Monday, December 15, 2008

"Tuan" ke?

Much ado on the Ketuanan Concept, many have theorize.... some relate it to the original ownership of Tanah Melayu , some focuses more on the so called "Supremacy/Dominance" aspect....some this.... some evolving concept from the original speech of Dolah Kok Lanas

here's something to ponder upon........let us think from 1900's.....

1. We were colonized up till 1957........the Brits introduced the Torrent System in 1890's for land ownership and registration

2. State Own the Land and alienated them accordingly to specific races in Malaya and also to the Colonist Companies......

3. Complex process of transfers then happens either via direct acquisition by the Colonist Companies, or the land could have been charged to the Money lenders or "Banks".....some defaulted on their loans during the "depression" in the 30's and effectively lost their lender/banks then sold to any willing buyer to recover the principal

4. Boom in Commodity prices especially rubber after man got off their horses to travel in automobiles...lead to an increased demand in plantation land....which then lead to greater transfer of land to the Colonist Companies........

5. World War II, domestic political instability and The Communist Insurgency made the Colonist companies "mengelabah" and began selling their land to those with money at that time..........and guess who had the money then???

6. Imbalances in land ownership begins in the early 60's whereby there is a net transfer of land titles to a particular race with economic dominance........

7. Corrective counter-measures thru NEP, creation of FELDA etc was introduced in the 70's to create a positive trend in land ownership to the Malays.......

8. Takeover of Plantation companies in the 80's by Government Linked entities helped create greater positive flow but these were companies assets....and not owned by Orang-Orang Melayu

For more details on these please read Evolution of Ethnic Patterns of Rural Land Ownership in Peninsula Malaysia by Ping-Keong Voon 1978 -
This analysis was done in Selangor and the author observe similar trends in other states......

By simple logic land need to be put into productive use by those who have capital and our race did not have much capital back then(and now perhaps), the state needed the income and the economic activity to propel growth..........even the Malay Reserve concept was introduced to correct the original imbalances (British Version of NEP).....

It is a public secret among the Government Officers that the majority of land ownership for economic use in Malaysia is NOT in the hands of the Malays...this "sensitive" data is in the hands of the Ruling to publish Sir??

Tuan Tanah we are not? Economic Dominance a long shot? Political Dominance kelam kabut big time?

If you think that you want to lead the nation forward, get your act together folks, other races are looking at how fragmented our overall thinking especially of late? This situation is made worse by the level of quality of our Malay politicians.....only words like Bingai, Tamak, Unethical and Corrupt can best describe them......ade la a few good ones....but too little to make any difference...

Do look back folks but think forward please.....never EVER forget how we got here (especially those who have benefited from the NEP in the areas of their education...give back if you can in any way possible) and have a clear target of where we want to be next........


  1. Hey satD

    you wanna make the first move

    it has to be now

  2. Yeah

    we are with you and I do agree that Aprocryphalis has made a workable suggestion

    Salam ...

  3. salam omong...

    kalau nak claim ....wink wink
    i made the suggestion way back in November :) check out my old post

    last para bro...

  4. SatD,
    Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog. BTW you have written some really hard stuff here! Keep at it, your blog will be better known by the day... just like Tam Dalyell

  5. hi satd!

    you do realise, don't you, what a tough call this "Do look back folks but think forward please... and have a clear target of where we want to be next..." is?

    if those who populate the malaysian blogistan is a sample of thinking malaysians, you can see their infuriating inability to focus, to put aside petty recriminations, and look at the bigger challenge(s) that face us all as a nation.

    most are not even listening to each other, never mind listening to sane calls like yours. they would rather listen to their latent prejudices and the ready-retorts in their own heads. the slightest provocation, real or imagined, and off they go at a tangent, spitting insults or self-righteous blathers along the way.

  6. Salam Mat Cendana

    Thank you mat..your kind words and observation is most welcomed here...hope to hear from you again..n again.n again...(baru banyok sikit comment....Mat..ore rama jugok mari ..tapi tokse comment...guano weh mat)

    Hi Mekyam!! (I shall add another ! for echo effect)
    Yes, totally agree with you on this...the bigger picture is absent..but this is something which all of us must work together with what ever resources we have.

    Just ask your much longer do you think we can sustain this current level of "emotionally" charged politicking without the risk of raising potential "race-based" hate crimes in our community...i don't know the clock is ticking..macro problems typically arise from micro issues..and this need to be handled delicately by apolitical community leaders...not politicians ...

    Thank you both for droppin by, please come again n bring ur frens..

  7. satd, do update me on the specific form and approach to coalesce the disparate groups and I'll jump on the movement bandwagon!

  8. Hi bro satD

    I so agree with Mekyam about the populace of Malaysia's "blogistan". I get a headache listening to rants and raves. I always say thinking hurts.

    The worst thing is that the bloody psychiatrists keep telling everyone that we need to "lepas geram" to maintain mental health. They don't realise that people who are exposed to their rants risk mental illness and depression.

  9. Baiti

    it's an idea..a dream....i guess every great thing start from that..

    will keep u posted for sure...

  10. i know bro de minimis....

    this "blogistan" is so full of posts which point out the "problem" but offer no "solution"....when u stop short at that..."blame"storming begins

    mental degradation....

    mmm..better start rollin soon

    Peace people...

  11. if the NEP is properly enforced and equitable, everyone will benefit from it.

    i am not too sure about land ownership or who owns what... but if it is true that most of it are held by non-malays and if through legal means of getting where they are now, i don't see anything wrong with that.

    can we really control who should be holding what? we can't .... if we believe in meritocracy, the good will own something. hopefully, they will give back to society...


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