Wednesday, January 5, 2011


HOT OFF THE PRESS......Paneesssss!

KUALA LUMPUR: The death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock was not a suicide and it was not a homicide, Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas ruled on Wednesday.
It is, therefore, an open verdict.
"The neck injury and the suicide note are the crucial evidence.
"Two theories of cause of death were advanced - death by homicide and death by suicide," he said.
"The handwriting of the suicide note was only similar to the deceased's. I'm not qiualified(sic) to say it's a suicide note.
"I rule out death of the deceased by suicide as there are unsettled issues in the question of suicide," he said.
He then ruled out suicide as the cause of Teoh's death.
He also ruled out homicide, saying that the inquest had established that Teoh had sustained pre-fall injuries but there was no evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the injuries constributed to death. More here

So there you go.......

Will Teoh Beng Hock certificate of Death have 
or is it 

Which one

why so ?

Duty of Coroner or Magistrate holding inquiry to forward copy of finding
24. When an inquest or inquiry is held into the death of any person, the Coroner or Magistrate holding such inquest or inquiry shall, within twenty-four hours after the conclusion thereof, forward to the Superintendent-Registrar for the registration area within which the death took place or the body of such person was found a certificate setting forth the cause of death as ascertained at such inquiry, and such other particulars as are required for the purpose of registration, and the cause of death disclosed in such certificate shall be entered in the register. Go here Point 24
I tried to find other information that is relevant for us .......tak jumpa.....

Unlike the UK that provides detail guidance on an Inquest....

There's even a guidance on the parameters of the Verdict

23. Inquest verdicts
23.1 Possible verdicts include:
• natural causes;
• accident or misadventure;
• he or she killed him/herself (i.e. suicide);
• unlawful killing;
• lawful killing;
• industrial disease; or
• open verdict (where there is insufficient evidence for any other verdict).
23.2 Alternatively, the coroner can give a narrative verdict which sets out the facts surrounding the death in more detail and explains the reasons for the decision. Go here for details

I wish Malaysia have a more detailed guidance on this matter.....

Anyway can't help but notice the Star Sub heading.....

"The MACC president promised us an answer. How can you give an open verdict? Is this your answer? I can't accept this,” Teoh's sister Lee Lan cried.

Dear Lee Lan

The MACC does not have any jurisdiction in an inquest, its the coroner.

So what next for you and the family?

Sue the MACC, Sue the Building Management?

Become an Anti Government Political Mascot?
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