Tuesday, January 20, 2009

KT................... The Aftermath

Did 527 people told us what was going to happen on Saturday.....

My initial analysis of the survey showed someone was trying to hide(of perhaps a genuine mistake) that as a group 50.65% preferred the whole Ketuanan Rakyat thinggy

If 50.65% preferred that, then if 63,993 people voted with 665 undi rosak then there is a possibility that 32,409 people would have voted a PAS candidate representing the Ketuanan Rakyat political system.......come Saturday....32,883 people voted infavor of PAS....that was close........This time around the votes was less by 1,118 votes......what happened to these 1,118 did they preferred to stay on the sidelines?How was the so called ground forces activities......?

I guess their sample size did represent what the general feeling on the ground was...but did we really need a sample to figure this one out?

Questions are being raised on the relevancy of UMNO to the Malays and the BN formula, BN's choice of candidate and the general perception of people towards his association with the ultimate symbol of failure in the Malay value system........

A few things come to mind like...where are the Malay votes heading?

Did they really swing or are they confused?

Remember when UMNO was divided after the Anwar saga part 1 in 1999 elections - 14,448 vote majority by PAS...that's a swing to me.......Now with 1,118 people voting less, a lower than average winning margin % of total votes (51.39% vs 54.22%Avg, PAS swing in 99 delivered 64.83%) and potentially the Chinese taking a safe vote.......

What can we infer from the numbers? Borderline confusion...perhaps......

On sentiment, I got a few semi-off-topic question here....(the human memory seldom forgets negative events, unless a personal traumatic one-even that most people try but fails)

1. How did Badawi spent his hari rayas? I've been away most of the time during his tenure but somehow i could not remember thetypical image of a leader who would salam with all his rakyat at his home as how Tun Mahathir did during his time........(sampai nak kena pakai cast tu, and he kept on going...)

2. Do you think it is a "Malay" thing for a candidate to be parachuted into UMNO No 2 Youth spot?

3. How bout the plane, the boat, the house and the conduit.... (this one no need hyperlinked one..EVERYBODY KNOWS!!!!!!)

4. And all the outstanding "corporate" activities .......(or planned activities) - IJN and Labu especially (Lu orang betul tak tahu timing nak curi barang.....next time do it while most people are not watching!!!)

Well Terengganu(Pak lah's drive thru museum of failures) have spoken, what now?

Perhaps someone should reconsider to pursue his talk-show act? I bet this guy knows that he is putting an ACT in public.......SCHIZO SCHMUCK!!!

Please both of you fade into Oblivion!!!! i don't want to even remember you....both of you are the symbol of greed, failure(malu siut orang demo bawak bantal!!), excess and everything that is not MALAY!!!!!!! How can you even consider offering yourself to lead the Malays and to dream of leading the Nation...Go fly kite please.....thousands are better than YOU!!!!!

Time to go Loooooser..........make it quick please

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