Friday, December 5, 2008

Stress Testing The Logic of Vernacular Schooling

First of all ...i've not read that much about vernacular school.....always find the whole thing rather strange...somehow does not fit....since i was i'm just gonna write based on the very little that i know of the whole vernacular schooling system in Malaysia.....

Stress Test Scenario

What if Vernacular School students need to pass a verbal interview in Bahasa Malaysia for them to proceed to the next level of anything in their system......

And if they fail any of these interview, they must take additional classes to prepare for the repeat interview.........they must then be evaluated measure their "ability" in our National Language versus the Control Sample of Chinese or Indian Students in National Schools who are provided additional classes in Tamil and does not not take long you can start with the current 7 year old joining the education system in January.......monitor them and tell us in 1 year ...also compare the two sample population in their mother tongue ability (same interview in Tamil and Mandarin should be conducted on the National School sample population)

Then you must also shock the whole system altogether....... if they do not reach a certain standards at the age of 16....they CANNOT apply for a driving or a motor cycle license..they must then take more classes in Bahasa Malaysia and undertake more verbal interviews , Vernacular Driving schools must be eliminated as well IMMEDIATELY ...........maybe that's why they need multilingual does it sound anyway in those strange characters......:"Jha Lan La Ja La Ut"...does it sound like that or do they actually translate the whole thing into say "Walking King Sea".........

Start now ...and lets see if "they" can defend their logic in maintaining vernacular school....

Say now if the government PULL OUT completely in funding these vernacular or Sekolah "Jenis" Kebangsaan....euu got jenis one!! you think the race that control the wealth in our country would sit back ......or do u think they would immediately operate their own Ministry of organize the whole thing complete with funding, printing, construction and education capabilities.......probably thru donation from the community........the moment people put in money into a cause that they "believe" in......then we are definitely on a direct collision course....we need to readjust this evolving path....that can only be done thru systematic and strategic policy to discourage the funding.....taxes must be used....Parents who send their children to vernacular school must pay additional 5% Income Tax.........

Lets say then they apply to operate a private school....make sure they pay thru the roof for the annual license........make them pay........just make them pay.......lets see how much money do they actually have to sustain the whole perverted system......

National News should also no longer be conducted in any other language except for Bahasa Malaysia and English.....RTM take must have consistent policy action coordinated in a holistic manner........Advertisements should also use Bahasa n English only.........

Newpapers in Chinese or Indian Language must have 40% Minimum content in bahasa malaysia.....with alternate pages so that the Bahasa section does not end up as alas periuk or something like that.........make them pay again.......make them pay...........

Our Constitution is being undermined by agents of disunity......too much vested interest....purely to buy votes of a particular race............sprinkling the myopic logic on the need to maintain vernacular school further....into the minds of malaysians

Look ahead people....look into the eyes of your children.....what kind of future do you want them to be in...........we must start build that future..............the one that makes us smile on our death bed.........


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    May I use bulldozer? Yes kaluuu ..

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  2. Tam

    Kelakar la lu brader...hehe..

    I wish i could write well in bahasa like u....

  3. I think you are a sadist bastard, enjoy seeing people suffer.Why make life miserable for the non malays.If there are no chinese in malaysia--I think the malays will be the same as the indonesians--forced to work in another country for a living--working as maids,prostitutes and so forth.

  4. Dear Anon 2:37

    just look at how "intelligent" ur response is to the matter.

    How in the world could u derive your point of if there is no chinese that the malays would suffer massive domestic unemployment that they have to go abroad to earn a decent lowly paid living...err wouldnt there be more jobs for the Malay??

    Indonesian foreign workers are treated as heroes or "Pahlawan Devisa" as their foreign exchange repatriation activities help improve the balance of payments..

    As for the prostitution we in malaysia face serious issues with illegal mainland chinese who come in with tourist or student visa but end up in sleazy massage parlours and smoky karaoke joints this one you can check with Micheal Chong of MCA on the number cases he had to help with regards to broken marriages....

    i'm not trying to make life miserable for anyone, my goal is merely to provide an initial approach towards integrating the vernacular schools in Malaysia into the National system, as we are unable to completely yank the system out old and have 15 year olds who have the ability of a 7 year old in the national language..we also do not have enough teachers to handle the incoming volume of vernacular students into the national we need to start by improving the ability in national language then only slowly increase the content of Bahasa into the curriculum...

    Anyway take care u rabid racist n go get a time put a name la if u wanna call me a sadist bastard....perhaps that is the meaning of satD anyway...

  5. To Anonymous (December 11, 2008 2:37 PM),

    Slimeball Rakyat Celups like you are a dying breed -- the last of the unaccounted for phony warganegaras running wild on my Tanah Air.

    We will socio-engineer your kind to be sireh-chomping, nasi dagang eating paddy farmers by the time we are finished.

