Friday, January 22, 2010

FARTiculation of Art

I tot it was lost ahbeng hunting season....but seems like they are grappling now

Gua dah boring "Melayu" liberal pun jadi la hari ni.....sorry anwar no butts for u today but if you prefer Malay boys here's one for you

"Sorry. One question. It looks from that article that the Malays here are under the mistaken understanding that Allah only refers to the Muslim God. If so, isn't it the right time NOW to address that misunderstanding? Must the Christians or other faiths who refer to God as Allah be penalised because the Malays here have misunderstood the word Allah?

As far as I know, and I am a Muslim, God has 99 names. That's what the Prophet says. Non of the 99 however is Allah. How?

Melayu Sesat lepak sama lost ahbengs

First of all you definitely cant count.. that's not one question....

Ohh oh....the Malays is it that have misunderstood the word Allah? you are saying that the lost in translation (Dewa Rex tks bro!) religion propagated by the Mat Salehs yang tak paham bahasa Arab or Melayu is correct...

Interesting.......mengelabah gua ni sekarang........

Lu bingai ke? 99 "names" tu attribute la brader...

Lu last time sembayang bila brader?

Read this "BissmillahhirRahmannirRahim"

aka Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Menyayang

Just like Art

the Bingai
the Sesat
the Melayu Apologist
the Tak sembahyang
the Tak ingat tuhan
the Kaki Kencing
the 'Gay' perhaps...damn u look so gay la brader.. awww sesuatu la you ni...

I can go on to 99 tapi gua rase lu sudah paham kut......

Anyway folks some quick facts for today

Did you know that the sneaky Malayan Christian Council actually submitted a memorandum to ensure that they can penetrate the Malay heartlands to Lord Reid during the setting up of our Constitution knowing full well about the Pangkor Treaty

"By 1956 negotiations were underway for independence. A Commonwealth Commission with Lord Reid as Chairman was set up to draw up a constitution for independent Malaya. The key issues for Christians were religious freedom and the nature of the new state, whether Islamic or secular. A delegation from the Malaya Christian Council met the Reid Commission and presented a memorandum which called for religious freedom to be enshrined in the new constitution. Specifically the memorandum urged that all persons be equally entitled to freedom of conscience and have the right freely to choose, profess, practise and propagate any religion. The Malaya Christian Council defined religious freedom to include the right of Muslims to convert to Christianity. This was in spite of the fact that there had been virtually no Christian efforts thus far to evangelise amongst the Malays (yeah rite! satD cilok sikit) . As it turned out the Reid Commission eventually produced a draft constitution in March 1957 which was largely based on the memorandum submitted by the Alliance Party, a political party formed out of an “alliance” forged between a Malay party, a Chinese party and an Indian party in 1951. With minor changes this became the Malayan Constitution and later the Malaysian Constitution of today. (Ryan, 1971, p.248)"

Maria Kana

The major topic which did involve the MCC as a body were the provisions in the new constitution for freedom of religion. Representations were made to the Reid Commission charged with drawing up the constitution, and there is no doubt that in 1957 the MCC got significantly less than the "freedom to profess, practice,propagate and change" they had hoped for.

Ecumenism in West Malaysia, part II, Post War: From Christian Council to Christian Federation.

The same logic that all the Article 11 supporters are now pushing forward......

that clearly shows intent........don't you think so?

By the way to anyone who is interested to translate the 'fardu kifayah' posts that I've made over the past week into proper English and Bahasa please do so can even claim lu punya gua tak kisah....tapi kalu lu buat duit please sedekah to anak yatims.....

Kesian kat all the Vatican visitors to my blog.....+ those from the Ivy Leagues Uni and British Top Uni.....

lastly to the Royal Malaysian Police IT department......cover line la punye ISP tu terang2 keluar kat monitoring screen time go incognito.....

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