Sunday, November 23, 2008

Defragmenting Money Politics........

Here's the thing about money first then politics....and money always control politics...that's just how the system two ways about it....simple concept of concentrating wealth at the very top.....and some trickle down crap shit for the masses......halo...200ringgit and kain biar serious beb....kain pelekat....for real............always wondered if the money was inside, with the kain pelekat acting as an envelope?

Money has always been at the seat of power for a very long time in the modern history....before it was actual physical cow for your girlfriend kinda thing...folks in the irian jaya still do that...i can buy your wife with a when men discovered precious minerals such as gold, silvers..which could exchange a cow for just a couple of coins....wealth became mobile.....and when confidence builds ....more transactions are conducted....then some people became very good at making this wealth work further by acting as intermediaries between the surplus and the deficit sectors, they then naturally will have the confidence of other wealthy people....for making more money....

holy shit forgot what i wanted to tell u earlier...gua kena saman....big time kat bunderan senayan,jakarta..this otek saje je cari pasal...i changed lanes in a lintang pukang roundabout..its not a roundabout to begin with but sure looks like one, bloody thing is confusing, say ur coming from 6oclock u can only go to 12,3 and back to 6, and if ur coming from 12 u can only go to 3 and 6, and if u come from 9, u can go to 12, 3 and 6.....err how am i doing so far..u lost or still with me .....anyway coming from 6 o’clock i was on the inside lane, next to a metromini which is equivalent to our old mini buses but longer and is packed with passengers......i tried going left earlier but this bus driver just simply dont understand what a yellow blinking light on side are for......bingai siut....

next i was pulled in by this extremely enthusiastic traffic cop with one of those mini what....window down "apa kabar pak?".....then off he goes into this mini lecture on what i did (tried to change lanes with proper turning indicators )...took my license n registration....came out of the car..first thing came to mind was Robin. ....we didnt talk much he wrote a ticket......n took my license hang on a minute.....i read the surat tilang(saman) for small prints n asked him how come he's taking my license away....he showed me where it is...n said that they can confiscate both my license as well as my registrations if i commit another offense and just leave me with 2 surat tilang that i can bring along with me to drive until the date of my hearing....the fine is peanuts at 30,000 to 50,000 rupiah.....but they put u thru that to ensure that u take the whole thing seriously..... perhaps our PDRM should employ similar tactics to improve collection activities......some enteprising section of the police department actually sell this surat tilang for u to use before u get ur plate number...over here u can get your brand new car weeks before the registration number is out...those who cant wait simply put on a false number as in the surat tilang....wahla....a new SMI was invented

anyway back to the money thinggy.... these people who are in control of money now have the ability to borrow more money for other things..because people have confidence in them to be able to pay back with interest..... blessed with the power of leverage they became extremely powerful to even decide fate of nations, rosthchild for instance had the ability to finance france's freedom, man they even finance opposites side in a war with another....and take the land from the losing side as payment from the winner....

No matter how far back you go into was always Money that decided the seat of power, even under “people” power revolutions the underlying is always money else could you get all those people to go to the streets....the bulk of “protesters” do have a function to serve their political masters’ will......and yes they do get paid for it.....out here in Jakarta i can organise a sizeable demonstration within 3 days notice with Nasi Bungkus + Es Teh-Tawar and 20,000 rupiah appearance fee.

So if we cannot separate Money from Politics or Politic from Money, allow me to ask u a few question. Who controls the political financing machinery in Malaysia?How are funds aggregated and distributed? What is the allocation policy? What is "code of conduct" of the players involved?

Lets say a ‘hypothetical” situation, take UMNO for example

Lemma 1:

Payment of Bribes is to buy Vote for Position in Party, this in effect is an “Option” contract sold by the Prospective Candidates

Lemma 2:

If position in party is successful then “real-pay off” happens via potential contracts from ‘Government” or “UMNO Linked Corporates” to the “Option” holders

So now based on this two statement alone lets see if we can try to answer some of the questions do we do this ah...

First, all contracts by the government (federal and state) should be looked into, i mean “ALL” including the small ones below 100K.....from stationary supplies, toilet maintanence, infra maintanence etc....lets see who the beneficiaries are (this is where the major pool of UMNO Cawangan/bahagians are at)...was there any “competitive” tender involved?

