Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2.78kg 48cm 1240pm alhamdullilah thank u 4 d gift


  1. Tahniah.

    Putera atau puteri.

    Dah berapa hero berapa heroin.

  2. Hi satD,

    Tahniah to you and yours for the new born baby. Indeed, it's the greatest gift!

  3. Hello satD.

    Good morning from Paris.
    CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wife for the bundle of joy!!

  4. Congrats to you & your better half bro! :-)

  5. Congrats SaTD,

    Give another couple of decades and this little fella here would be a bane to whomsoever used to tentang (his/her) father's spirited faith and nationalism in such a way that they all would just dread this day in which our little junior here was born.


  6. Bro satD

    Tahniah setinggi-tinggi for the gift that you have received. I am thrilled for you and your missus. Please send her my warmest regards.

  7. By the way, does that mean you're indisposed for some frothy "pulled tea" henceforth?

  8. CONGRATULATIONS, satD and wife.
    Sorry I'm a bit late - Was busy the whole afternoon and couldn't see the latest RSS feeds until now.

  9. Dear Dal, ben, zaza, Lawyer Kampung, Apocryphalis, de minimis and Mat Cendana

    Thank you all for your kind wishes, sorry that I could not respond earlier, just got back from the hospital, both mummy and baby boy is fine.

    Best Regards
    satD and family

  10. Tahniah Sdr satD, tahniah!

    Salam dari medan perjuangan .....

  11. Thank you bro KijangMas

    Another sang harimau in the making i hope :)

  12. congrats,
    it is the best thing a person can get, a gift from ALLAH.
    take good care of him and make him a good human being.

  13. thank you Tunku, indeed it is the greatest gift...insyallah i will do my best


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