Monday, January 31, 2011

"Hospital of the Future": Retrospective Analysis on Ranhill's "expertise"

SERDANG: A portion of the ceiling at the Serdang Hospital’s main lobby collapsed following a downpour but no casualties were reported in the early morning incident.

The hospital cordoned the area using plastic canvas while security guards were stationed to stop anyone from wandering into the area, which is near the hospital’s cafe.

The ceiling collapsed at about 12.30am yesterday.

A hospital employee who declined to be named said the area, which is the main entrance to the wards, was where people would walk through it or wait during the day. Go here

Gile babeng siut..........

Check out the "claims" from the builder

 Source here Ranhill Annual Report 2004

"A Testimony of Ranhill's "Capacity" to deliver engineering and technical excellence"

Comprehensive Expertise on Hospital Design, Construction and Operation! 

Excellent! Mantebs Bangettttss !

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Onsite AngPow Audit Booth and "Spe-sial Position" in 1Malaysia

Najib’s Chinese New Year email surprise
By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani
January 29, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29 — Many Malaysians with email accounts were surprised today with a Chinese New Year greeting from Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s personal blog.

The prime minister welcomed the Lunar New Year and wished every Malaysian a prosperous beginning in the Year of the Rabbit.

Najib recalled how he would follow his parents visiting their Chinese friends and enjoy the various delicacies which included kuih kapit and pineapple tarts.

A wide smile would cross my face when I received ‘angpows’ from my parents’ friends. Today, the celebrations have grown to include sate, ais kacang, mi rebus and maruku even!” he said in the email.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Allah Ciplak: Time Travel into 17th Century Ambon

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17 — As the court drags its feet in addressing the “Allah” controversy after more than a year, the Catholic Church has reprinted a rare 17th-century Malay-Latin dictionary in what seems to be a silent bid to speed up its case.

The “Dictionarium Malaico-Latin and Latino-Malaicum” was first published in 1631 by the Vatican Press in Rome. Church officials say it is historical proof that its missionaries had played a key role in the exchange of knowledge and culture between Europe and Southeast Asia some 400 years ago.

Reverend Lawrence Andrew, who had worked for the past 11 years to reprint the dictionary, told The Malaysian Insider it was crucial to counter the mistaken belief that the spread of Christianity through local languages in Malaysia was a recent 20th-century phenomenon.

It’s to say it’s been here for a long time... 400 years,” said the editor of the Catholic Church’s local newspaper, The Herald Weekly.

The Herald had challenged the Home Ministry for the right to use the word “Allah” to describe God in the Christian context and had won in a landmark ruling at the High Court on New Year’s Eve in 2009. But the paper is unable to use it as the ministry managed to get a stay pending its appeal.

The Court of Appeal in Putrajaya has yet to fix a hearing date for the case. Veteran lawyers have said there is little the church can do speed up the process as there are no rules on a time limit; adding it was not unusual for a case to be called years after being filed.

Andrew had submitted a copy of the dictionary as historical evidence to back the church’s suit after the ministry tendered several essays by Islamic scholars from the influential Institute of Islamic Understanding here supporting its case.

The priest had got the Holy See’s approval to reprint the dictionary 12 years ago but was only able to do so recently due to a lack of resources.

“There was the cost and also the technology now has made it much easier to clean up the pages to make it fit for print. It was very tedious work as the copy on microfilm was not clear,” the priest explained.

The reprint of the dual-language dictionary is said to be an exact replica.

Andrew said the medieval spelling of the Malay words may prove hard to read and understand for the modern person, but he had decided against updating the spelling and typeset “so people cannot say we modified it”. More here

Well folks what can I say....

A year back I wrote a series of Articles on the Allah Issue.....macam buat Phd siut.....

I found out things as part of my fardu kifayah to share with my readers for all of you to think constructively on the issue....

Bukan senang siut...gua sampai tak tidur malam....

Should I let this one go......

Just accept Pakiam's angle on the issue?

Most of you would know me by now.....

Gua tak pernah telan bulat bulat anything that I read......

I have this constant urge to find out a wee bit more....

So here goes.......

First question....

What is Pakiam trying to prove?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wee Ka Siong Lu biar betul.....Chinese Schools supports PPSM"BM" and the PAGE White Flag?

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 — Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong has confirmed the government has no plans to backtrack on its decision to abolish the teaching of Maths and Science in English despite relentless efforts by a pro-English lobby group to reverse the policy.

Wee also denied that the decision to stop the policy, known as PPSMI (Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris), was politically motivated as alleged by the group, the Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE).