    But, thankfully for you, there's still time left to get the hell out.

    I heard there are a few seats left on the bargain one-way flights to PR China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

    Good riddance to these social garbage ...

  6. No fuel surcharge as well.... :)

  7. Your type of umno malays have not learnt a lesson despite knowing the PRU12 results. Its b'cos of people like you, whose attitudes had contributed to the loss of 6 states and the loss of 2/3 majority in parliament. But still you are a recaltirant lot. Continue with your ways--come PRU13 then you will know where is your place in this tanah melayu

  8. Eh listen here u slimewithno ball Anon Dec 16 9:25 am....first of all i couldn’t care less if UMNO loses the next election...if they need to die a natural death so be it.......serve them right

    As for my place on the Tanah Melayu, that part is a NON-NEGOTIABLE clause under the Constitution which will be protected by our Raja-Raja Melayu and Agong, WHO EVER WINS BETTER RECOGNISE that basic fact on how this nation come into existence.

    As for your kind, what is it that you want to defend anyway, some foreign language which is alien to 60% of the population....a large percentage of the Malaysian Chinese don’t even know how to communicate in your motherland tongue Mandarin....and you think that the “world” would have to adopt to these linguistic requirement in order to handle the “future” domination of the “bubbly” Chinese economy (they will do business with anyone you idiot....Money is their Universal Language) and hence you want your children to be able to speak the language in ensuring their “global” competitiveness
    ......just take additional classes in mandarin at the National school la....Try going to China and see if u can pass as a local , they can spot a pendatang Cina like you a mile away....even the food that you eat here is different that the food in China....

    Simple deal , prove to us the majority of Malaysians that you want National Unity and is willing to assimilate to achieve a cohesive and unified Bangsa Malaysia.

    What is it that the Dongs are fighting for – the rights of the teachers?? Who now have to “retrain” themselves to fit into the National system should we move into a single system. Can they speak, read and write Bahasa Malaysia anyway to begin with?

    Spread them instead into all the National School nationwide to assist with the “adoption” plan, they can focus on the Chinese language learning activities and help with additional classes for pupils who have difficulty in other subjects...

    Its time to change longer can u breed the Chauvinistic Racist Logic propagated by the Cina Bukit DAP stalwarts into the minds of peace loving Malaysians......if you don’t like it Jabatan Emigrasi is now open for business......go and find your “place” elsewhere.....
    definitely not here in my Tanah Melayu......"Now Everybody can Emigrate" should be AirAsia 5 year business plan

    I challenge the next Anon...... With BALLS and what ever Vernacular brain left to come with a solid counter argument to my original post

    In case you didn’t get my message, what I’m saying is if you want to maintain the system then have concrete steps towards improving your ability to communicate in our NATIONAL simple ma....

  9. Helo dumpfool,
    What is so difficult to communicate in bahasa--kamu ingat susah sangat ka--after all i had scored A's in my bahasa exams. You don't be so proud that you can speak in your mother tongue--hebat sangat lah. Like Singapore, have English--a neutral language as the national language--then you see what is the status of the malays--prior to the NEP era...
    Lim Ah Cai

  10. Lim Ah Cai

    Lu ape cite? Lu ingat lu dapat A lu bole kerek same gua....

    Gilebabi banyak orang dapat A tak tau cakap la Ah Chai....takat pilih objective n 100 word essay ape kecoh..

    Written exams means "nothing" in measuring your ability to speak the National Language, how do you think people communicate...
    throwing exams papers at one another??

    Singapore as a "nation" is nothing great la...The choice of English is to facilitate its role as a Port of Call...who would want to trade with a country in 1960's n 70's in Mandarin????????? Custom form mandarin, road sign mandarin..bersepah sepah la kapten kapal semua...and plus the Brits never left...

    Lim Ah Cai coba upgrade sikit lu punye reasoning..i will let u in no matter how stupid you sound so that others who care to look at the comments can see n judge for themselves......

    Next please....

  11. Helo SatD,
    So you are trying to imply that the Chinese can't communicate in bahasa despite obtaining A's in bahasa--you must be talking thru your ass hole. All this while how do chinese businessman sell their products to the non malays,especially the malays--they speak bahasa maa--not mandarin to them. You think what, its like the malays who score A's in English but can't speak English--very funny
    Lim Ah Cai

  12. Lim Ah you're talking

    What ever hole sound comes out of me is my perogative...if u can understand my fart...good for you.

    Now back to the topic at..hand

    What does an A in Bahasa means?

    As for speaking ability, no grading system has been put in place at all in our education proposal in the original post with regards to a verbal interview provides a mechanism to ensure that this skill can be monitored more efficiently...for all be it Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, Mandarin, English etc..

    And how many children for Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan C or I gets an A in Bahasa?

