Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Misplaced Priorities: Najib's Myopic Advisors

Allow me to begin by quoting JMD's  open letter to Chedet (with some of my own adjustment...jangan marah brader!)

I wonder why the Chinese Opposition took up with great intensity some issues such as meritocracy, independent judiciary, equal rights, freedom of media and reforming oppresive laws. As we all know, these issues are less relevant to the majority of the citizens here in Malaysia(here)
He wrote that in 2008 just when he started blogging, folks did not know of JebatMustDie when that appeared as a comment on Che Det.

We are almost nearing the end of 2011..... I asked myself the same question last nite.

Why can't the Prime Minister focus on simpler reforms that tackles the underlying issues instead.

For instance why not look the fundamental reasons of why people want to go to the streets for a Demo?

What are they not happy about?

Could it be the rampant corruption that is reported Year in Year Out in the Auditor General Report?

If so why not fix the MACC Act and empower the institution to undertake its mandate. I wrote about it (here) a few weeks ago, where a simple addition of a clause to define corruption such as


Such power if vested with MACC would simplify their prosecution of all issues identified under the AG Report.

Is it really that difficult to have such clause in order to clean up all the whole system?

The Opposition will go to town with the Annual Observation of Leakages and Corruption under the current Government, what have you got to show?

Simple things like how could a company tasked to undertake a National Interest Project be allowed to direct funds drawn from the Government Loan which is financed from Government Revenues and Borrowings into an "investment" in 2 High End Apartments (while the major markets was suffering from a collapse in High End Real Estate market)?

Can you please explain to us?

What if there was a sudden drop in real estate prices and the project goes bust? Who takes the risk?

On the flip side who takes the Capital Appreciation?

Another thing that you have been trying to sell for the past year or two is the Oxymoronic "Market Friendly Affirmative Action"

The other side is selling "Needs Based Affirmative Action"

Please lay it out. Show us how this will work in Education, Business, Employment etc..

Sometime ago I wrote this

 I would also like to take this opportunity to Call for A Royal Review of the Implementation of the Article 153 and the Corresponding affirmative actions of the NEP & NDP

 The Agong needs to know how he has discharged his function...don't you think (here)

After that post I followed up with a framework on Affirmative Action (here) that can hopefully build a Sustainable Bumi Eco-system, it was written to provide a starting point for further discussion (refer my comment to one of my regulars Msleepyhead reproduced below)

Overall I think that NEP previous approach was not effective in building a credible BUMI eco-system and my goal is to find a design that can best meet the necessary objectives of Affirmative Action and building the necessary social capital....and yes the "Cultural DNA" to support the BUMI eco-system must be cultivated and we must KILL AliBabas if we are really serious about helping the Bumis. Again the design is domestic to apply when these Bumi Companies deals with the Government, when they are competing outside that domain they must be competitive with other Non Bumi counterparts and Global Players. If you look carefully at the BUMI entity design the 3 major attributes need not be fulfilled eg: when a Bumi Co deals outside the Government sector it needs only to meet the Equity and HR Component to get the necessary benefits (for instance), once they migrate higher into the value chain and become Global Player even the HR component can be dropped as they would be utilising the Best Resources Globally to drive the business forward. This post only serve as a framework for us to discuss and put forward our thoughts on this issue.......

Tackle the basic issues please.

We've heard of TERAJU and now even the Bumiputra Education Fund (here)

How does all of this fits together in your current scheme of things? Is there a shift in the role of providing Financial support for Education to the Private Sector? (It's a positive move towards building the Social Capital)

To be honest I personally don't care about ISA, Police Act, Restricted Residence or Public Assembly Act.

99.99% it does not affect the man on the street.

Let me ask you all this simple question, how often do you face the Law/Regulation in your daily lives?

How often are you confronted with systemic injustice of the system or its poor implementation?

Which ones are these?

Your recent approach on the Assembly Act shows that your rule making rule process is rather weak.

I would expect at least for a period to solicit comments from various stakeholders prior to tabling these "key reform bills" in Parliament. Why the rush? 

Proper analysis with cross jurisdiction comparative matrix should be done and these documents should be made public.

And why do you need to listen to young, inexperienced speech writers who thinks that they can shape major policy of the nation?

Up to you Mister Prime Minister......I can only say lantak pi if you go on like this.

Before I end this post 

Here are a few questions I asked on Facebook last week.

  1. What are the key attributes of a Good Leader for the Malays? 
  2. What is our current Value System on Governance and Leadership?
  3. What are our Collective Interest? 
  4. What are our Socio-Economic Sectoral Interest (Urban Vs Rural Dichotomy, Income Class etc)? 
We must map out these issues, then only we can choose wisely.
Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. -Lord Thomas Dewer