Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Moments Above Ground

I'm at odds on whether i should write this or I being disrespectful in anyway....I sincerely hope not....

Muslims should be buried quickly with very little "upacara" and preferably in the most simple perhaps an "unmarked" grave since we are all the same...aren't we?

What ever "adats" or children not back yet excuses should not be considered.....

Anyway my Al-Fatihah to the family....


  1. salam satD,

    pendapat yang sama melintas di pemikiran saya petang tadi sewaktu menonton the live telecast pengkebumian itu. dan pendapat yang sama juga dikongsi 4 rakan yang turut sama menonton.

  2. No, this isn't disrespectful. As far as I know, you're right, except for the "unmarked" part. Can't say I remember having heard about this one.

  3. Salam Din n MatCendana

    Thank u , I tot i was d only one..

    Salam hijrah to the two of u , may you both have a great year ahead


  4. The thought came straight to my mind when I heard about the "children not back yet" excuse. It's a pity that those who are supposed to uphold Islam in this country end up being shown no respect upon their death.

  5. You are right. Muslims should be buried as soon as possible usually within 24 hours. May be the state authority can offer an explaination.


  6. Thank u Insan and Azman

    I think a lot of people were asking the same thing, especially if you look at it from an Islamic point of view.

    More questions come to mind.......

  7. Sorry Mat forgot about this one earlier...

    The unmarked part...actually me too, just found out about it while searching for how other royals are buried, i trying to find out how the guardian of the two holy mosque was buried...cause that should be how one leads by example, ask yourself how would you like to be buried.......

    fancy or simple?

    Do you mind if there is no more place around.....people dig u out to move you to a smaller lot for new bodies come into your spot to decompose?

    For me....a simple sign would do to tell people that there is someone under...

  8. Well, if it were to be *me*, it's definitely "simple". What use would it be for me *under* even if there are ornate marble carvings above?

    That said, there's the matter of "adat" things to consider. Al-Marhum Tuanku is/was a part of our whole social structure. He might have desired otherwise, for all we know. But those still living, who hold the power to decide on the matter, opted for what that later transpired...

  9. Salam satD.
    Slamat menyambut Tahun Baru.May we continue to try and become good Muslims as best as possible.My first time docking at your blog.

    I havent been following the latest news.You mean the late Tuanku Jaafar is still not buried yet?
    Thats very sad for everybody tahu thats very2 wrong.Jenazah tu in pain kan?Whatever it is its very sad.

  10. Salam Mamasita

    Tuanku is already buried after the 4 Undangs decided on who will take over "according to adat"....

    I also "heard" the late Agong (father of the new YamTuan) was buried almost a week after..since they had to deliberate on who to take over..

    Thank you for droppin by..n congrats again on Harris's achievement..u must very proud..

  11. Salam Mat

    Do you think we need a "fatwa" on the "adat"?

  12. A very pertinent query here...
    Someone should voice it out where the `right crowd' gather - ask the question and watch the "alim-ulamak" squirm... with answers that have a lot of "Erm, aaahh, tapi, kena kaji,".


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