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The Building Blocks of the KKKKKajang Move

Kajang By-Election: Q & A With Selangor CM

The Kajang by-election issue has sparked polemics from various parties, from the common man to political practitioners. This has caused many eyes to be focused on Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as the Chief Minister of Selangor. Follow the interview with him.
How will Anwar’s win change politics in Selangor?
Anwar has long been in the political arena. Now is the time to assess his ability, in preparation for the 14th General Election (GE14) and the Sarawak state election.
If we can show continued and increased support, the at the GE14, we will have a better chance in winning.
In the last election, we (PR) won more single votes from the BN coalition. Unfortunately, because of seat allocation, BN won more seats than Pakatan.
Through the steps we are taking, not only can we win more of the people’s votes, but also increase the number of seats to allow us to win enough parliamentary seats to form the Malaysian government.
How will Anwar contribute to developments in Selangor?
Anwar was the Finance Minister for 8 to 9 years. Therefore, he has great understanding on budgetary measures and the financial situation in Malaysia.
By assessing his experience and financial commitments to be implemented, we will know if we are on the right track or not. This knowledge, together with the options of directions and impact of the implementation is very precious.
How can it happen?
Firstly, Anwar has to fight for the people of Selangor. He needs to show if he deserves to be supported, because the people are always watching and questioning. Anwar’s passion is an advantage for the people of Selangor.
What about the speculation that Anwar wants the Chief Minister’s post?
A: The speculation needs to be tested first, Actually, Actually, Anwar is looking beyond the Selangor Menteri Besar’s position. To cut a long story short, the ultimate aim is federal level, with Selangor as the stepping stone. The combination of corporate experience and administering a state government will provide a good head start on challenging for Putrajaya.
Does the party no longer believe in you?
If I had lost the confidence of the party, I may not be the Chief Minister today. However, I admit that politics is more volatile compared to corporate life.
I have a reformation agenda, and if I was not allowed to realise this reformation agenda at the time, it would have been better for me to just resign. Currently, the reformation agenda is being pursued and implemented despite under the flurry situation of politics.
How do you see the Selangor government in facing future challenges?
We built the state reserves over the last four years. Now, not only can we talk about ideas, but we also have the money to translate the ideas into physical forms.
In the next five to eight years, not only is Selangor on a strong foundation, it will also be a happening place.
The reserve is essential because the Federal government would not lend the necessary funds that Selangor needs to develop. Are we supposed to talk and hope? For me, politics is more than mere rhetoric, because words cannot fill stomachs. First, get the money you need, then only think about what you want to eat.
Do you have any intention of stepping down from the CM post?
We do not want to talk about the matter, and we do not want a change in the Chief Minister for the time being. We want to face the election first.
I have no intention of resigning. Whatever happens after the by-election, we will discuss it at Pakatan Rakyat level.
Do you have support from PAS and DAP? How about support from PKR?
Yes, I have their support. For the party (PKR), I leave it to God (laughs).
Are you being removed because you do not want to grant contracts to party members?
For me, the party and the people have to believe in the principle of good governance. We continue to receive support in the election in May, in fact, public support increased because we practices transparency, accountability and we are able to perform our duties.
We cannot and do not want to change that. In politics, we should always open the eyes of the people.
What about speculation that there are certain parties who are not happy because they could not get contracts?
(Interrupting)…speculation says that I have already resigned twice (laughs)! Now we are at the stage of reformation…not everyone will be happy with the process.
Are you going to be CM for a third term?
No. I have prepared the government for my successor. I am not worried. I feel blessed and happy to be given the opportunity to raise the people’s flag. Whatever happens to me, the flag should continue to wave.
*This article was edited from interviews conducted by journalists of BFM and The Edge recently. (here)
So lets see...
What is this Long story anyway...
Cita la sikit pakcik....kalu lu taknak cita pun ada 60 hari lagi orang akan tanye apekebenda lu nak merepek....gua tau lu cover line tapi ada sekor mamat ni giler merepek doe
What PKR and Pakatan Selangor need is a fortification so that we can expedite reforms and simultaneously fend off political attacks and manouvres from Umno. We need as many of our top leaders around Selangor to defend Selangor because it remains the crown jewel of any political coalition in the country.
Hence the decision to field Anwar Ibrahim for a state seat as this provides an option that we can readily exercise should the need arise. (here)
Oh please....
Can you please explain how Selangor would fall if Najib is removed?
Even if there is total chaos as how you have predicted 
The unscrupulous attack and schemes to take Selangor by hook or by crook will begin the moment the weak Najib is removed. Even as we speak, Umno’s cards are all too obvious in the latest round of racial and religious controversies stirred up in Selangor in the last few months.
Should Najib fall, expect a full blown manipulation of racial and religious issues to create mistrust and frustration with the Selangor government.
 How exactly would having Anwar as an ADUN or the MB of Selangor gonna stop that?
OK let me indulge you on this possibility which I think have the seeds here
The target is Selangor, the jewel in Pakatan Rakyat’s crown. Najib wants back Selangor and he wants it back this month. So Umno has to do a ‘Kelantan December 1977’ revisited to get back Selangor in January 2010. (RPK Jan 8 , 2010 here)
Go back to basic brader....
Proclamation of emergency150. (1) if the yang di-pertuan Agong is satisfied that a grave emergency exists whereby the security, or the economic life, or public order in the Federation or any part thereof is threatened, he may issue a proclamation of emergency making therein a declaration to that effect. (2) A proclamation of emergency under Clause (1) may be issued before the actual occurrence of the event which threatens the security, or the economic life, or public order in the Federation or any part thereof if the yang di-pertuan Agong is satisfied that there is imminent danger of the occurrence of such event
Kat situ ada tulis kena dapat approval YB Kajang ke? Or maybe MB Selangor ke?

