Thursday, July 4, 2013

Risk Management of Tabung Hazeez

When Rocky broke the news (here) that Tabung Haji was gonna get Double E Azeez as its Chairman I said biar betik?

Well I guess that piece of rumour is now cast in stone....

Rocky asked in his post

But question is, will he have what it takes to re-organize Tabung Haji?

 Don't know what Azeez has in mind but I got one that's been lingering in my mind....

For a start kita kasi sunat sikit function Tabung Haji.

Which part..... let's try their investment management activities.

As an institution its core function is actually the Pilgrim Organisation rather than the investment management component. There's also a "Putrajaya Put" embedded in the Act

Source here
Remote situation unless there is a major failure in the investment management function.....mmmm

One way to minimize that is to outsource it to its next door neighbor, our very own Permodalan Nasional Berhad, tak payah pindah jauh pun.

This would increase the overall fund size under management and give greater scale for strategic international investment opportunities. The scale on Islamic Investment Management can also be achieved, who knows one day it could be an entity on its own. Mana la tau tak salah pun untuk berangan....

Anyway minus the politics, tell me why they should not do it?

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