor Liberalisation’ of the past three years – which have not even restored the political, economic, educational, cultural and citizenship rights eroded away in the past three decades. The ‘Full Liberalisation’ call of the DAP will not only serve as a rallying cry for all Malaysians to demand a more, just and equal Malaysia where all Malaysians can enjoy an equal place under the Malaysian sun, it will also serve as a standard to measure as to how far short the Barisan Nasional’s ‘Minor Liberalisation’ had fallen from the legitimate aspirations of the people.

DAP challenges MCA to declare its stand on the National Charter for Mother-Tongue Education One acid test as to whether the MCA leadership can support full liberalisation is the DAP’s National Charter for Mother-Tongue Education. A week ago, during the debate in Parliament on the Ministry of Education, I read out the DAP Charter for Mother- Tongue Education and asked the Barisan Nasional component parties and the government to give full support to the Charter.

The Charter is aimed at restoring mother-tongue educations to their rightful place in the national education system and which would also mean full government recognition for a comprehensive system of Chinese education, from primary, national to university level. Under the Charter, the government would give full financial support to Chinese primary schools and would launch a crash programme to build new Chinese primary schools to meet the needs of the pupils. The government would also give annual financial allocations to the Chinese independent secondary school arid recognise their Unified Examination Certificate. Private universities, including those using Mandarin and other languages as media of instruction would also be allowed in the country.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Story of The Satu Sekolah Memo

This is the story of a document that was never delivered to its intended recipient.....

For the full chronology go to Demi Negara to find out how the document was first formulated.

What transpired was a unique online collaboration, perhaps the first of its kind in the Malaysian blogosphere. The Knights collectively conceived, formulated and refined a memorandum to the Deputy Prime Minister in a truly seamless self-regulating "Open Source" environment. source here

The memo was launched on 12th of May 2009, I was the second signatory to the petition (here) , after 932 days it gathered 3105.

The launch came with a particular logo designed by an Unknown.....

As of 26th of October 242 Bloggers are having it on their sites. refer here

The late Wah Al Subangi took the initiative to set up a Facebook group here , it managed to get close to 4000 members (the group is  going to be archived based on FB system requirement). Activity there kinda slowed down after bro Wah passed away due to heart complications. (Al Fatihah, may Allah bless your soul)

The online movement took a new form when the Satu Sekolah Portal launched its first post here at 12 Midnight of 31st of August 2009.
The memo and its corresponding online support put the detractors in one corner, a Deputy Minister even wanted to lodge a Police Report (go here )

The logic module seems to be that this is "An UMNO Lead Initiative and A Move to Propagate Ketuanan Melayu"

They go around town to label this as An Anti Chinese Initiative and zoom into what they think of KijangMas and Demi Negara, till today some of them still thinks so, go here for a recent discussion where A Blogger supporting Vernacular Education terkapai2 to answer question from a comentator.

When I came out with the Legal Angle that Vernacular Education is AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION AND NATIONAL LANGUAGE ACT it took the discussion to the next level.

So far no one whether online or offline is able to refute that.

Mana pergi semua constitution experts??

One MP actually think that there exist a "Virtual Constitution Guarantee" go here , he has changed his tone go here

I remember what Rocky said

KJ as champion for a Single School for ALL Malaysians? I'd like to see that! source here
bro I think he is moving slowly into that direction, for reasons unknown to me.



Source Demi Negara


Sunday, November 20, 2011

The AFP Time Traveller

Indonesia beat Malaysia in SEA Games football final By Aidan Jones (AFP) – 7 hours ago JAKARTA — Indonesia charged into an unassailable lead at the top of the Southeast Asian Games medals table Sunday as their fans were handed a dream date with arch-rivals Malaysia in the football final. With three days of competition to go, Indonesia hit 140 golds in a bulging 355 medal tally late Saturday and reached the landmark Games' organisers have calculated they need for their first overall win since 1997. Thailand reclaimed second spot with 85 golds, helping them to leapfrog Vietnam, thanks to their women boxers who claimed four golds, setting up a likely scramble for the runners-up place as the Games draw to a close. But the focus Sunday was on the hosts' mouthwatering clash for football gold with Malaysia, after they booked a spot in final with a 2-0 win over Vietnam, while their neighbours pinched a win 1-0 win over a battling Myanmar. Goalless at half-time, Indonesia scored twice in the second period through Papuan pair Patrich Wanggai and Titus Bonai. Monday night's final should harbour few fears for the visitors, who weathered the cauldron of the 90,000 capacity Gelora Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta to beat the hosts 1-0 in their last group game. But Malaysian media Sunday raised fears over the intensity of the hostility they are likely to encounter source AFP here.


