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Dear Zairil "Khir Johari" bin long have you been a Malay?


Kelakar giler babeng.....

Guan Eng appoints Malay political secretary

KUALA LUMPUR: Zairil Khir Johari has been appointed as political secretary to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng with immediate effect.
Lim said Zairil, who is the son of the late Tan Sri Khir Johari, would be assisting him with political matters at both the party and national levels.
"I am confident that with his ability and experince in various fields, he will be a positive asset to our party," he added in a statement on Wednesday. More here

Let us do some basic Mathematics....campur tolak aje partial differential integration I promise...


Born in Alor Star in 1923, the young Mohd Khir Johari had his early education at Malay schools in Jalan Bharu and Sungai Korok in his hometown. At nine and filled with trepidation, he entered the Sultan Abdul Hamid College in Alor Star to study English for the first time

In 1943, he married Puan Sri Kalsom Abdul Rahman, whom friends fondly remember as Che Tom, until her demise in 1994. They had seven children. The following year he married Christine. Go here


Zairil said he chose the DAP over Umno because the PR party shared “common goals” with what the late Khir had looked for in the “old” Umno.

My father’s Umno is a completely different Umno from today’s Umno. When he joined Umno it was during pre-independence, his struggle was to free our country from the oppression of the British government. Now after more than 50 years of BN rule, the situation is such that people are being colonised, oppressed by our own people, we do not have any freedom.

“There are no civil liberties, so the struggle is still the same. It’s the same struggle, I am just using a different platform, that’s why I chose the DAP over Umno,” said the 28 year old who runs his own chocolate business. More here

Is Zairil the Step Son of Khir Johari or the Son of Khir Johari?

If He is 28 Years Old

and Khir Johari married Christine in 1995

2011 - 1995 = 16

Can we assume that he is a "Constitutional Malay" by virtue of his mother's conversion and his "underage" conversion at the age of 12 in 1995....

Siapa bapak dia?

Tak marah ke bapak dia anak dia convert masuk Islam? ....mana pergi semua pejuang Article 11????

So now why 'marketing' lebih on the Melayu part?

Now lets go back to what I wrote in A Souless Nation Called Home

Let us now go to the basic of the Constitutional Malay-
1. a person who professes the religion of Islam,
2. habitually speaks the Malay language,
3. And conforms to Malay custom

Now lets see is there anything there that is tied to Race in a biological sense?

OK….let me now turn the table….

If I convert and become a devout Buddist, marry a Chinese, makan babi, berak calit, pakai chop stick, speaks fluent Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese and other Chinese dialects……….Am I a Chinese?

Go and ask that question to any Chinese friend you have? And the answer is a No with a straight poker face…

The thing is you can never become a Chinese unless you are by blood a Chinese…..just look at how they treat their half blood

now lets get back to the Malays….we adopted a Cultural Definition rather than a biological one

…one particular formula we need to understand is that

Constitutional Malay is not equal to the Malay from Antropology, Geographical and Linguistic is one of a kind Cultural Perspective of the Malays unique only to Malaysia

what does that means then?.......In a simplest plain kongkalikong …..the Malaysian Malays are very Open and accommodating as a bunch of people…….or was it really difficult the define the Malay race from a biological perspective given the fact that the Malay Archipelago and its various suku kaum are so diverse in nature.....(this is one of the major reasons of the misunderstanding with la to claim what is ours and theirs....we were border-less up till the time when the Europeans came to break all of us apart).....

Some folks may try to bring into the picture the argument that Islam should not be included as the definition of a Malay........I say why not? When Islam came to our shores, the Native Malays became Muslim and adopted the Islamic Values into their way of such Islam and Malay are an entity that cannot be treated separately in the context of Malaysian Malays. More here
So folks take a step back and look at the situation

Why does DAP kecoh lebih with this boy who is of Chinese Blood 100%?

And what is Zairil's full name ?

Is it Zairil Khir Johari bin Abdullah?

If I can quote Zairil himself on the issue

Tidak perlu pergi jauh. Setiap kali orang yang baru dikenali mendengar nama saya, seringkali saya akan ditanya: Eh, awak ni Melayu ke Cina? Nama macam Melayu, muka macam Cina.

Inilah jawapan saya: Saya anak Melayu. Saya juga anak Cina. Saya anak Bangsa Malaysia! More here

Why don't you be more specific..

Saya Anak Cina yang Masuk Islam dan Secara automatic Masuk Melayu sewaktu umur saya 12 tahun dan saya hanyalah Anak Tiri kepada Orang Melayu 

baru betul brader...
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