Thursday, January 1, 2009

1 Second Extra

What can you do with one extra second in a additional 1 second on top of the 31,536,000 seconds that you already have....can u sneak a fart..or a sneeze perhaps.....i don't know....i missed it as well....

Next time you wanna do that let us know in advance please, i dont have enough time....

But the big question is was there an additional “time” added?

What if i am able to convince the whole world to move back 1 hour...Did i just add time ?

Time is the most precious commodity to me.....especially sleeping time and sleep is never enough for me somehow.....i'm the chronic...5 more minutes guy...who ends up being late forever........this is since the beginning of organized life i.e. goin to school , work etc....

Loved ones have been shouting at me in the morning to get up since i could remember.....mmmm .......i actually don’t remember....always get up and blame them for not waking me convenient

I actually can’t describe how great that extra 5 minutes is.....sometimes it goes for hours, sometimes half a me it’s just another 5 minutes....I've tried many things wake up ...

alarm clock just don't work.....human intervention generally required........most people being human just give up on me.....why would anyone waste their time n patience trying to wake up a grown up adult who has no respect at all for early morning time management......

Once in a while i get up early.....and feel really great ... life do begin early.....all many things to do............and by 11 I'm all sleepy biological clock have been completely messed up for at least 15 years......i envy those who have the luxury of sleeping for 6 hours and wakes up early daily like clockwork....

Nowadays i got my little ones to wake me up .......sometimes it works.....most of the times no... now they are becoming just like me.........i don't know how i will ever get out of's like a never ending in day out......i get better when there's no one to wake me and i have to rely on myself or the "wakeup call" during my stay at hotels on business trip.....

One smart "m*****f****r" once asked me " Sir u want a wake up call at 7.15, 7.20 and 7.45 and 8.00 am...why don't i just call u at 8".......blardy hell just call me la...don't point out the obvious dude......

Its holiday time for me now..and I've had a 100% record of being late for gets worst day after day.....i don't know what’s in store for me assured i shall try my best to beat yesterday's time record by another 5 minutes


  1. time is a human construct.
    it doesn't really exist....

  2. it must have existed if we now needs it more...

  3. Jed Yoong,

    As SaTD can half certify, I used to play a lot regarding questions of time and space before and I have concluded as something unflinchingly true, that time is indeed real. I can explain to you what it is, what its limiting factors are, what are its origins etc, but it will take too long and I have no Time for that.



    p.s Once, in a lift full of ladies going up to about 38 floors, an acquaintance of mine who had known of my shyness about everything female, proceeded to ask me on purpose, in a loud-enough voice so that everybody could hear, "Hoi Apo. How are you ? Senyaaaaap jer ni?". I surprised myself when I piped back, in an equally loud tone, "Apa nak buat. Too many girls, Too little Time". The lift shook with laughter.

  4. Half of me can certify that...

    the other half also got no time


  5. Apocryphalis, hope u can indulge me on this...

    So did i add time if i can convince the whole world to set back their watch by 1 hour?

    How stable is this unit of measurement?

    If regular calibration is required purely to adjust to its reference point how long before it moves much faster/slower and affect night and day times globally?

    Will this then lead to the sun rising from the other side?

  6. Hehehe Bro. Sorry ingatkan dah habis dah thread ni. Anyway time ni senang jer. Sekarang kita pikir “one second” tu is a sixtieth of a sixtieth of a twenty-fourth of one-365-th of the earth’s rotation round the sun. But alamak lets say kita mengembara kat the gamma quadrant of the Andromeda galaxy. Macam mana kita nak tahu kita punya timing? No more earth, no more sun.

    So we need a more stable, universal and diterima-ramai kind of definition of this basic unit of our time, so that for example the Cardassians from Cardassia prime can also agree to our definitions. So what they have done is this. Observe behaviour of atoms. All atoms emit spectral lines of different microwave frequencies. Observe our second. Ada tak mana-mana atom yang microwave frequency dia bergetar a certain rounded number in one second. For example, we do not want the kind that has, say, 45.12 Hz. Not round number enough.

    Cari punya cari they found out that yes, ada satu element ni: Cesium-133, bergetar sebanyak EXACTLY 9,192,631,770 kali dalam satu saat. Tak ada decimal point. And what more, kalau getaran ni sebanyak itu, kata mana-mana pun dalam universe ni dia akan tetap bergetar sebanyak itu juga (kecuali dalam black hole, tapi kesemua fizik semua serabai dalam black hole).

    Jadi sekarang ni, definasi satu saat ialah:- se per 9,192,631,770 getaran microwave dalam atom Cesium-133. Its error is one second off in 300 years. It is very stable. Now that we have a definition, our next task is to get the Vulcans, the Klingons and Jed Yoong to agree on it.

    By the way, time is one way. Doesn't matter what definitions one use, it still goes ahead. All other time-dependent phenomena, like the sun rising, still goes ahead no matter WHAT your clocks say.

  7. So if its one way and only goes ahead how does turning back the clock or adding a second add time.

    say now after 300million years...ah no need 300 million...say now i'm in a planet that experiencing increased gravity not yet black hole level will cesium 133 bergetar less...

    I've sent my intergalactic post laju query to Klingon High Council in Qo'noS..not sure dah sampai ke belum...last i check with my Uranus Command center they said the astropostman still training in Russia awaiting the next defense deal to be concluded ..they say Russian no longer accept Palm Oil

  8. Adding atau subtracting time ni is a misnomer. It is just to collective agree that we would like to "brake" or "speed up" our agreed sense of events. Actual temporal displacements, for example biological clocks, still go on irrespective of what you do to your clocks. Its just for feelgood reasons. Alaa macam banking jugak laa. If I put RM1000 in a fixed deposit now, in one year it becomes 1050, say. Does this mean that the value of my money has increased? Most likely it has DECREASED kan? And the extra RM50 is only to compensate for the loss so that I can still have the same VALUE of 1000 after one year.

    Edge of galaxy: 70,000 light years. So kalau u send a message now to Klingon Hihg Council, imagine when it will reach even though travelling at speed of light. Again, to feelgood, we HAVE to watch star trek.

  9. true also.....i guess now we have time inflation..maybe thats y we dont have enough of it....

    Aduh forgot about the 70,000 you think they give refunds...


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