Dude final besok la brader....

Folks try googling "Indonesia Beat Malaysia in SEA Games Football Final" try here

Sudah bersepah2 syndication around the Globe.......

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The 17 year punishment of Penangites according to Guan Beng

Beng apekelancau lu cita beb? Kasi la classy sikit punya sekarang manyak chubby chup chups ma....apa makan? jangan jadi Fei Chai loh....

Pengendali lebuh raya PLUS Expressways Bhd didakwa "berbohong" kepada rakyat apabila berkata syarikat itu melepaskan bayaran ganti rugi RM6.5 bilion kepada kerajaan, kata Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng. "Pengecualian" itu, kata Lim dicapai dengan melanjutkan tempoh mengutip tol di tiga lebuh raya. "Ini adalah helah... Ia sebenarnya peningkatan yang tersembunyi," kata Lim yang juga ahli parlimen Bagan pada sidang akhbar di bangunan Parlimen hari ini. Lim merujuk akhbar-akhbar arus perdana hari ini yang melaporkan bahawa pengendali bersama lebuh raya itu, Kumpulan UEM dan KWSP memutuskan mereka akan mengecualikan RM2.9 bilion dalam baki ganti rugi tertunggak semasa dan pembekuan kenaikan tol sehingga 2015, yang akan sebaliknya menyebabkan kerajaan menanggung RM3.6 bilion. Memetik jawapan bertulis daripada Kementerian Kerja Raya bertarikh 28 Jun yang menyatakan tol Jambatan Pulau Pinang akan beroperasi sehingga 2038, Lim berkata, ia sebenarnya adalah lanjutan 17 tahun, sedangkan kutipan tol di jambatan itu sepatutnya tamat pada 2021. "Apa pengecualian? Mereka menipu. Saya fikir hanya anak-anak saya akan membayar tol tetapi sekarang nampaknya cucu saya juga perlu bayar," katanya. "Perjanjian ini menghukum warga Pulau Pinang ... Source here
Before we go any further ...lets understand a little bit about this bridge

 The Penang Bridge project was the original idea of the second Malaysian Prime Minister, The late YAB Tun Abdul Razak bin Dato’ Hussain and the planning commenced in 1960. The success for the project was ensured by detained pans and careful research. In 1971, the Government of Malaysia recognized that to realize the potential economic growth in the State of Penang, a fixed link between the Island and the mainland should be constructed.
The decision to commence construction was made by YAB Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, the fourth Malaysian Prime Minister in 1982 and Tun Dr mahathir bin Mohamad officially visited the bridge.. Taking almost 3¾ years to complete, the bridge was officially opened to the traffic on 14th September 1985 by the Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Tun Musa bin Hitam. Being one of famous landmark in the country, Penang Bridge has contributed significantly to the socio-economic, cultural and social development of Penang State since its operation in 1985.

The bridge comprises the construction of a high level bridge of a Cable-Stayed Concrete Girder type was built by the Government in 1982 at a total cost of RM800 million (excluding the cost of land acquisition). Constructed with a 6.2 km dual lane carriageway and 2.2 km three lane carriageway for the middle span, the bridge embrace 3 interchanges with the 13.5km length, comprises 8.4 km of bridge structure over water, 1.5 km of viaduct and roadway approach on the Penang Island side and 3.6 km of approach roadway on the Perai side.Source here
Did the Government charge the users when it first opened?

Source NST October 5th 1988 go here
The initial concessionaire was the Malaysian Highway Authorities @ Lembaga Lebuh Raya Malaysia

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bin PM : The Rainmaker Extraordinaire

Harvest Court stock suspended due to over-speculation By Lee Wei Lian November 15, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 15 — The spectacular rise in the shares of timber products maker Harvest Court Industries Berhad, in which a son of the prime minister has a stake, has prompted Bursa Malaysia to suspend the stock due to excessive speculation.

The share price of the former PN17 company jumped as much as 535 per cent in the last two weeks since Mohd Nazifuddin Najib, the son of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak joined the board on October 28. The share price was languishing below 10 sen up until mid-October and hit 40 sen just before Nazifuddin joined the board. The shares have since soared, hitting a high of RM2.14 yesterday, some 49 sen above its opening price.