So camne skarang??
Kesian Khalid sampai tergagap2 nak jawap 
What about the speculation that Anwar wants the Chief Minister’s post?
A: The speculation needs to be tested first, Actually, Actually, Anwar is looking beyond the Selangor Menteri Besar’s position. To cut a long story short, the ultimate aim is federal level, with Selangor as the stepping stone.
What is beyond the Menteri Besar post in the Short Term?
Anugerah Tuhan dah dapat....World Class Leader pun dah sapu....tapi paling best dia sendiri tu beb...tak bole belah... 
Keputusan bertanding pilihan raya kecil (PRK) Kajang bukan bermakna turun pangkat tetapi Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menyifatkan dirinya sebagai contoh seorang pemimpin yang hebat (here)
Ni boleh fight scene dia bangun tunjuk perut konon tak buncit while Wan Azizah mengeletar pengang tasbih..go to 4th minute....
Lu orang seriously percaya ke mamat ni?

Hebat siout....giler hebat....sampai Khalid pun siap kipas lu

Therefore, he has great understanding on budgetary measures and the financial situation in Malaysia
Biar betik remember the lost 1.4 Billion buat press conference macam orang bangang?
Gua dua jam aje kantoi lembu ni tak caya pergi baca sini

Great understanding my bang nuar jangan geram tau dengan my ass

Anyway folks time is on our side....

EC has 60 days.....

What is he gonna be saying in the next 60 days....

Secret Moves...cannot tell but VOTE me in FIRST?

Lu bole belah?

Anway....don't worry folks lets just enjoy this circus....if you are free do check out his 1st show tomorrow..

KAJANG 30 JAN: Ketua Umum KEADILAN, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim akan menyampaikan tazkirah di Masjid Qariah Batu 10 Jalan Cheras, Kajang sebelum solat Jumaat esok.
Manakala, Ketua Penerangan KEADILAN, Dr Muhamad Nur Manuty akan menyampaikan Khutbah Jumaat. (here)
In case your're wondering who the Khutbah reader is....check out what he thinks of the Kajang Move
Keputusan yang telah dibuat oleh kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat pada 28 Januari 2014 berkaitan isu DUN Kajang, adalah suatu yang tepat dan betul berasaskan prinsip-prinsip di dalam disiplin al-Qawa’id al-Fiqhiyyah (Kaedah-Kaedah Fiqh) yang relevan dengan realiti terkini perkembangan politik Malaysia. Sukacita dijelaskan, bahawa ijtihad politik yang dilakukan oleh KEADILAN ini, sememangnya mempunyai justifikasi yang kukuh berasaskan prinsip dar’u al-mafasid muqaddamun ‘alajalbil al masalih (menghindarkan berlakunya kerosakan adalah diutamakan sebelum berlakunya sesuatu kebaikan). Dengan lain perkataan, demi mempastikan sesuatu kebaikan yang dirancang itu benar-benar berlaku, maka semua perkara yang mungkin menjadi factor penghalangnya hendaklah dihindarkan. (here)
Al-Merepek Al Kencing wal Hancing.....

Oh sebelum gua lupa ni ape cita apekebenda si Khalid ni 

The reserve is essential because the Federal government would not lend the necessary funds that Selangor needs to develop.

Federal siap bagi duit suruh repair jalan pun lu tak pakai
AUDIT REPORT The third instalment of the Auditor-General's Report 2012 tabled in Parliament yesterday reprimands the Selangor government for hoarding federal funds intended for the maintenance of roads in the state.
According to the report, Selangor only spent RM640.24 million or 56.3 percent of the RM1.14 billion it received from the federal government for the maintenance of non-federal roads between 2010 and 2012.
When broken down, the state government spent 69.3 percent of the RM351.66 million in funding received in 2010 but this declined to 59.3 percent of RM368.36 million received in 2011 and 42.7 percent of the RM416.97 million in 2012.
Even though the under-spending accumulated RM631.27 million in surplus funds, the report said it reflected the state government's inefficiency in managing funds provided by the federal government.
Furthermore, the report said, a survey conducted by the Auditor-General's Office of 545 respondents in Klang, Gombak and Shah Alam showed 80 percent of them expressing dissatisfaction with the condition of their local roads (here)

Kecoh sekampung lu ada reserve besau....U think I don't know where that came from...

But I won't bother doing a detailed post on to get the "Lifestyle" bloggers to handle such issues..

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