Monday, January 5, 2009

Heartless Darby

Woi Sime...

U shud stick to tanam kelapa sawit la brader!!!!!

Dulu lu nak bukak bank kena kencing dengan Repco Lau sampai bungkus, Bank Negara had to rescue u...BAHLUL!!!!!! adeke bagi loan banyak gile with the most speculative second board counter as collateral...memang bangang bahlul bingai....(folks help me out with stupid in B's if there is more ya)

Lu ape cite nak masuk Health Care? Dah la specialised gile punye health care? Lu ade experience ke(i hear horror stories from SJMC)? Your BOD and Management would probably got experience as PATIENTS but NOT MANAGEMENT....i hope you all get a heart attack (astarafirullah hanaazim...i'm sorry god)

Anyway couple of quick question (Gua belum research lagi so may be redundant)

1. Is this a "Real Estate" play on your side? Your main goal is to get the LAND to be developed together with the surrounding areas?

2. Who got the Land for the Relocation of Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur? is this a single package?

3. Does IJN need to be in Central KL or Is it possible for a specialised heart hospital to be in a more relaxed area closer to nature (in one of your land banks) so that patients can recuperate in a more condusive environment, with more cheaper accomodation for longer term care instead of being Godsmack in downtown KL. And IF THIS IS SO, WHY DIDNT YOU SAY THIS OUTLOUD AND BUILD THE REPLACEMENT SITE FIRST IN RETURN FOR THE LAND OF IJN

Kalu lu nak Kencing Gua on this, and if you get to kencing EPU, i hope your whole family get a heart attack so that you can manage them in your newly "acquired" hospital

MOF please separate the Land Deal with the operation and management of IJN, I know you need to sell assets to cover for the deficit...but this is a SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE which i am pretty proud of and should not be in the hands of a Private Enterprise.

Astrarafirulalha Hanazim.....Sime lu buat gua dapat dosa sia-sia aje maki lu pagi pagi ni


  1. This one makes sense, definitely. In fact, you have managed to add a new angle that I wasn't aware of previously - "LAND".

    Ya, now that you've mentioned it, these were the suckers who had `diversified' into banking - they took over UMBC... "Sime Bank". I even remember their loss during one year - RM900 million I think. I also remember this branch in Pasir Mas - near Tunku Iskandar's house. It's now RHB.

  2. Good angle. Keep it up!

  3. dude,

    you may have something there!

    je crois yours is an awesome take. even without rsch pun, this is un très astute deduction, man.

    and i find your selamba style of addressing their ugly faces directly [siap ngan "i hope you all get a heart attack (astarafirullah hanaazim...i'm sorry god)" LOL!] not only fitting but sooo hilarious. :D

  4. bro satD

    I agree with Mat C and Mekyam that you have come up with an aspect that has escaped everyone so far. I didn't realise that there was land involved. Keep digging, bro!

  5. "B" tambahan

    Biul, Bengong, unta Baghdad ...

    weh, sambung weh...

  6. surprise surprise.. ada udang sebalik batu rupanya.

    Saya rasa mentor pak lah si musa hitam ni nak cepat2 sapu apa yang ada sebelum si dollah berhenti. hee hee.. akhirnya siluncai terjun jugak dgn labu2nya.

  7. Jeng! Jeng! Jenggg!! The plot thickens! SatD, u da man! ;-)

  8. thank u all time please put yourself in their shoes..follow where the BIGGEST Money is to be made and you will unravel their true intention

  9. I think your take on SD raid on IJN makes a lot sense.

    mungkin nak transfer IJN & Hospital Besar ke Planters Haven kot ? dengar sale kat sana quite slow lah!

    If that happens then they may curi your suggestion that it's closer to nature...plenty of rambutan trees!kekeke!

  10. Hi Messr SatD,
    I read de minimis on a regular basis and today was directed to your blog on the IJN issue.
    Damn, you good! I, together with a lot of others, missed the land angle too. But most of all, I enjoyed the writing style.
    kasi lempang the bangang kau kau.

    Thank you,

    Mike Cheok

  11. Hihi Mat,aiyomanaboleh!,Mekyam,de minimis,wasbza,FAUDZI,Lawyer Kampung,ben,Mike Cheok

    If the original proposal was to relocate for land, say maybe in return for an enlarged IJN, A Kidney Dialysis center, Cancer Recovery Center a nice area with a natural view say 30mins from Central KL, where you can hear birds chirping in the mornings, crickets at nights..etc....would you support it?

  12. satd said... would you support it?

    moi, yes! on the condition proposal is transparent and up-front and no small prints crawling with the proverbial udangs di sebalik batu.

    but would still join the tooth&nail fight against IJN being darby-slimed and privatised. :D

  13. satD,

    I'll only agree if there's no change of owner. If d intention is to relocate closer to nature, why change the ownership. Just do a proper busy case. The existing land can more than cover the relocation. Got surplus to be put in d kitty even after all the extras.

    There are certain public goods & services which we shouldn't privatise at all such as IPP, toll concessionaire, puspakom, etc Perhaps, corporatisation is more appropriate to meet world standard.

    We have Tenaga which is quite efficient. Why must we have IPPs who only enrich a few private operators. Total investment by IPPs was RM24b and PBT RM2b. If Tenaga takes over, they wont have to keep increasing the tariff.

    Similarly with toll concessions. It's either govt takes over or EPF. The former is preferred becos when it goes into consolidated fund, it is easier to manage the inbalances in ROI due to differences in traffic flow. The present is not sustainable. The concessionaires with high traffic ie making profit, basically reward the shareholders, management & staffs with fat bonuses whilst those with low traffic get compensation.

    There other benefit is the govt channel the surplus towards improving transportation.

    Coming back to IJN/GH, it reminds of other similar land deals. One of which is the old BBGS, now occupied by Pavilion. The price of the land can easily build quite a few modern schools outside the golden triangle area. This is a no brainer just like the IPP as boastfully said by an IPP taukeh!

    Cukuplah! We have to start to put the nation first!

  14. On satd's proposal....., I suppose I would say yes if all the dealings is above the board and IJN remains people centric. But looking at Sime's track record outside their core business activities, I tak berani cakap.

    Mike C

  15. hihi Mekyam,Ben and Mike C

    Yes i myself support the idea but as you all must remain under government hands. Let the land deal proceed.

    Ben you mentioned BBGS, that project was a land project in return for the land the developer built schools across Malaysia.

    One thing that the Gov should do is make this a "competitive" tender why must they deal with Sime EXCLUSIVELY? There are so many others who are interested in that piece of land that will ensure that we can get the best deal out of the whole fiasco

    Thank u all for your comments, really appreciate the discussion..

  16. Hi satD,

    The exchange of BBGS land deal was 1 BBGS = Sekolah Sri Bintang North and South. It's not across the country.

    I agree with you that they have to separate the two matters. 1) relocation of schools 2) open tender to the sale of land.

    Similarly with IJN/GH, 1) value the land (no scratching each other's back valuer) 2) relocation of hospital - get the best deal.

    Now that SD has announced backing out after public outcry by bloggers like yourself, I hope that the govt will have the political will to make right the other privatisations such as IPP and toll concession by nationalising it. If the govt wants to continue to sweep under the carpet, eventually all these issues will come back and haunt them!

  17. tks ben

    R u sure about the schools (only 2 ?)


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