Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Dividends of Anti Corruption Measures" Milaka Mali Manyak Bunyi

"Lim echoed this by claiming that Penang had hit a record RM88 million surplus in 2008 and RM77 million in 2009 through “the dividends of anti-corruption measures." go here

Well lets see......

Let us first understand the behaviour of the Revenue and Operating Expenditure and the Surpluses...

So it was a Surplus State for the past 6 Years? I tot u turned in a Deficit State into a Surplus State......So big ma your 2008 "Record" Achievement in comparison to the 2005 result.....mana datang itu hasil Ahbeng?

Wah lau convert status tanah sama interest income pasai itu Global Credit Crunch pun mau kecoh ka?

Wah manyak tanah lu kasi convert itu status......sama itu BN punya accounting 9.84 juta kasi carry forward, itu Jabatan Tanah punya enforcement pun banyak bagus kasi lu 12.55...apa  lu kira itu "enforcement" anti corruption efforts ka?
Wah 2009 lu kasi jual tanah dapat 35 juta lagi manyak bagus ma.....itu jabatan tanah enforcement pun juga bagus 

sikalang kita kasi tengok lu punya belanja.........ini balu bisa lihat itu 'Dividend of Anti Corruption" bilanja pun manyak tinggi ma......

Wah itu publicity stunt lu naik Air Asia manyak jimat looo.....sama lu tara beli barang "mewah"......semua sekali 1.8 juta lu sudah kasi jimat bilanja

Sikalang gua mau tengok lu punya budget skills....2009 budget lu sindili bikin bukan?..jadi lu tara ambil orang kelija sama lu tara belanja, sama lu beli balang murah sikit dari lu punya overestimation in the budget......oooh......ini lu punya lividend....manyak bagus beng....veli veli gud

Well folks there you go........the "Dividends of Anti Corruption Measures"

I commend the Enforcement Efforts by the Jabatan Tanah together with its transformation and automation projects ........all of which is an ongoing effort irrespective of who the State Government a certain extent this is actually a Federal Funded Initiative go here

Apart from that there is NOTHING significant........except that this son of a RACIST is selling land....

And guess what folk.....

what RACE and Nationality do you think these lands are mostly SOLD to?

Feel free to go digging......monkey wanna go to sleep got an early meeting tomorrow

Technical Notes:
Go here and here for 2008 and 2009 Audit Reports
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