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Al-Kitab soon to be available in a Store next to you? A look at Jala's 10 Point "Solution" and Malaysian Penal Code 298A

4 days after I Challenged the State to amend the State Enactment regarding "Allah"....A Mufti steps up to the plate....

KUALA LUMPUR, April 4 — Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria has challenged Putrajaya to abolish Islamic laws regarding the use of Allah after allowing Christians to freely distribute Malay-language bibles across the country.

He said the decision insults the Quran and contravenes the Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non-Islamic Religions Enactment, which bars non-Muslims from using Allah to refer to God in all states besides Sabah, Sarawak, Penang and the federal territories.

If the enactment already bans it at the national level, on what basis do we allow it? Is the enactment abolished automatically?

“If the government does this, just cancel the law. I feel disappointed with the government as the law already says it cannot be allowed. If we really want to do this, just abolish the enactment,” he told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

“When the government allows other religions to use Allah, it insults the Quran,” he added. More here

 Let us look at this "decision" announced by Idris Jala

Press Statement By Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Senator Datuk Seri Idris Jala
The Government confirmed that it has been in dialogue with the Christian groups to look into their specific requests on the Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia Bible and also other religious issues. Taking into account the polarity of views of the different religious groups, including the Muslims, the Government decided on a 10-point solution.

1. Bibles in all languages can be imported into the country, including Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia.

2.These Bibles can also be printed locally in Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. This is a new development which should be welcome by the Christian groups.

3. Bibles in indigenous languages of Sabah and Sarawak such as Iban, Kadazan-Dusun and Lun Bawang can also be printed locally and imported.

4. For Sabah and Sarawak, in recognition of the large Christian community in these states, there are no conditions attached to the importation and local printing of the Bibles in all languages, including Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia and indigenous languages. There is no requirement for any stamp or serial number.

5. Taking into account the interest of the larger Muslim community, for Peninsula Malaysia, Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia, imported or printed, must have the words "Christian Publication" and the cross sign printed on the front covers.

6. In the spirit of 1Malaysia and recognising that many people travel between Sabah and Sarawak and Peninsula Malaysia, there should be no prohibitions and restrictions for people who bring along their bibles and Christian materials on such travel.

7. A directive on the Bible has been issued by the Ketua Setiausaha (KSU) of the Home Ministry to ensure proper implementation of this cabinet decision. Failure to comply will subject the officers to disciplinary action under the General Orders. A comprehensive briefing by top officials, including the Attorney General (AG), will be given to all relevant civil servants to ensure good understanding and proper implementation of the directive.

8. For the impounded Bibles in Kuching, Gideon, the importer can collect all the 30,000 Bibles free of charge. We undertake to ensure the parties involved are reimbursed. The same offer remains available for the importer of the 5,100 Bibles in Port Klang, which have already been collected by the Bible Society Malaysia (BSM) last week.

9. Beyond the Bible issue, the Government wishes to reiterate its commitment to work with the Christian groups and all the different religious groups in order to address inter religious issues and work towards the fulfilment of all religious aspirations in accordance with the constitution, taking into account the other relevant laws of the country. In order to bring urgency to this work, the Prime Minister will meet the representatives of the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) soon to discuss the way forward.

10. The Christian Ministers in the cabinet will meet on a regular basis with representatives of the various Christian groups in order to discuss their issues and work with the relevant Ministries and PM in order to resolve them.

Idris said:
"I hope this 10 point solution will be received positively by the Christian groups as being fair and reasonable. We have to look for a solution that deals with the Bible issues and also put a way forward to handle other issues raised by the Christian groups.

"I think the Bible issue is very unfortunate, and in the spirit of Lent, it is time for sacrifice, reconciliation and forgiveness.

"In our history as a young nation, we achieved a lot in a short period of time, but we have our shortcomings.

"The Government and our civil servants are not perfect as indeed all human beings are “beautifully imperfect” in the eyes of God.
"And for all our shortcomings in handling the Bible issue, I hope the Christians would find it in their hearts to forgive us.

"In my Church at SIBKL, we have been praying for a Christian revival to take place in our country. For all the hurt that exist as a result of our differences, I believe that we need healing, forgiveness and reconciliation in this country.

"The Bible says in Matthew 18: 21-22 “ Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times” Source here
When I first saw that statement....I thought lu biar serious? Spirit of 1Malaysia?

