Thursday, January 15, 2009

Intense Debate Testing

Folks i've added a new function on me blog

It's called Intense Debate, do check out the features here

It should enhance the comment section.....err ....not that i'm getting that much comment..but one must plan for the future .....

Hopefully other bloggers would try it out as well......

Initial Test Result

You can register or remain an anon, but i do recommend u to register with Intense debate its so easy , once there your experience on commenting will leap into a new uncharted teritory(u even have a comment dashboard kinda neat for those who do not have a blog) n also track who is responding to your comments and get notification(via email) exactly on who is communicating with you....i kinda like it but lets see how buggy this thing is will update in a few days

Latest Bug Update
It seems to take over the Old comments and show that 0 comments, i'm finding ways to import old comments into the new platform (They've disabled the import function at this stage, still testing- I've managed to recover older comments as well)

I've also added a hyperlink, picture upload function for the new platform so this will make it easy for u to share stuff with other readers (Nope this part did not work, the html code had a conflict with the main widget)

FOLKS Give it a shot !! Who knows this can be the THING we all NEED

The number of comments on this post is missing, you need to click the post link, wait for the page to load and then only intense debate widgets takes over your comment platform......

Its the after all of these that the true experience of conversations among a community of people responding to a blog post .......- Will provide update on this bug, awaiting response from the company....They were responsive the first time around, now its almost 2 days....since my last query....but i think in the future all those on wordpress will have this as a standard feature....
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