Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ciplak Allah Going For By-Election

The Anglophile Christians of DAP wants to play a new angle to their politics....

DAP to go on Allah Issue
SIBU: The DAP will go ahead with the “Allah” issue in its campaign, ignoring police warning to all political parties that they can be detained under the Sedition Act and Internal Security Act.
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The lost in translation Ciplak Allah will now be sold to the Sibu Voters.......who are mostly the FooChows...

One thing about FooChows........when i first heard their language......macam some wierd Tamil mix with Korean.........the very the strange one..........

Most of them are Methodist Christians....after the illiterate first FooChow Mr Ting Ang converted in Mainland China on June 14, 1857 these people actually brought in the Methodist Church into Tanah Melayu and Serawak after the first FooChow tongkang arrived in the early part of the last century....some settled in Setiawan (1903) and Sibu (1901) more here......

Should we take out our calculators again?

I wonder if the FooChows immigrants that came in 1903 and did not have the ability to speak a single Bahasa word sembah Allah Ciplak?

I also wonder if any of them today sembah the Ciplak Allah as well?

Is the Methodist Church planning to join the Catholics in this "battle"?

I wonder..........

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