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Brick by Brick

Saya menandakan ‘sic’ [tidak betul] di atas kerana pada tahun 1981, DAP belum lagi mencipta cogankata ‘Malaysian First’ yang hanya dipopularkan selepas pilihanraya umum Mac 2008. Sebelum itu, cogankata DAP berbunyi ‘Malaysian Malaysia’. Dan lagipun zaman sudah beredar.

Pendirian ‘Malaysian First’ yang dipegang DAP hari ini sudah jauh menyimpang dari konsep ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ yang didakap parti itu 30 tahun lalu. Walaupun kenyataan-kenyataan Kit Siang pada tahun 1982, 1984 dan 1994 (rujukan dipautkan oleh SatD dalam blognya Pure Shiite) mungkin menggambarkan pendekatan DAP pada tahun 1980-an dan awal 1990-an, namum hari ini Kit Siang yang berumur lebih 70 tahun tidak lagi memegang jawatan setiausaha agung parti. Jawatan tersebut telah diwasiatkan kepada anaknya Lim Guan Eng yang berjaya memberikan DAP suatu wajah baru (here)
 Is that true? 

Malaysian First – Pursuing The Malaysian Dream Ensuring Opportunity And Security For All Opening Speech at the DAP 40th Anniversary Celebration by Lim Guan Eng (Federal Hotel, Saturday):

Four decades ago a group of men formed the DAP because they believed in the great Malaysian Dream. Our founding Chairman Dr Chen Man Hin declared that this newly independent nation formed of disparate races, religions and cultures can be united by a common identity not based on race or religion but on a democratic socialist ideal seeking to abolish poverty, ignorance, disease and all forms of social injustice and economic exploitation. In focusing on wiping out socio-economic injustices, DAP National Vice-Chair Mohd Nor Jetty said, “the capitalist system in which the large proportion of wealth produced is intercepted and hoarded by the non-producers through rent, interests or profits tends to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, which we as socialists decry and is precisely what Islam also abhors.” Malaysian Malaysia was the DAP’s non-racial response to UMNO’s call for Malay unity, MCA’s call for Chinese unity and MIC’s call for Indian unity at the expense of Malaysian unity.

Unlike UMNO, MCA or MIC, DAP believed that we should be Malaysians first and last. That bangsa agama dan Negara should not refer only to one particular race or religion but one Malaysian nation for Malaysians practicing freedom of religion. As the then Rocket Editor Lim Kit Siang wrote in one of his first editorials, “All Malaysians of reason and goodwill must make a heart-searching reappraisal as to what they conceive to be Malaysia’s destiny. If it is the common hope that our destiny is a multi-racial nation where there shall be no discrimination on the grounds of race, colour or creed, then there must be agreement on certain fundamentals if a multi-racial nation is to succeed. These fundamentals are: As a multi-racial nation, Malaysia does not belong to any one particular race. In consequence, no race should regard itself as typically Malaysian, a norm to which the other races must conform. All the languages spoken by Malaysians of different origins are Malaysian languages. To describe Chinese or Tamil as foreign languages is tantamount to saying Malaysian Chinese or Indians are foreigners. The national language shall be the common language as a force of unity and not division. The use of mother tongue as the media of instruction in an educational system which is completely Malaysian in outlook.

If there is no agreement on these fundamentals, then clearly there is no will or determination to build a multi-racial nation.” DAP was alone in these 40 years in pursuit of this Malaysian dream. We were mocked that the idea of a national Malaysian consciousness was not practical when racial or religious prejudices ruled. We were even prosecuted and jailed for refusing to abandon commitment to a Malaysian Malaysia that corruption, poverty and discriminatory acts were the real dangers to national unity. As Confucious said, “A repressive government is indeed more frightening than a tiger.” But even though we walked alone we were never lonely because we had the support of millions of Malaysians who subscribed to our Malaysian Malaysia ideal. Your support have enabled us to courageously withstand blows after blows.