Since when did this country became the Federation of 1Malaysia?

Who is this guy?

Christian Minister in the Cabinet?? What got special extra constitutional job scope now?

What next Buddist Minister in the Cabinet? Hindu Minister in the Cabinet? What about other minority Religion who is supposed to represent them?

Anyway allow me to share with you my engagement with one of the reader who question the Government Restriction Vs Social Hostility Matrix.....

I explained to the reader

First to look at this issue we must first distinguish Social Restriction employed by Private Agents (Society etc) and Government Restriction employed by Government Agent.
 The root of our issue is "Restricted Competition" i.e. the barriers that can be enacted against the Malays to other Religion. By design even without Government Restriction the Social Restriction is much higher (refer to Lina Joy's case and other Malay converts cases, of take the Ayah Pin or Ahmadiah for instance).
 What we must also be looking at is whether these Social restrictions arise out of pre-existing social prejudice against a specific religion or community or is a direct effect of Government Restrictions.
 Now imagine the Malay Muslims who is in the opinion that Conversion is not allowed (which kinda form the big majority in Malaysia), this is futher reinforced by the Restrictions arising from 11.4 of our constitution enforced by the Government.
 Restrictions enforced by the Social Agents are far more effective than any restrictions enforced by the Government, this is where the potential risk arise. Take the demand for Shariah Law in other Jurisdiction, these demands are a direct outcome of pressures by social actors, or the Anti Coversion laws being enacted India or even the expulsion of Christians missionaries is various jurisdiction globally.
 How do you think the largest group in Malaysia would react if they feel that the protector of their Religion is no longer functioning as how it should be?
 Will they be enforcing self-imposed “Social Restrictions”?
And if they do how will the Government react to it? Invoke state of emergency?
Take a look at the outcome of the Allah case…why do you think the government asked for the Church to not use it until the appeal………

 Not long after Jala's 10 Point solution went public...
Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Pembela Islam (PEMBELA)

Kenyataan Media
3 April 2011
PEMBELA Membantah ”Formula Idris Jala”

Pertubuhan-pertubuhan Pembela Islam (PEMBELA) yang merupakan gabungan pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam utama di Malaysia ingin merakamkan bantahan kami terhadap kenyataan Senator Datuk Seri Idris Jala yang didakwa oleh beliau sebagai keputusan kerajaan dalam menangani isu Bible Melayu. Bantahan kami ini terhadap apa yang kami istilahkan sebagai ”Formula Idris Jala” ini adalah berasaskan alasan berikut:

1. Status keputusan ini tidak jelas dan kabur. Kita diberi gambaran bahawa di pihak kerajaan, Datuk Seri Idris Jala dan Peguam Negara diberi peranan utama sedangkan isu ini juga melibatkan kepentingan Islam dan umat Islam. Perbincangan juga hanya diadakan dengan pihak Christian Federation of Malaysia sedangkan pihak-pihak yang mewakili suara umat Islam baik di pihak kerajaan mahupun pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam langsung tidak diambil kira. Kami ingin bertanya adakah ini pendekatan baru yang akan diambil oleh pihak kerajaan dalam menangani isu-isu agama?

2. Seperti yang kami tegaskan dalam kenyataan media yang kami keluarkan pada hari Isnin 28 Mac yang lepas, keputusan melepaskan Bible Bahasa Melayu untuk edaran adalah bercanggah dengan beberapa peruntukan Perlembagaan dan Undang-undang yang sedia ada termasuk Perkara 3, 11(4) dan Enakmen-enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan Penyebaran Agama Bukan Islam Kepada Orang Islam dan Seksyen 298, 298A Kanun Keseksaan 1936. Oleh itu edaran Bible Bahasa Melayu bukannya suatu keputusan yang boleh dibenarkan begitu sahaja atas tekanan mana-mana pihak.

3. Bagi mereka yang mengikuti perkembangan isu ini sejak ia mula dicetuskan oleh kumpulan-kumpulan Kristian, ”Formula Idris Jala” ini jelas merupakan suatu keputusan mengalah dan menunduk kepada strategi konfrontasi, manipulasi dan mendesak yang digunakan oleh kumpulan-kumpulan Kristian untuk mencapai tujuan mereka dalam isu ini. Pendekatan ”Formula Idris Jala” ini adalah satu trend yang tidak sihat serta akan menggalakkan berulangnya pendekatan konfrontasi dan manipulasi digunakan bagi menuntut sesuatu yang hakikatnya bercanggah dengan Perlembagaan, undang-undang, sejarah dan budaya negara.

