Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fifth Principle....Politeness and Integrity

How many of you put up your hand to call the waiter , especially at your average stalls.. five of them zipping around doing nothing all oblivious to you...or even go to a business entity owned by other races..that serves the masses such as workshop for example....and at the end of the "interaction" you feel somewhat cheated in a way..after another customer of the same race as the mechanic walks in and they speak in a language that you don't understand...with friendly facial expressions.........

How do you feel i ask you now?.......

Was it like this before? or was it "better" or somewhat tolerable.......

I think it is time to look at our Rukun Negara.....cause i dont think its working.......

Forget Constitution........those are for "institutions" which aims to govern our interaction...too many articles to remember and understand for a layman....

Imagine this the first target of any ruling party is to have the ability to amend it....that's all they GOVERN us.....first thing out from the news...after the complete black out of information during the last GE......BN loses the "ability"........some people may disagree about constitutions being a control parameter for only institutions but the thing we are asked to do about it.... is actually to PROTECT the Supremacy of the Constitution....that's the do part....

Well lets look at the official translation since we are talking about it

Our Nation, Malaysia is dedicated to:

Achieving a greater unity for all her people;

Maintaining a democratic way of life;

Creating a just society in which the wealth of the nation shall be equitably distributed;

Ensuring a liberal approach to her rich and diverse cultural tradition,

Building a progressive society which shall be oriented to modern science and technology.

satD:How many did you score.....say a 5 out of 10 on the above.....i only managed to score a low 5 on the last one .....the science and technology part even that i think we could have done better .......................why didn't the Government have policies like qualification of MSC Buildings (Anywhere within 50KM of a reference point) if you are connected at a certain level on the Grid instead of focusing on real estate aspects........that's our Subprime Goverment Projects i a few more i can name but go figure folks.....
We, the people of Malaysia, pledge our united efforts to attain these ends, guided by these principles:

Belief in God.

Loyalty to King and Country.

Supremacy of the Constitution.

The Rule of Law.

Mutual respect and good social behavior.

satD: I'm gonna skip item 2,3 and 4 as i find them hard to assign a numerical value

i'm gonna instead ask you on things that you do everyday.......Item 1 and 5....

How many of you actually practice religion? I mean you can be a Muslim but you drink, commit adultery, lie with malice and intent, tak mandi hadas n never sembayang......

When was the last time you were in church on Sunday? How many of you say your prayers before your meal? Or you just wallop the whole thing in without even thinking about GOD..

Do you say your prayers before you go to sleep......or do you offer anything at all to your GOD

and how many of you don't believe in anything

Count yourself....and your associations and compare that with the people around you say in your office, family etc etc.......whats the %?

Now on point 5....which is the key to our UNITY.....

Imagine if everyone now is more polite with one another....not fake polite.....but genuinely polite how would things be.......

I've been in Jakarta for a few years's so nice.....people are so genuinely feel it......being called a Pak is actually quite nice.....and this is across all race...not just the pribumi....Ibu' so polite.....that helps......

It's different tho when people get into their need for communication and our cars can get 100% tint........anyway whats the fuss about tinted helps conserve energy you fool

Look at how we drive.....i don't need to come out with any analogy on this know for yourself.................and we got no tint...i could actually see your face coming at me....

And to people as well as businesses what is your level of integrity in doing business? We've heard so many large scale corporate failures in recent years arising from complete failure in your principles of integrity......ever heard of terms like corporate governance and risk management..these are tools designed to control them.......the recent one freak me out..

Anyway folks....i got an online date with my wife....see ya...

PS:Do think about being more polite to one another and try defining what integrity actually means....ah before i forget... bring back cigarettes advertising.....ask them to spend on National Unity...Billboards, Sports, Messages on Cigarettes Boxes..with scary picture on the other side....ahhh one last one....sssh don't tell people ya...M***j***a  unite people of various culture n languages.....perhaps that can be a can start with medicinal use first......


  1. Salam satD,

    Kepercayaan kpd Tuhan/believe in God.. apakah maksudnya cuma percaya saja tanpa mempraktikkan suruhanNya? Adakah tanpa mempraktikkan suruhan Tuhan, maka kita dianggap rakyat yang tidak baik? Ya mungkin bisa dijadikan sebagai satu indicator sekiranya seseorang patuh pada ajaran agamanya, maka dia juga rakyat yang bagus. Tapi indicator yang lemah kalau mengikut pengalaman saya.

    I been to Indon ( Jawa Timur, Bali ) right before i end my days as a 'beach boy' (!), spend almost a month, not thru those holiday packages thing. So got to meet the real people, and yes, I agree with u... they are genuinely polite people. And we can learn a lot from them on how to be bangsa Malaysia.Our TDC can also learn about promoting our culture from the people of Bali. They are so sincere, and what we see is the real thing, unlike here where everything is so 'cosmetic', without 'soul'.

    PS - only have Open Water PADI ! But then as any 'island boy', the way we bring ourself, one would think we were the Dive Master ! Took the license after diving for 3 yrs without one ! and never bothered to record anything on the logbook ! Brings back good memories talking about it :)

  2. Din please dont use the word "indon"'s like calling a bangladeshi .."bangla"..not nice and they dont like it...

    Balinese Hindus "alim" gile..its a very expensive religion for the poor many offerings..unique people them Balinese....once i was told a story on "Kawin Lari" ikut can Kawin Lari but must follow procedure..if you dont your family will disown you...what you need to do is first ask, upon rejection offer an ultimatum then at night go out to meet your other half..but your other half doesnt meet you...his representative will and take you into safety...then he will go over to your house to say that the daughter is in good hands and wants to typically agrees and you lose your rights to the family but the still treat you nicely...

    yeah screw logbooks...malas siut..n fish books....i just enjoy the feeling of being under...