Bursa Malaysia said yesterday that it has declared Harvest Court Industries Berhad (HARVEST) and Harvest Court Industries Warrants (HARVEST-WA) as “Designated Securities” with effect from 9.00 am today until further notice. “In order to facilitate dissemination of the designation, the above securities will be suspended with effect from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Tuesday, 15 November 2011,” said Bursa in a statement to the media. “The decision to designate the securities of HARVEST and HARVEST-WA is due to excessive speculation observed in the trading of both securities and has been taken in the interest of ensuring a fair and orderly market.”

Bursa said that with the designation, trading in the counter continues but will require payment upfront before buying and a free balance of securities before selling. It also advised investors to base their decisions on the fundamentals of the company. Analysts said that exceptional rises in a company’s share price such as in the case of Harvest Court is typically not sustainable and usually fizzle out when punters cash in, leaving other investors high and dry. Nazifuddin is also a director in developer Sagajuta Sdn Bhd and he and his fellow director Datuk Raymond Chan Boon Siew recently acquired stakes of 1.59 and 15.41 per cent in Harvest Court respectively. Harvest Court said last Friday that it has accepted an award to construct commercial and residential developments for Sagajuta. Nazifuddin is Najib’s second son from his first marriage. Najib divorced Tengku Puteri Zainah Tengku Eskandar in 1987 before marrying Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor with whom he has two children. Source here

Well .....what can I say.....did we not see this in SCOMI before go here?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Beng what full stop u talking about?

Tian Chua (pic) in an SMS reply to The Mole insisted: He (Kamal) is a Malaysian full stop. (He) never lived in NZ (New Zealand), father and mother both lived in Malaysia.” “His mother is a Malaysian PR (permanent resident) famous in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) while his father is now living in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and is also an ex-Umno politician.” The Batu MP also said that there was no need for him to respond to cyber troopers, when asked to comment about SatD’s remarks which criticised his silence over the matter. Source here

Beng lu biar betul.....

Gua malas mau cerita panjang read Helen Todd's words 13 days after her son's death

 Death in East Timor Asian Wall Street Journal, November 25, 1991 Helen Todd (Malaysia-based journalist) 

My son, Kamal Bamadhaj, a 20-year-old student, was shot and killed by Indonesian soldiers on Tuesday, Nov. 12, in East Timor. Indonesia admits another 18 people were killed by its troops the same morning, when they opened fire on a procession in Dili, the capital of the former Portuguese colony that Jakarta annexed in 1976 and has been struggling to assimilate ever since. Witnesses to the shootings tell another story. They estimate 50 or more Timorese, mainly young people calling for Timor's independence, were killed. Jakarta has promised a "full inquiry" into the affair. But Timorese, as well as diplomats and journalists who have visited the territory in recent days, report that dozens of youths have been rounded up by the Indonesian military and that their fate is unknown.

 So I may be only one of many mothers who have lost their sons. But I am one of the few who is free to speak out. My experience in trying to find out what happened to my son, and why, has given me a first-hand glimpse of the misinformation, stonewalling and, on occasion, outright lying that has characterized Indonesia's initial efforts to play down the killings and the disastrous impact they may have on Jakarta's image. I was holidaying in London when I first heard that Kamal had been shot in Timor, from a friend of his in Australia. All night the phone calls came, each worse than the last: Kamal was in a military hospital, but no one was allowed to see him; he has three shots in the head; the Red Cross says he is dead. Indonesia said nothing officially. Throughout the 16-hour flight from London to Singapore the next day, Kamal's 13-year-old sister and I hung on to the thinnest thread of hope.

When we arrived in Singapore on Nov. 14, we called the New Zealand ambassador in Jakarta and that thread broke. He said that the Indonesian military command had just confirmed that Kamal, a New Zealand citizen of Malaysian origin, had died in Dili on Tuesday morning, and had been buried there the same day. Meanwhile, newspapers in Jakarta were still quoting military sources as saying no foreigner had been killed.

My objective was to go to Dili immediately to recover Kamal's body and bring it home to Malaysia. En route, my husband and I were met in Jakarta's airport by the New Zealand ambassador, who had arranged our onward flights to Timor and had been promised by Indonesian authorities complete cooperation in recovering Kamal. We also met and were given a personal letter from Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs Sudomo to the chief of the East Timor Operational Command, R.S. Warouw, directing him to help us. But the next day as we were about to board a flight to Dili, we were stopped by a military intelligence officer, who ignored Mr. Sudomo's letter and said he had orders from Brig. Gen. Pandji Soesilo, head of foreign liaison for the Indonesian armed forces, to stop us. Kamal's body was flown to Jakarta late that night by military aircraft and released to the ambassador the following day..........................

Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Memory of Kamal Bamadhad: How cheap can Pakatan Rakyat politicians be?

I just got back from a trippy movie......never knew acid could be consumed like eye drops.....

gua pun check la the eco-system....

tiba2 ada satu mamat ni punya tweet lain macam aje bunyi...

The one that caught me eye the most was this one......

Refer here
 Kamal who????

Gua pun macam biasa..bertanya la basic man on the street question....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Anwar here's the "missing" 1.4Billion

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 — Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim alleges that RM1.4 billion has gone missing from the Treasury’s contingency fund, which is for unforeseen federal expenses. He said the Auditor-General had found just RM79.15 million in the fund even though the Government Expenditure Estimates reported that RM1.5 billion had been allocated for that purpose. “Where has the money gone? More seriously, when did it go missing, the RM1.4 billion?” he told reporters in the lobby of Parliament today. “I don’t think the Audit Department (made a mistake). They are more meticulous than that when it comes to accounting.” Anwar (picture) questioned if the “inordinate” 17-day delay between the tabling of Budget 2012 and the Auditor-General’s Report was meant to hide this discrepancy. The annual audit report is usually tabled before the Budget. “Now we are forced to suspect there is some other compelling reason why they chose not to table the audit report at the right time,” Anwar said. Source here

 Ni ada sekor lagi bangang

 KUALA LUMPUR 8 Nov: Jawatankuasa pemantauan Audit Pakatan Rakyat mendesak Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak menjelaskan kehilangan Wang Luar Jangka atau peruntukan kecemasan Perbendaharaan Negara sebanyak RM1.43 bilion, kata Pengerusinya, Azan Ismail.
Ini kerana katanya, Anggaran Perbelanjaan Persekutuan bagi Kumpulan Wang Luar Jangka setiap tahun sepatutnya sama dengan Laporan Ketua Audit Negara (LKAN), iaitu sebanyak RM1.5 bilion. “Namun, berdasarkan LKAN 2010, jumlah yang dicatatkan hanyalah RM79.14 juta dan jumlah itu berbeza dengan jumlah yang dinyatakan pada Anggaran Perbelanjaan Persekutuan yang jumlahnya mestilah RM1.5 bilion. “Maknanya, berlaku ‘kehilangan’ wang rakyat kira-kira RM1.43 bilion. Dengan itu, kita menuntut penjelasan dari Datuk Najib menjelaskan segera isu ini,” kata Ahli Parlimen Indera Mahkota itu dalam sidang media di Parlimen hari ini. Turut serta, Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Naib Presiden KEADILAN, Tian Chua, Ahli Parlimen Kuala Langat, Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid dan Ahli Parlimen Balik Pulau, Yusmadi Yussoff. Menurut Azan, walaupun artikel 103 Perlembagaan Persekutuan membenarkan menteri membelanjakan Kumpulan Wang Luar Jangka, namun ia mestilah diganti dalam kadar yang paling segera. “Malangnya, sehingga 31 Disember 2010 yang sudah berakhir, jumlah itu tidak digantikan dan kita mahu penjelasan ke mana ‘disembunyikan’ wang rakyat ini kerana ia jelas bertentangan dengan perlembagaan persekutuan artikel 103,” katanya. Dalam sidang media itu, Ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat itu turut menunjukan data yang dikutip dari Buku Anggaran Perbelanjaan Persekutuan bagi 2010, 2011 dan 2012 dan LKAN 2010. Source here

Let us look at the data these 2 are talking about

This is the Audit Report

Source here

And this is the "Anggaran" Data 2010 that was Published on 8th September 2011

And the disputed data
Refer here

But if one is to look at the 2012 Data

Source here

The inner workings of the Contingency Fund is a mystery to me from an accounting perspective.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The One Year Old Raya Message Insult: Will Jolobu Bingai sleep on it??

I checked the site again after spending some QT with my kids today.

You wanna know something that I missed.......refer the dates on pic in my previous post go here

It was last year raya message.......

So technically the Offensive comment have been on Public Display since November 16th 2010 until today....

How interesting........

It has been deleted.....worry not a complete Screen Print has been made.....

The AhBeng Daddy Raya Wish

I'm shocked!!!!!

A comment appeared on A Moderated Blog which requires upfront registration, the Moderator have approved a comment this particular comment that is clearly against the Penal Code.....

Source here

How can the Moderator of this blog allowed for the comment to go thru?????

How can you do that......