We are proud that DAP is still here after 40 years. To be still standing here today is a remarkable testament to our leaders and members who have not only lost their liberty but also shed sweat tears and blood. For that we thank Malaysians from all walks of life Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Ibans regardless of race, creed or religion. Especially the middle-class and poor who have sustained DAP through all our trials and tribulations. You have made our sacrifices worthwhile in pursuit of this Malaysian Dream. I wish to pause here to thank all the leaders gathered here who at one time of another suffered detention. People like Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, P. Patto, Chian Heng Kai, Chan Kok Kit, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Lau Dak Kee, V. David, Kerk Kim Hock, Tan Kok Wai, Dr Eng Seng Chai, Sim Tong Him, Ngoi Thiam Woh and myself. Your sacrifices have enabled us to persevere in our belief that Malaysians are a harmonious and tolerant lot who would prefer to unite as Malaysians and progress together than divide into their individual and separate racial compartments where progress is measured only by competing against each other and not together. We need to begin a new chapter to sustain this struggle in the next 40 years.

The Malaysian First chapter!

MALAYSIAN FIRST is a continuation of DAP’s original struggle for a Malaysian Malaysia. Malaysian First stresses the dual purpose of achieving national unity and economic prosperity amongst all Malaysians. First, national unity should be based not on race or religion but on a common identity centered on democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity. Secondly the importance of becoming global champions in academic excellence, economic competitiveness, technological merit and knowledge management to ensure economic prosperity that is shared equitably with all Malaysians. The first limb: National Unity If we should not identify ourselves based on the colour of our skin or the God we pray, then what is the meaning of being Malaysian? DAP submits that being Malaysian should depend on certain universal values we share and subscribe, focusing particularly on democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity.

Being a Malaysian should mean:- upholding democratic values where people can participate in decision-making by electing their representatives at all levels, including local government elections; enjoying basic human rights and freedoms, especially freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.(Roosevelt); Justice and equality goes together in upholding the rule of law “where injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere;(Martin Luther King); Integrity is not just being closer to God but upholding transparency and accountability would make us more successful in battling the scourge of corruption; The inalienable right of every human to be treated with dignity and respect enjoying equal political rights as a citizen of Malaysia.

This is the first limb of Malaysian First where these 5 values of democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity are values that all Malaysians can associate and take pride in. The Second Limb: Ensuring Economic Prosperity National unity and economic progress are interdependent. Only with national unity can we secure the basis for economic progress. And only with economic progress can national unity be sustained. ..........
We need a Malaysian First Economic policy emphasizing wealth creation and an equitable wealth distribution relying on academic excellence, economic competitiveness, technological merit and knowledge management as well as based on the principle that the benefits and burdens are to be shared equitably.

 Let us pursue this Malaysian Dream that we are seen not as Malays, Chinese and Indians but as 100% Malaysians with equal rights and opportunities and whose hard work will be rewarded richly and enjoyed in a safe and secure environment. Let us make Malaysian First. (here)
Now compare that to the original statement by Lim Kit Siang in 1981

But when at home in our own country, he is repeatedly reminded that he is Chinese first and Malaysia second, whether in terms of university places, government job opportunities, the application of licences, permits or low-cost houses, and a whole range of daily-life experiences.  (here)

What is the Equal Rights? Care to tafsir?

Interesting "wasiat" from the Father to Son......

Why side-step the key fundamental issue dear? Too hot to handle?

Instead you still wanna play the "sindir" game, takkan la your intellectual capacity takat tu je ?

"mengapakah kempen Satu Sekolah untuk Semua masih meragui keikhlasan DAP memberi sokongan mantap kepada Dasar Kebudayaan Kebangsaan?"
Ragu? Any support is most welcomed even from Vernacubengs

Takat nak tunjuk gambor orang pakai baju kurung, Ahbeng baca ayat quran pelat nak mampus silap tajwid as a sign that DAP supports the National Cultural Policy.......gua kena tanye lu ni....

And why should The Government of the day fund your society's continued isolation in the illegitimate child of our National Education System (here)?

Folks perhaps it is time to relook at the Fenn Wu report (here) which proposes the System of National Schools with Mandarin and Tamil as 3rd Language and Vernacular Schools would not be accepted as part of the National Education System

Get ready to start wrapping those wodden bricks again ya......

PS: Guan Beng ah.......

Apa lu bodoh mau jual Flidom flom Wan and Flidom flom fear

Sudah basi lo.....itu tahun lima puluh pun olang sulah malu

Source The Making of the Malayan Constitution

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