Sunday, November 6, 2011

The AhBeng Daddy Raya Wish

I'm shocked!!!!!

A comment appeared on A Moderated Blog which requires upfront registration, the Moderator have approved a comment this particular comment that is clearly against the Penal Code.....

Source here

How can the Moderator of this blog allowed for the comment to go thru?????

How can you do that......

This is an Official Message for Hari Raya by Lim Kit Siang

Is Lim Kit Siang now gonna hide behind freedom of expression and claim that he was not aware of the Moderation Policy of his own Blog?????

This comment falls within the Penal Code

Refer here

The same comment also appears in Niamah here 

Do i need to take a flight to KL to make a Police Report on this matter ???? Or is someone on the ground gonna do that???

Shall we chase this kteokt sampai lubang cacing?? How about the Blog Owner??? Let him go??

Well to all the "Uncivilised" Muslim Malaysians let me know how you all feel about it ya.....
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