  3. Sorry din missed this part earlier..belief is core i think..practise is another..but lack of practise affects belief..

    I think my focus is more on the 5th Principle as religion is a personal item...between me and relationship with him will be different than yours.....but the 5th affects all of us irrespective of our belief....

  4. Hey satD

    I had similar experiences but felt helpless to do anything as most times there were no alternative services around

  5. Salam satD,

    I was refering to the country, not the people. anyways, sorry kalau ada yang terasa. had good memories with the people of Indonesia the few times i went there.

    My island story still - the holidaymakers there, 80% chinese, were all nice people. Entahla, maybe by going on holidays, they left all their guards down,no business, no problems, no tension, just want to let go and have a good time. All the racial baggage left behind on the mainland. plain humans, having fun with nature and mixing around.all equal. I was surprised when later found out some of them are professionals - lawyers, engineers, taukehs..

    Cuma yang tak sedap tu, orang Melayu kita juga. Maksud saya pelancong Melayu. Kalau yang berpangkat besar, tetap terbawa2 sikap 'besar' mereka. Lebih2 lagi orang politik, berlagak nak mampus ! saya tak pernah nak layan orang2 besar begini, pernah ada komplen to my boss (chinese) and saya jawab - saya always give my best in terms of customer service. since they are not paying, so...they are not customers. no wonder i can never go far in politics !

    integrity - how about u write something about using /calling favors or pakai kabel whenever u deal with govt agencies. Terjadi hampir tiap hari hingga dianggap as part of life. tak kira bangsa, sesama Melayu pun sama. so sad, antara punca runtuhnya kedaulatan bangsa. merosakkan nama bangsa Melayu dan hampir semua pegawai kerajaan terlibat. Dan mereka yang sama juga melaung2kan semangat Melayu..

    Bukan maksud saya membuka pekung didada bangsa tapi cuma mau kan yang terbaik, dan tidak lagi rasa terhina bila pengamal2 sistem kabel ini dicemuh rakyat. kerana yang mengamalkannya adalah Melayu juga.

  6. Excellent post!!

    Will highlight your post in our website and link back to your blog.

    All the best!

  7. Anything for the sake of UNITY gets my full support.
    Keep up the good effort bro. ( CM )

  8. Salam Din

    There is no country called "indon" the same as there is no country called "malay"..

    On "integrity"....don't think i have the ability yet to write on that..the concept the application and the control parameters depends too much on the core foundation of any individual....too personal to generalize...

    But with regard to "favors" ....say you have to stand in line...and there is a way to cut would you do it? Knowing all others behind you and in front of you would be pretty pissed off.....but you need to cause there you can’t spare the extra 20 mins of waiting...

    Same with "cables" it helps to get you to the door faster but once you are at the door the "Gatekeepers" must apply his standard operating procedures rather than bend the rules..if he breaks it then the system fails..
    Underlying problem is process inefficiency.....Solution is Process Automation....and well structured monitoring framework
    20 odd years ago, Government Servants acting as the executor of Government Policies were more independent...they had the ability to tell a minister off....nowadays Ministers (and their cronies) abuse via "micro" managing the Ministry...overriding the subjective decision making process of Gov Servants without clear logic...over the years frustration sets in....and if you can blatantly see your boss and his crony walk away with you annual salary many times over without much effort..Wouldn’t you want to be a part of the system?

    Ministers should only focus on policy level stuffs and not interfere with execution activities, this creates a more streamline process and reduce conflict of interest situation...which in-turn reduces money politics......


    Thank you for coming over and the support


    you notty one.....i don't think your college mates were “crazy” about the medicinal benefits unless someone is suffering from terminal illness......wink wink don't la spell the whole word nanti gua kena tangkap masuk jail who gonna update this blog.....

  9. Omong

    My choices depends on the level quality of service and the price factor.....what ever race I don't care....

    But complain please if you don't like it...say it to their face nicely...I'm a pretty hard customer to deal with and i ensure that i get the best out of the whole experience...if you "pendam pendam" inside.....hate builds for no reason...and suddenly innocent people suffers...not good for you and them....they need customer feedback anyway to improve their service....

    eh u XX or XY....

  10. Centralist Malay...thank u..n spread the word bro....perhaps its time for everybody to focus on our core principles of Nationhood..

  11. Hey satD

    does it matter, XX, XY, YY, S, M, L, XXXL (like the apes)

    some of us are not the type who are comfortable telling others to their face

    most times, we just walk away and never return

  12. omong

    Thats a more polite way actually but must let go of the bad experience that you've just had..

  13. Salam satD,

    Thank you for taking the time replying. process inefficiency...process automation..hmmm....hmmm....hmm.......begheh bos !

    but honestly, i never use any cables or asking for favors.. and yes, over the years, have missed out several opportunities that could've been mine in a normal 'automated process'. and a deep resentment growing inside against BN politicians and govt officers..

    Take care bro., you are a good man. Bangga Melayu punya pejuang seperti tuan, JMD, KijangMas dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

  14. salam Din

    they provide inspiration i think both Sdr KijangMas and JMD-

    I'm honored to be mentioned in a single sentence with them...

  15. Folks

    gwlnet originally said this, i had to censor small part...cover line peps.. :)
    Just scan yr posts.

    Nice one!

    Dont know that U support 'w**d' usage!

    In the old days my college mates were crazy about its medical benefits though.

    But cross my heart I never even puffed or inhaled any. I'm a strong believer that they kill brain cells, not that I've much left.



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