    As for your typical business people who need to sell anything at all to other race...of course they will use what ever little bahasa that they know....and even the Malays will try their best to emulate the Chinese Version of Bahasa...

    Look at the Chinese Indonesian or Thais....they speak fluently...not like the majority of the Malaysian Chinese population now...

    Remember ex-Bkt Bintang DAP Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye....ever heard him speak.....that is Bahasa...

    Not what the masses are using now ...sounds like shit..grammatically hancur...low grade "conversational" bahasa..

    But Lim Ah still have not addressed the issue at hand..the ability to converse fluently in National language as a barometer of progress in the level of education

    Think bigger Ah Cai, we can go on forever on petty things..about u this, i that n resort to calling names but what good does it do?

  13. SatD,
    You expect all the non malays to speak malay like Lee Lam Thye--to prove what. He is a politician, so he has developed the skill to speak bahasa fluently--simply b'cos he has to attend to the needs of his contituents who are multi racial--that is his plus point. I have been watching parliamentary proceedings-- the non malay MPs speak fluent bahasa, I have attended court proceedings, I see the non malay lawyers--who make up the majority of defence lawyers--argue their case fluently in bahasa--what else you want--and what barometer are you talking to measure the level of bahasa communication. You malays speak your mother tongue fluently--its natural and most of you all only can converse in only one language--so what have you all achieved more than the chinese.
    You people always talk that the Thai chinese and indonesian chinese have assimilated into their race--yes they were a very minority race--about 1 percent--so they had no choice but to assimilate. Their names also didnt sound islamic--but in malaysia if the non malays have to assimilate--they have to convert to islam--which the non malays will not do.furthermore the non malay percentage is almost equal to the malays--minus the east malaysians b'cos most of them there are christians.Therefore the malays can't compel the non-malays to convert without spilling blood.
    Lim Ah cai

  14. Lim Ah Cai

    I do not expect the Whole Population of the Non Malays to be able to speak the National Language fluently. The original post if you care to read properly is about setting a minimum standard on the ability to speak the language, current curriculum focuses on “written and reading” aspects only.

    I for instance can read Arabic fluently but do not understand the language to be able to use it as a mode of communication. Same with Mr David Arrumugam of Alleycats, he sings fluently in a language that he can’t speak properly. Language ability requires regular usage and practice, if i were to throw you out of a plane and you land in a country that speaks no english, malay, chinese etc, you would have to learn the language to get by, wouldn’t you....hence the need must be cultivated for our national language to fulfill its constitutional objective.

    You also mention with regards to the ability of the Ethnic Chinese in Bahasa merely arises out of their occupational requirement. How many Chinese lawyers and Politicians are out there in comparison to the whole Chinese population? And if need is the driving factor to your fluency, don’t you need to speak fluently to other Malaysians in a COMMON Language. As for the Malays only speaking one language, i hope you can prove me with data of referential integrity on that “observation” of yours.

    Assimilation by the Indonesian and Thais Chinese was by FORCE and not because of their collective size in the population, even the Malays of Patani was forced to assimilate until today as we speak....

    As for the Indonesian Chinese, they had to drop their respective Chinese names in 1960’s at gun point and beaten in public if they used their language publicly. And as for their names, they are Indonesian names and Not Muslim/Islam names.(I tot u got an A for Bahasa?..what u get for Arabic?)

    Lim Ah Chai dear, we are talking about improving the usage of our national language as well as improving the bahasa ability of the children in the vernacular schools, never once have i nor anyone on the blog space(I think so la) mentions THAT ASSIMILATION REQUIRES CONVERSION TO ISLAM? Unless you want to become a constitutional Malay

    Is this something that is currently propagated by the Chauvinistic Cina Bukit Politicians of DAP & MCA, don’t get me wrong, now more than even we MUST get our facts straight....go back to 1969, do you think they died because of religion?

    Let’s see, Lim you mentioned that you got an A in bahasa, good for you...but do have any need at all to use it in your daily activities? How is your current ability? Can you write a letter in Bahasa or do you require assistance? Say you are among people of Chinese origin and there is another person of a different race who does not speak you language, do you care? Or do you just continue communicating in your language? I find it extremely RUDE when people do that, same like saying “Your mom is so fat that she needs epileptic boys for vibrator” with a friendly smile. Other Malaysians are not foreign tourist that you can treat like shit, we are your neighbors, your colleagues and your friends. Be more sensitive and polite to other people’s needs my dear Lim Ah Cai, we need you to speak a language that we can understand be it Bahasa or English....definitely not Chinese dialects

    Can’t you see that you are fighting for more segregation along racial identities rather than focusing on key attributes required for all of us to build a unified and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia. If your goals are not for the Unity of Our Nation, i suggest you re look at what our Nation have provided and accommodated for you and your race in comparison to the fate of your Chinese brothers in Indonesia and Thailand, you don’t know what u got until its gone....

