Friday, January 2, 2009

PKR Curry recipe

What if someone is able to split PAS into half, UMNO into half and merge them together, how would the new entity be?

Being able to split PAS would be an achievement by itself.

So now imagine what that bloke in PKR is thinking? The Indians are leaving

Be very very careful with that man....

What does PAS actually stand for, lets look at it for a moment if you don't mind.

Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy said this in 1960 during on the 3rd Merdeka day.

"Dalam perjuangan kita (PAS) bagi mencapai kemerdekaan, kita telah dan terusmenerus memperjuangkan Melayu itu sebagai kebangsaan bagi negara Tanah Melayu ini dengan bertapak di atas asas ideologi Islam yang maha suci”

Now tell me if there is anything wrong with that?. Looks great to me

Two of the basic things that was in Tanah Melayu prior to anything else of what we see now surviving in Malaysia, a lot of things from the old days went out of fashion say, the beca for instance, i remember jumping out of them in one of my “kena kencing” going to the movie trip but end up at the dentist.

Kembali ke Dr Burhanuddin, apakah itu perjuangan Parti PAS sekarang ini?

Dan sekiranya itu adalah perjuangan mereka, haruskah kita orang orang Melayu bangun membantu mereka memperjuangankan “Melayu itu sebagai kebangsaan bagi Malaysia dengan bertapak di atas asas ideologi Islam yang maha suci” satD: I added that cause that's the ONLY thing that changed

And if so why the need to split parties into something else?

Do go back to your original “struggle”; find out what is wrong with it if any (especially those from all definitely kena kencing already !!!!!!!), some of it may require some fine tuning and adjustment but some just remains......stay true to them....

The way i see folks, based on current and projected population of Malaysia, the votes of the Malay is the most critical one to ensure power to rule this country... which is why someone is in a hurry to capture YOUNG MALAY VOTES...


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