Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anjing Haram haus diberi minum: The Chinese Education Blackmail

Lu orang semua sudah tau yang Sekolah Vernakular tu HARAM!

So today I wanna show you another Black Mail being executed secara terang terang

This time in Serawak

On the requests jointly submitted to him by the federation, Kuching Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries as well as three Chinese middle schools and boards in a joint memorandum during a recent dialogue, Taib said a 2,000-ha site would be given to the United Association of Chinese School Boards of management as a means of financial aid from the state government. go here
Ho Yea!!!

2000 Hectares!

This is an old story....

At a recent dialogue session between Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and the Chinese community, the community had requested the state government to make an annual RM10mil allocation for independent Chinese schools and RM5mil for Chinese schools.

They also requested that the state government alienated 2,000ha to the United Association of Chinese School Boards of Management for commercial plantations to generate income for the development of Chinese schools in Sarawak.

In Sarawak, it is difficult for us to get a land to build Chinese schools and in the end, we have to buy the land ourselves through the contribution from the Chinese community in addition to some funding from the elected representatives,” Liu said.

“Unlike in Peninsular Malaysia, the developers here are reluctant to allocate a piece of land for the purpose of building a school with the exception of SJK Chung Hua No.2 which was relocated to Tabuan Jaya Baru two years ago.”

That raises another concern on the social responsibility of the corporate sector which must also play a role to contribute the society as education matters do not strictly fall on the shoulder of the government. Go here

So folks gua mau tanye sikit...

Under which part of the State Constitution that it can provide financial aid for something that is against the Federal Constitution?

Government shoulder??

and BTW How did "alienated" = "be given" pun gua tak tahu....

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