“The reversal of the PPSMI was done through four roundtable discussions, so after much deliberation the Cabinet made its decision based on the findings,” he told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

Wee shook his head when asked if the move was the Barisan Nasional’s strategy to recoup its loss of the Malay rural vote in Election 2008, as alleged by PAGE members.

No, no. Even the Chinese schools wanted the teaching instruction of the subjects to be in Bahasa Malaysia. Just take a simple example and seek comments from some professional groups and you will know,” he said. More here

Gua malas mau cerita banyak banyak...

Bahasa Malaysia????? 

Kalau betul Alhamdullilah.....and why stop at 2 subjects?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Dividends of Anti Corruption Measures" Milaka Mali Manyak Bunyi

"Lim echoed this by claiming that Penang had hit a record RM88 million surplus in 2008 and RM77 million in 2009 through “the dividends of anti-corruption measures." go here

Well lets see......

Let us first understand the behaviour of the Revenue and Operating Expenditure and the Surpluses...

So it was a Surplus State for the past 6 Years? I tot u turned in a Deficit State into a Surplus State......So big ma your 2008 "Record" Achievement in comparison to the 2005 result.....mana datang itu hasil Ahbeng?

Wah lau convert status tanah sama interest income pasai itu Global Credit Crunch pun mau kecoh ka?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Of Maids and Organisation Failures

Gua malas baca cerita kejap Rogol kejap Tidak?

So Robingah did someone stick something inside of you against your consent or not?

But what is interesting in all this fiasco is that....

How easy it is to Spy on Malaysian Ministers.......

How do you know that these Indonesian Maids are not Super Duper Trained Agents with a primary goal of getting detail information on the lives of our Ministers and use it to their advantage?

What is the standard to work for A Malaysian High Level Civil Service Officer?

Do they go through an Interview by the Special Branch? What about Exit Interview? Are they free to come in an out of our Minister's private lives?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Power of Viral Videos


Gua baru semalam tengok video mamat nih....

Some homeless guy muka pecah with a Great Radio while waiting for my wife baking my son's Chocolate Moist birthday cake....I saw the dude on BBC......for real....

11,760,345 people saw 3 days

An Internet video of a homeless man showing off his self-described “God-given gift of a great voice” has landed him a spot on a local radio show, a dream job with the Cleveland Cavaliers and a house.
“The Cleveland Cavaliers just offered me a full-time job and a house! A house! A house!” Ted Williams said while appearing on a morning radio show in Columbus, Ohio, called “ Dave and Jimmy.”
Williams was offered the job and free home by a caller to the show who said she represented the Cavaliers, the New York Post reported.
Williams was flying to New York Wednesday night for a reunion with his 92-year-old mother, who lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and an appearance on the "TODAY Show," NBC confirmed. Earlier, the website TMZ reported that airport officials would not let him board a plane because he didn't have proper ID.
A reporter from the Columbus Dispatch came across Williams while he was panhandling near Interstate 71 recently. A sign he carried explained that he was a former radio announcer who had fallen on hard times More here
How sweet........

I wonder if we Malaysians would react in the same manner......

Dah masuk dalam TV pun belum tentu boleh dapat sumbangan....

Is there something wrong with our Society?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


HOT OFF THE PRESS......Paneesssss!

KUALA LUMPUR: The death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock was not a suicide and it was not a homicide, Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas ruled on Wednesday.
It is, therefore, an open verdict.
"The neck injury and the suicide note are the crucial evidence.
"Two theories of cause of death were advanced - death by homicide and death by suicide," he said.
"The handwriting of the suicide note was only similar to the deceased's. I'm not qiualified(sic) to say it's a suicide note.
"I rule out death of the deceased by suicide as there are unsettled issues in the question of suicide," he said.
He then ruled out suicide as the cause of Teoh's death.
He also ruled out homicide, saying that the inquest had established that Teoh had sustained pre-fall injuries but there was no evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the injuries constributed to death. More here

So there you go.......

Will Teoh Beng Hock certificate of Death have 
or is it 

Which one

why so ?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Road Less Travelled: MACC Mangkuk Hayun Perabih Beras Method of Getting readily available information

Gua terkejut baca Bujai's post...........

MACC goes global. The had cancelled a London trip to interrogate PI Bala last year. Now they will go to Paris in effort to find evidence linking Alcatel to giving out bribes worth millions of ringgit to few Malaysians in a tender which they finally won .