4. Apa yang turut menyedihkan, ”Formula Idris Jala” ini juga langsung tidak mengambil pandangan Jawatankuasa Kerja Mempromosi Persefahaman Keharmonian Antara Penganut Agama (JKMPKAPA) yang diwujudkan sendiri oleh kabinet. Beliau nampaknya telah mendahului menteri yang bertanggungjawab iaitu YB Senator DS Jamil Khir dan TS Koh Soo Koon. Kedua-dua menteri yang bertanggungjawab ini untuk menjelaskan kepada pertubuhan-pertubuhan dan individu yang menjadi anggota JKMKAPA kenapa saluran ini dibelakangkan dalam menangani isu ini.

Justeru itu, PEMBELA menuntut agar Formula Idris Jala ini dikaji semula dan diselaraskan kembali dengan peruntukan undang-undang dan persefahaman antara agama dan kaum yang sedia ada. Oleh kerana isu ini boleh ada kaitannya dengan kedudukan Islam dan umat Islam, pandangan wakil-wakil Islam hendaklah diambil-kira dengan saksama dalam mencari formula yang lebih tepat. Jika tuntutan ini tidak diberi perhatian, PEMBELA mempertimbangkan untuk mencabar kesahihan ”Formula Idris Jala” ini di Mahkamah.

Selari dengan kenyataan media kami bertarikh 28 Mac 2011, kami menyeru semua pemimpin masyarakat di negara untuk kembali menghormati persefahaman tentang kedudukan Islam dan hubungan antara agama di negara kita demi memelihara kesejahteraan dan keharmonian bersama.

Dr. Yusri bin Mohamad
Jurucakap PEMBELA Source here

So what do we have here folks?

Not only that Mr Clueless Misai Nipis came out with a statement

KUALA LUMPUR, 4 April — Formula penyelesaian 10 perkara yang diumumkan Putrajaya kelmarin dalam usaha meredakan rasa tidak puas hati di kalangan masyarakat Kristian berhubung isu Alkitab masih belum muktamad, kata Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein hari ini. more here there anybody out there who is actually in charge with regard to this issue?????

Mental siut....

As a Citizen of the Federation of Malaysia.....I have nowhere to turn to now....

Except to the Penal Code.......

Firstly I'm OFFENDED with Jala 10 Point Solution

And I believe that his actions have contravened Section 298A of our Penal Code

Causing, etc., disharmony, disunity, or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will, or prejudicing, etc., the maintenance of harmony or unity, on grounds of religion298A. (1) Whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representations, or by any act, activity or conduct, or by organizing, promoting or arranging, or assisting in organizing, promoting or arranging, any activity, or otherwise in any other manner—
(a) causes , or attempts to cause , or is likely to cause disharmony, disunity, or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill
will; or Penal Code 117
(b) prejudices, or attempts to prejudice, or is likely to prejudice, the maintenance of harmony or unity,
on grounds of religion, between persons or groups of persons professing the same or different religions, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of not less than two years and not more than five years. More here
Whoever by words, either spoken or written.....

I believe PEMBELA would be looking at the same clause now....

Imagine now if suddenly Police Reports start to appear all over the Country with regards to the same matter..

Has the Social Restriction I mentioned above been unleashed?

Monkey don't know......

Or maybe once we see Huge Signboards bearing the name "GEREJA ALLAH BAIK" in your neighbourhood kut?......time will tell

Oh Idris sebelum gua lupe.....thank you for sharing with us which Church you belong to....

if you remember what I wrote about Sidang Injil Borneo which belongs to the Pentecostal group..

Underlying belief in Pentecostal believers is that there is an obligation to evangelise more here
Evangelise to who if you don't mind me asking?

Am I not one of the Unbelievers?

Be a good Christian boy Deris and answer us truthfully.....

Unless of course Najib Tun Razak orders are much higher in priority that GOD's?

Personal conflict of interest don't u think?

And folks in case you are not sure what Idris meant by 
"In my Church at SIBKL, we have been praying for a Christian revival to take place in our country

Go here to learn about what Christian Revival means...

Monkey believes that Idris prayers have been answered...

Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. -Lord Thomas Dewer