Friday, March 25, 2011

Christian Federation of Malaysia: What is your game plan?

This is slowly getting out of hand...

Who next after Christians, questions non-Muslim interfaith council
KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — A fever has broken out over Putrajaya’s handling of the Alkitab row that appears to have split multicultural Malaysia into two distinct camps — Muslim and non-Muslim — as the nation readies for crucial polls in Sarawak, its biggest Christian state.

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) issued a strongly worded statement today accusing the Najib administration of riding roughshod over religions other than Islam when it imposed conditions for the release of 35,000 Malay bibles seized from Port Klang and Kuching.

“This means that the Alkitab (Bahasa Malaysia version) is now considered a restricted item and ‘the Word of God’ has been made subject to the control of man,” it said, citing the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) in the latter’s previous attempt to free the bibles.
CFM is the umbrella body that represents over 90 per cent of churches here.

In a series of news statements that started earlier this month, the Christian organisation denounced the Najib administration for defacing its holy books with the home ministry’s official seal, an act it said amounted to desecration.

“Does our current prime minister wield any authority? And if he does not, who does?” the interfaith council demanded of Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“We also vehemently oppose the present line of action being pursued,” it said in solidarity with the Christian community. About one in 10 Malaysians is Christian.

The MCCBCHST said the authorities seemed to want Malaysians to believe that the Alkitab conflict is solely a tussle between two creeds, Islam and Christianity; and affects only Muslims and Christians.

“After the Christians have been ‘fixed’, who next?” the MCCBCHST questioned.

The council — which represents five out of the country’s six main creeds — reminded the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition of its founder’s words uttered shortly after Independence in 1957.

“Let freedom be secured for all the law-abiding people. There shall be freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom from want, freedom of association, freedom of assembly and freedom of movement,” it said, citing first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj.
“The political leaders definitely do not have a finger on the pulse of the nation. They are definitely wrong in what they are doing,” it added, in a thinly veiled dig at Najib’s 1 Malaysia slogan aimed at uniting the different communities.

The MCCBCHST further accused Islamic leaders of not knowing their own religion despite dipping their fingers into the controversy.

“In the face of what has been alluded to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the narrative about ‘The Promise to St Catherine’, it is highly suspect that the Islamic high officials in our country do not even know their own religion!” it said.

Prophet Muhammad was said to have made a promise to a delegation of monks from the monastery near Mount Sinai over 1,400 years ago that Muslims will always protect Christians and their way of worship. More bullshit here

Hey Christian Federation of Malaysia you wanna talk about my religion???

Lu biar serious mak bapak lu tak ajar lu betul betul ke hah?

Ok lets start talking about this so called Promise that the "Prophet" made.....

How true is this ?

I'm not gonna waste much time here go read my old post here on the Authenticity of the Saint Catherine document

Hah sudah apekebenda lu cerita ni? Siap taruk Exclamation Mark!

Don't know my own religion......

Ok lets go to another one of your kureng ajar tak reti bahasa question
“Does our current prime minister wield any authority? And if he does not, who does?” the interfaith council demanded of Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
You wanna know who really does?

It's the one you've indirectly challenged in court and now try to wage a war against.... 

You wanna know something else......your religion has no legal standing in our Constitution...

As such The Government of the Federation of Malaysia should not even give a single cent to your causes...

You sure you wanna up the game ka?

Are you ready if a movement like this starts to sprout all over the country? 

BTW Your "Al Kitab" has always been subject to control since the PU(A) 15/82, when the Government  gazetted the prohibition of the Al-Kitab in Malaysia under s. 22 of the Internal Security Act 1960 subsequently a special exemption was given to the said prohibition via the PU(A) 134 dated 13.5.1982 by stating that the use and possession of the Al-Kitab is allowed by Christians only in churches

You know that already......why are you trying to add fire to the situation.....

Oh Oh since you wanna drag the Buddist, the Hindu and the Sikh into this.....

They do not pose any threat to the Official Religion of the country....

Name me one Malay that Converted into a Sikh, A Buddist or A Hindu?

There is no pull factor there......


PETALING JAYA: The Coalition of Malaysian Christians (COMC) today urged the government to apologise to the Christians in the country over the recent episode of impounding and stamping of 35,100 Bahasa Malaysia bibles. The coalition said the government’s action was a gross travesty of religious freedom as enshrined in the federal constitution.

Apart from the apology, COMC urged the government to return the Malays bibles known as Alkitab to the publisher and replace them with new Alkitab.
The coalition also wanted assurances that:
  • no Malay bibles are destroyed or further defaced;
  • the government bears all costs and gives written assurance that such desecration will never happen again;
  • the home ministry will not act on its own without due consultation with the relevant Christian representative organizations;
  • due respect is given to the Alkitab by consulting the relevant Christian representative organizations before any external text is inserted in the bible; and
  • 30,000 Malay bibles worth RM78,000 imported by the Sarawak branch of global Christian group, The Gideons, be unconditionally released from Kuching port.
COMC spokesman Ronnie Klassen outlined these demands after lodging a police report against the government at the Petaling Jaya Section 8 police station today.

Serious repercussion warned

Klassen, a former PKR man, explained that the police report was lodged to demand for a thorough investigation into the said episode.

“We do not accept conditions that belittle the Christian faith and religion. We will not accept Muslim views on Christianity and its practice and matters of faith as normative, or link the Alkitab row to the Catholic Church’s court case on the right to use ‘Allah’,” he said.

“The Alkitab and the Allah court case are separate issues; and the federal government has no right to ban the Alkitab under the law. Such developments as Christianity being singled out as a threat is unacceptable, as there are no such conditions imposed on the holy books of other religions,” he added.

Klassen said that it was important for the government to pay attention to the voices coming from the Christian community.

“If the government continues to ignore our demands, it would then not just reflect badly on the government, but also could have serious repercussion in the next general election,” he warned.

He was accompanied by some 70 Christians, including some senior priests and pastors from churches of various Christian denominations, including Father Simon Lebrooy of the St Francis Xavier Church and Father Philip Muthu of the Assumption Church Parish, Petaling Jaya. Source here
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