This is an Official Message for Hari Raya by Lim Kit Siang

Is Lim Kit Siang now gonna hide behind freedom of expression and claim that he was not aware of the Moderation Policy of his own Blog?????

This comment falls within the Penal Code

Refer here

The same comment also appears in Niamah here 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Will The Son Honor What the Father Said?

Source here

Well in case you all are wondering whether the late Tun Razak actually said that

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Soft Landing of PPSMI

DG of Education will issue a circular to inform all sch on soft landing approach of PPSMI. Basically, the decision is : "those who r already in the PPSMI system will be allowed to continue until form 5 & SPM. The last PPSMI cohort to sit for SPM in 2020". Wee Ka Siong Tweet refer here

Just in via Tweeter...

I'm still trying to figure out what he means by "WILL BE ALLOWED"

What is the criteria? Is it Mandatory or by Request of the Students or Teachers?

I hope it will be Mandatory i.e. PPSMI to continue as it is

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MACC Just How Do you Define Corruption?

MACC: No corruption in purchase of binoculars by Marine Dept By ZUHRIN AZAM AHMAD PUTRAJAYA:
No corruption was involved in the Marine Department's exorbitant purchase of two night vision binoculars, said the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. MACC deputy commissioner, Datuk Shukri Abdul, said the department was found to have ignored a Treasury order by not conducting a market survey to find out the actual price of the equipment.
He said their investigation showed that the binoculars could be purchased for RM5,000 each but the department was charged over RM50,000 by the company given the tender. The Auditor-General 2010 Report said the department paid 2,805% more or RM56,350 for a night vision marine binocular which hFACTas an estimated market price of RM1,940.
However, what was supplied was not the RM56,350 binocular but a non-night vision marine binocular worth RM1,069.
 "We have suggested that the department take strict disciplinary action against the officer involved," Shukri said. source here
You expect me to telan your clarification??


For real Pakcik???

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Lesen L Driver of Pemandu: ETP One Year On...

Derih Derih

Guano awe? Demo ado lesen koh weh?

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 Nov ― Datuk Seri Idris Jala hari ini menegaskan semula bahawa Malaysia masih berhadapan dengan risiko menjadi negara muflis dalam satu dekad lagi jika ia membelanjakan wang yang dipinjam untuk perbelanjaan-perbelanjaan operasi seperti subsidi berbanding menggunakannya bagi tujuan pelaburan.
“Jika ekonomi kita mengalami pertumbuhan kurang empat peratus dan jika kita tidak memotong perbelanjaan operasi kita, jika kita pinjam pada kadar 12.5 peratus, jika hutang tahunan kita meningkat 12.5 peratus dan pulangan kita pula tidak berkembang, maka ia akan berlaku,” kata Jala hari ini selepas mengumumkan perkembangan terkini mengenai pelaburan dalam Program Transformasi Ekonomi (ETP). Beliau (gambar) mencetuskan kebimbangan yang sama tahun lalu ketika ramai membicarakan mengenai isu subsidi, yang kemudiannya menjadi kontroversi. Hutang kebangsaan Malaysia meningkat 12.3 peratus untuk mencecah RM407 bilion tahun lalu, demikian menurut Laporan Ketua Audit Negara 2010 yang dikeluarkan minggu lalu. Meskipun ekonomi mengalami pertumbuhan 7.2 peratus tahun lalu, defisit fiskal tahun lalu mengekalkan hutang awam lebih 50 peratus berbanding kadar KDNK bagi tahun kedua berturut-turut. Pakar ekonomi juga berkara bahawa pertumbuhan ekonomi negara boleh perlahan ke paras 3.6 peratus tahun depan daripada kadar 4.3 peratus yang dijangkakan tahun ini ekoran risiko kemelesetan berganda global. Bagaimanapun kata beliau, Malaysia tidak akan melalui kemelesetan tetapi akan melalui perkembangan ekonomi yang perlahan ekoran merebaknya krisis kewangan di Eropah. Katanya, jangkaan beliau tidak bermakna Putrajaya akan berhenti daripada membuat pinjaman.

“Kita harus membuat pinjaman dengan syarat wang itu digunakan untuk pelaburan berbanding untuk perbelanjaan operasi,” kata beliau lagi. “Kita harus memastikan pinjaman kita sepadan dengan pelaburan,” katanya lagi. Source here


Apekelancau lu cita beb?

Lu sudah bankrupt modal to talk ke?

All those Consultants told you that Malaysia Gonna Go Bust if We BORROW TO FINANCE OUR SUBSIDIES?

For real?

Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. -Lord Thomas Dewer