Saturday, November 26, 2011

Penipuan atau Biawak di bawah Tempurung?

This will be a short one......

Kenapa sekolah Cina yang mendidik pelajar pelbagai bangsa dicop sebagai ‘cauvinis’ manakala sekolah asrama dan MRSM, yang dibiayai pembayar cukai tetapi tidak menerima pelajar Cina, dilepas pandang? (here)

Source here

As for Sekolah Asrama Penuh it was never about an Exclusive Malay Only Institution (except for one called MCKK)

Get your "facts" right please, such low standards of engagement to be a blogger.

This will be my last "layan", after this siapa semangat nak layan minah ni go ahead la.

UPDATED: Guess what she came into my comment section to announce her "correction"

If I had not posted would she had let that one go?
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