Hebat MACC ni! That's the way to go but dont waste too much money on it by bringing a big entourage and staying in a 5-star hotel for a month (sorry bro!). More here

errrr...Sorry Bujai gua bujet lu main tibai aje kut with that comment......but your concerns are valid........

Let me share with you the right way to go and tak payah naik kapal terbang pastu booking hotel pun......

Monday, January 3, 2011

In Search for the "Appropriate" Service Commission and the Board Appointed by His Royal Highness: Navigating the Federal-State Jurisdiction of Authority

Pening kepala gua baca all this fiasco over the appointment of the State Secretary of Selangor.....sampai nak ammend constitution tuh....

Gua pun macam biasa...nak tumpang sekaki jugak la kut dalam debate nih....tak kan Judges and Lawyer aja boleh kasi opinion.....

Let us see if basic man on the street logic will prevail in this issue......

So lets start at the Federal Level first......

Article 132. Go here
(1) For the purposes of this Constitution, the public services are -
(a) the armed forces;
(b) the judicial and legal service;
(c) the general public service of the Federation;
(d) the police force;
(e) the railway service;
(f) the joint public services mentioned in Article 133;
(g) the public service of each State; and
(h) the education service.

(2) Except as otehrwise expressly provided by this Constitution, the qualifications for appointment and conditions of service of persons in the public services other than those mentioned in paragraph (g) of Clause (1) may be regulated by federal law and, subject to the provisions of any such law, by Yang di-Pertuan Agong; and the qualifications for appointment and conditions of service of persons in the public service of any State may be regulated by State law and, subject to the provisions of any such law, by the Ruler or Yang di-Pertua Negeri of that State.

(2A) Except as expressly provided by this Constitution, every person who is a member of any of the services mentioned in paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f) and (h) of Clause (1) holds office during the pleasure of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, and, except as expressly provided by the Constitution of the State, every person who is a member of the public service of a State holds office during the pleasure of the Ruler or Yang di-Pertua Negeri.
 Now let us look at

Article 135. Go here
(1) No member of any of the services mentioned in paragraphs (b) to (h) of Clause (1) of Article 132 shall be dismissed or reduced in rank by an authority subordinate to that which, at the time of the dismissal or reduction, has power to appoint a member of that service of equal rank;
Provided that in its application to members of the services mentioned in paragraphs (g) of Clause (1) of Article 132 this Clause shall not apply to any law which the legislature of any State, other than Penang and Malacca, may make to provide that all powers and functions of a Public Service Commission of such State, other than the power of first appointment to the permanent or pensionable establishment, be exercised by a Board appointed by the Ruler of such State: And provided further that this Clause shall not apply to a case where a member of any of the services mentioned in this Clause is dismissed or reduced in rank by an authority in pursuance of a power delegated to it by a Commission to which this Part applies, and this proviso shall be deemed to have been an integral part of this Clause as from Merdeka Day.

Let now look at these "Commissions"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is Nik Aziz going Loco?

KOTA BHARU, Dec 31 – Islam does not prohibit any exercise activities including aerobics in the vicinity of a mosque, as long as it is not against the syariah, PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat said today.

The Kelantan Mentri Besar (picture) said it was also not a problem to have activities outside or in the mosque with Muslims or non-Muslims.

“It is not wrong in Islam if certain quarters want to host activities in an Islamic worship place, because during Prophet Muhammad’s time, there are non-believers who entered the mosque (area) because it became a centre for activities including political ones,” he told reporters after his Friday lecture on Dataran Ilmu, here today.

According to Nik Aziz, there are two things that should be rectified on whether the parliamentarian was not properly dressed, or if she did not cover her aurat.

For sure we need to tell them about things forbidden by the religion when you are in a mosque... have to tell ways and the taboos from the Islam perspective before you enter a mosque,” he said.Go here

To begin let us look at this verse Al Quran 9:16-17

It is not for such as join gods with Allah, to visit or maintain the mosques of Allah while they witness against their own souls to infidelity. The works of such bear no fruit: In Fire shall they dwell.
The mosques of Allah shall be visited and maintained by such as believe in Allah and the Last Day, establish regular prayers, and practise regular charity, and fear none (at all) except Allah. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance.

In the same surah verse 28 the specific provision regarding Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi were laid down

O ye who believe! Truly the Pagans are unclean; so let them not, after this year of theirs, approach the Sacred Mosque. And if ye fear poverty, soon will Allah enrich you, if He wills, out of His bounty, for Allah is All-knowing, All-wise.
Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. -Lord Thomas Dewer