Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank you Sunny Lim : The True Penang Crime Buster

Dear Sunny Lim

I would like to thank you for your efforts in reducing the crime rate in Penang, of late there was another Lim who went to another country to claim credit over your original efforts

To be completely honest with you Sunny I find what you have done as macho giler siout....., kecik2 dulu gua pun semangat nak main askar2 n police n thief.....tapi kalu lu suruh gua voluntarily risk my safety for the greater good of the community....I think I'd prefer to stay in and watch the tele...

So since everyone is on the topic, allow me to take this opportunity to highlight to everyone what you have done for the state of Penang.

Good job mate!!!!

I sincerely believes that efforts such as yours should be supported by all and be replicated throughout the country.

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PENANGITES appear to have been sleeping better these days, thanks to several groups of unsung heroes who help police to combat crime. The biggest so far seems to be the 1,800-strong Penang Island Voluntary Patrol Unit (PKSPP) which was formed two years ago. From a mere 30 members to its present strength, the unit is hailed as a force to be reckoned with, assisting cops to help keep criminals at bay.
And the man behind it, lorry salesman Sunny Lim, seems unperturbed over the huge jump in membership in just two years. “I’ve always felt that there are a lot of people out there who want to help the community but never had the chance (to do so). Our unit gives them that opportunity,” he said in an interview. In fact, voluntary patrol teams and other community policing groups were commended by Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar for their efforts in helping the police to keep the crime rate down. During a high-profile policing programme and walkabout at Air Itam market last Thursday, the country’s top cop said police would enhance its relationship with volunteer patrol teams and other units to tackle crime. 
Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob had also attributed the state’s record-breaking drop in crime rate by 27.1% last year to community policing. Lim said he got the idea to set up the PKSPP in 2009 while volunteering as a Rela and Rukun Tetangga member. “Our surveillance began within the Komtar area and slowly, we expanded to the whole island,” he added. Source here

 And Sunny congratulations on your well deserved PJK award 

 Among them was lorry salesman Sunny Lim Thean Sun, 36, the chief of Penang Island Voluntary Patrol Unit (PKSPP). He was conferred the Pingat Jasa Kebaktian (PJK) for his contribution in setting up the unit in 2009 for carrying out voluntary patrols in 21 districts in the state. “I will continue to play a role as a bridge between the public and the police so that everyone will work closely together to reduce crime rate,” said the father of two, who leads 2,000 unit members. Source here

Guess what the AhBeng kuat kencing is doing to Sunny's noble efforts 

 Penang CPO to politicians: Don’t divide the people Tuesday, June 07 @ 08:27:12 CDT
Community policing services in Penang must be open to all residents, regardless of their political affiliation, says the state police head.
Penang police chief Ayub Yaakob says politicians must stop dividing the people in the delivery of community policing services, which should be open to all regardless of political affiliation.

He said certain quarters were trying to undermine community policing by preventing members of political parties, other than their own, from joining the teams. “Everyone should be treated equally. In a residential area, there are all kinds of people, some from Umno and others from DAP,” Ayub told Malaysiakini. “Residents should be encouraged to join these teams regardless of their membership of any political party, as the programme benefits everyone.”

Asked to identity the politicians concerned, he would only say: “Please write about this. It is an important matter.” However, Ayub added, politicians were not the only ones dividing the people as “certain political parties” were doing so as well. Several community policing teams have been set up, for example, in Bayan Baru and Paya Terubongg. Such initiatives are usually spearheaded by the state assembly representatives. Ayub said he welcomed public support and participation in the move as this has attributed to a drop in the state’s crime index rate by 27.1 percent last year. He advised politicians, as elected representatives, to treat all constituents equally. ‘No BN or Pakatan government’ “They stand or contest under their political banners during elections. (When) they win, they have to serve everyone equally in their constituency, not just members of their political parties” he said.
Ayub said his comments also applied to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who is also DAP secretary-general. When he is in office, Lim must act as the head of government for every citizen, and there should be no reference to a BN or Pakatan Rakyat government when referring to a particular project or situation. “There is no BN or Pakatan government. There are only three (levels of) government: federal, state and local,” Ayub said. “Please follow the constitution… there is no mention there of a BN or Pakatan government.” Originals source from here Secondary Source here

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