Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tanah Melayu..the land of Homogenous Malay

Malaysia minus the 1,000,000 jus soli non malays citizens........ how would the evolution of the Malaysian Malay race be? .......would we be highly competitive with one another in every way possible....where only the best get what it would our constitution be?....

Will we have a very complex social hierarchy similar to homogeneous nations such as the Koreans or the Japanese?

Will our bahasa melayu evolve in its depth similar to the Javanese with multi-layered version of ngoko,madya and krama...where one uses completely different vocabulary, grammatical rules and prosody in communication depending on to who you are speaking to and where you stand in the social hierarchy.....Will we have our own version of Kelate, Ganu, Negori, etc ..regional newspapers and TV channels in local dialects?

What would our politicians be fighting for?........What about our Sultans...will we be more loyal to our sultans than to the Federation....Would we be practising Islam with a single officially sanctioned mahzab?....What about other religions?

I guess through a detail process of negation of what is not........ then only what it is can emerge more clearly....our knowledge and understanding is a process of accumulation.......cultivated memories...can our thoughts be free of the pre-set tradition and the security of our knowledge to think about the issues affecting us holistically.....

....................ctrl alt delete...........


Hoi people.....ape nak jadi ni.....look at us now....the Bangsa Melayu ask yourself....are you happy with our progress? What is our great achievement after 51 years of Nationhood?....are you happy with "the First Malay this and the First Malay that"?

What is our current and future struggle?......what is it brader...? Coba cita sikit........

Things we are talking about passionately today like language and education are things that should have been sorted out years ago........remember MAGERAN after 13th May.....those jokers SHOULD have done the right thing then by implementing the RIGHT policy in having a Single National Education System..........if they had done so.......just imagine what a great nation we would be....they were not even answerable to any parliament nor is Military backed anyway.......and our Agong the Defender of the constitution and would have approved it as that was the most critical step to National Unity.....Do you think the Dong Jiao Zong of the world dare to go out to the streets to face our Askar Melayu Di Raja? Do you think they would dare to fight for greater segregation instead of unity and incite racial hatred?..Think again folks

Abdullah Badawi , kiraen loe siapa sih? self-claim Tun Razak boy during Mageran....should at least have the experience to deal with the current situation...... if you were not sleeping then..........forget JAC, MACC.......these are not important legacies......specific institutions already exist to deal with the issue...just appoint good and honest people to do the job and have proper monitoring mechanisms.....if you really want to leave a final legacy that will be remembered for years to come...make your solid stance on the Education Issue NOW!!!!......grow some balls please something that will make Malaysians forgive you for your complete failure of the past few years......

........if you are so concerned about becoming a Bapak this and a Bapak that......come over to Jakarta you'll become an instant Bapak in a couple of minutes........i'll send my supir to pick u up..let me know ur flight details ya.....


  1. One can gives what one has SatD. Pak Lah does not have what we want. He has everything for everybody except us.

    We have to look for it somewhere. We have to get it for ourselves. He has not been the PM of all Malaysians.

    He has betrayed his trusts.

  2. Dal

    Would you trust P.Lah to run say a small kicap factory????

    This man has the mentality of one of those 70's Government Servants with yankee pants who takes a 2 hour cofee break at 9 after coming in at 8, goes out for long lunch..come back, spend more than 2 hours for ZoHAr at the surau sleeping and then punch out at 4.45....cukup bulan dapat gaji..

    take care n tks for ur tots

  3. Salam perkenalan,

    “Memperkasa Generasi Baru”

    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP

  4. Salam Pemuda IKS

    Thank u for droppin by...

  5. The Government needs to stop segregating Malays and Non Malays in schools for one hour everyday of our lives for Islam and Moral. Let's all learn about each others cultures, traditions and religions so that we can see through our differences and understand our similarity instead.

    The Government constantly gets Malays riled up under this banner of 'Islam' which effectively curtails their ability to understand other cultures and traditions. Continued scare tactics and inducement of fear makes it easier to control them and to make them vote for the Govt. While all of this happening, 'God' is being used an as authority.

  6. salam ziarah :-)

    (( Kuala Terengganu )) : ‘Markah Bonus’ Untuk Calon Pemilihan Parti :-)

  7. yep, totally agree wt u ampangdude. 'Gods' shouldnt be used as an 'authority' . again, whose god that is ? - centralist malay ( CM )

  8. Ampangdude

    It is a choice that every parent made when they send their kids to either National or Vern schools..Govt do not have specific policies to segregate them this is primary school of course...

    But at the secondary especially Boarding School, i agree major segregation do happen..i was a product of one of the "top tier" all boys school and 2 MRSMs(small clue on my useless existence on this planet) i know exactly from first hand experience of the kinda things that u r talking about...

    As for your tots on "God" do read my previous posting on Ugama Lu, Ugama Gua going back to basic in Nationbuilding...

    Thank u......

  9. Betul la bang,,, Pak lah memang tersempit dan masa begitu suntuk untuk beliau mendapat gelaran PAK. kecuali yang jelasnya gelaran Pak mertua Khairy.

    beliau sesuai dikenali sebagai bapa perosak perpaduan bangsa dan kaum di malaysia.

  10. Salam Faudzi

    Janganlah panggil abang raso tuo pulok.....

    Cute kids u have...

    setiu tu mano eh?

  11. yes the meaning of “Merakyatkan Pentadbiran dan Pembangunan” is same like this link : click here


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