Next identify ministry with UMNO member in a position of authority, as well as Companies with UMNO members as shareholders.....this should be your main agent of distributions.Then identify “ciku-rat” facilitators in the form of government officers, who participated in the decision making process for disbursement of the “benefits” i.e contracts and land especially.....Now the best part, how much of this “benefit” is actually in real malay hands without the “typical” chinaman taukey standing behind the scene as in our classic “Ali-Baba” business model....while we are doing that perhaps we should also look into how many “true” hard working subcontractors got burned by the “Agents”....these are the small money i.e. below RM 10.0 Million from end to end perspective.......The big money are typically paid out via Capital market transaction.....but these people are smart to operate below the radar of disclosure by undertaking small trades .....and these runs into the 100’s of million thru Trust Accounts, Offshore Centers & 2 Ringgit SPV’s and a couple of merchant bankers in the loop....this one is a little bit tricky as they are all disguised as a genuine the mid 90's the focus was into IPO where you will get the pay-off from your "option" straight out of the pockets of the investing public

Too much discussion have been on the issue of Money Politics in UMNO with major focus revolving around “Lemma 1” and how to ‘fix’ the voting process...think about the amount of money involved during this voting process Vs the amount of money after the election i.e when the “elected representative” is in the seat of power....which is the BIGGER one? You must start at the source to understand the value chain as what we are seeing in the UMNO elections is a “small” part of the many Malay tycoons are out there anyway to finance all of these shit, hence if we were to deduce from the simple observation of the distribution of wealth by race group, then there is the “possibility” that the political financing machinery in Malaysia is orchestrated by the do you malay folks out there feel about that..hah? Jual maruah bangsa dan ugama... tak reti malu ke.....anak bini makan duit haram.....ape nak jadi woi.... and by the way most of them stick out like a sore could easily identify in the UMNO Cawangan and Bahagians who these culprits are......expensive watches ..check...Merc/BMW check.....frequent “international” trip to jakarta for golf where they typically end up “putting” another “hole” after the 18th...check.....they all look cheap and slimy with no class....though a new breed is emerging....”suave” early 40’s with their SUV’s .......tell tale signs are clearly out there.....simply follow the money....

So where do we go from you want to get a couple of the “agents” or the “benefactor” or do you want to disrupt the supply chain altogether.......and ensure that the system crumbles... Heck there must be a pretty well oiled system in place.....if it is a system then it can fail to work properly if you push the right buttons.....if it is just a bunch of random potentially interconnected events then more difficult............on the other hand if people are clearly motivated by money why don't lure them into becoming informants with “considerable” monetary reward say 20,000 in tax rebates to start with......if Microsoft was able to do that in its battle against software piracy in Malaysia...imagine what the Malaysian Government armed with the Tax Department, Customs, Registrar of Companies, Sec Commission, BNM , ACA and the Police Financial Intelligence Team can do...kalau nak seribu daya brader...........and by the way i do believe the existence of “pure n clean souls” out there not part of this sick “eco-system”, most of whom would be willing to come forward as long as their identity is well protected.....mmm well that's another topic altogether.....

Better get ready for my "sidang" on 2nd Dec.........lets see if i can get back my license without paying for the fine, and get them to reimburse my return cab fare for coming over.....yeah rite..

UPDATES of SIDANG 3rd December :

Folks I'm ashamed of myself........apparently u can send someone else to collect ur the police put u thru a long waiting period if u do not use the services of a "Chalo" who operates like a "Runner" for a i calculated the total value in time usage, effort and stress impact for going thru the whole process...Vs 128,000 Rupiah (about 39Ringgit) all in fee inclusive of bayar la not to do it........


  1. A well written article.

    Your opinion on Chinese participation with Malays contractors is true, however if the Chinese do not carry out the contract work as sub contractors, then there will be more uncompleted projects.

    Let all of us together build up this our nation.

    Thank you.

  2. dear satd,
    never got the opportunity to read you until 2nite. my discovery for the nite. thank you for sharing with us, your views and thoughts.
    with kind regards/sakmongkol

  3. hi vijeyan

    Irrespective of the "race" undertaking the sub-contract awarded must be completed...key question on whether the contract was properly awarded and valued should first be examined..

    Annual findings of blatant abuse and "mis-pricing" in our government expenditure by the Auditor General are clear signs of the problem. All of these "funds" then goes into supporting the political financing machinery in Malaysia....

    Too much have gone to waste over the years....which could be directed to more productive use....

    Take care

  4. Salam Dato' Sak

    Thank you for coming over.

    Been following ur blog for a while now.....always wanted to know if u have an unofficial "tag-team" going on with walla.....


  5. never knew walla before the wifey and i decided to meet up with him in KL. before that, he has been visiting my blog quite often with his rapier sharp comments. a powerhouse of reference material.
    so you could say, its a brotherhood of kindred minds...
    he is a formidable intellect and i need continued doses of cajoling


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