    I hope your response to this will be in Bahasa, lets see what the A means anyway...and don't cheat please.... or if you cant just write to me with what ever bahasa left u got....boleh tak?

  15. SatD,
    Saya tak faham apa yang awak ingin buktikan. selama ini, sejauh mana saya tahu kaum cina boleh berinteraksi dengan kaum lain,khususnya dengan kaum melayu tanpa apa apa masalah. yang saya tahu, tujuan penubuhan sekolah wawasan ialah untuk memupuk perpaduan kaum. Bila ada 3 jenis sekolah dalam satu kawasan, maka murid murid dapat bercampur gaul dan dengan itu perpaduan kaum mudah tercapai. Ia tidak seperti yang kamu laung laungkan--hapus sekolah cina supaya kaum cina hanya mempelajari bahasa malaysia, dengan itu perpaduan kaum tercapai.saya kurang faham dengan rasional awak. awak rasa dengan satu aliran bahasa, perpaduan mesti tercapai. saya rasa tidak, sebab NEP masih akan diteruskan dengan diskriminasinya, orang orang melayu masih akan diberikan keistimewaan dan keutamaan, sekolah sekolan mrsm dan Uitm masih akan diteruskan. Awak ingat bila orang cina setuju dengan satu aliran--maka perpaduan akan lebih kukuh. You must be kidding
    Lim Ah Cai

  16. SatD,
    I had forgotten to include some of your assertions. Most of the malays whom I have spoken to, cant speak a proper sentence of english-many of my friends had also encounterd such problems with the malays.
    As for david arumugam, his grasp of BM is good enough to make more money than you. you said you can read arab fluently but cant use it to communicate--ia what you expect, you are forced to study the alquran from small but dont know what you are reading. Its not the same as bahasa--all school going children have to study bahasa in various subjects but at the same time they can understand what are studying and use that language to communicate.
    As for the malays of patani--why are they fighting for a separate state--simply b'cos they are minority muslims who cant assimilate into the majority budist race--this is the phenomenom all over the world, if they are a minority they would prefer to engage in guerilla warfare--refusing to accept reality.

  17. Lim Ah Cai , presume both are your comments.

    Most Chinese i meet also cant speak a SINGLE sentence of English, many of my friends had also encountered such problems with the Chinese, and to make matters worst they cant speak our National Language properly.

    As for Mr David’s income, I think i make more money than him many times over while not being able to speak Arabic.

    You Said :"Its not the same as bahasa--all school going children have to study bahasa in various subjects but at the same time they can understand what are studying and use that language to communicate."

    Precisely my point,cultivating the need and use of Bahasa as well as English for school going children to UNDERSTAND and USE these Languages to communicate. Do you want the children in Chinese schools to think, understand and use the Chinese language as a main medium of communication among themselves? Is that the goal that you are fighting for? Is this the right of practicing your "culture"?

    As for the Patani malays go read Patani Behind the accidental border first to understand before formulating any judgment on the issue.

    Lim Ah Chai, saya bukanlah hendak membuktikan apa2, saya hanya menawarkan pendapat saya terhadap isu sekolah vernakular di Malaysia, bagi saya ia adalah suatu system yang tidak akan memberi apa2 kebaikan terhadap Malaysia. Yang di laung2kan di media adalah tomahan politik berlandaskan isu perkauman semata-mata, dimanakah analisa terhadap kebaikan atau keburukan sekolah vernakular? Apakah kita semua hanya berbicara tanpa landasan

    Saya setuju dengan Lim, terhadap segregasi perkauman terjadi di MRSM and UITM. Ini adalah sesuatu yang harus di fikirkan dengan lebih mendalam dan ini akan menyentuh pasal 153 di perlembagaan malaysia dan dasar ekonomi baru. Tetapi, anak2 di MRSM and UITM sudah berumur berbandingkan anak2 di SRJKC/T. Sekolah vernakular adalah “segregasi dengan pilihan” yang di ambil oleh Ibu/Bapa terhadap masa depan anak2 mereka. Mengapa “pilihan” ini harus di kekalkan, sedangkan Bahasa kebangsaan kita adalah Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggris.

    Buat masa ini Lim, hanya menegaskan bahawa majority masyarakat Cina di Malaysia, tidak ada masalah untuk berbicara dengan fasih di dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan Inggris, apakah itu kenyataan yang benar?

    Lim sampai kini , tidak memberi pendapat terhadap usulan awal saya iaitu menerapkan ujian lisan untuk menguji kebolehan murid didalam subjek Bahasa, English, Mandarin, Tamil..dan lain lain.

    Lim , you sound more and more like you actually want to discuss about this issue with passion and without prejudice, that i hope and welcome. You can choose to pick the little things in my responses as your main arguments or you can try to go back to the original suggestion in the post? What is wrong if we were to introduce a new measure to monitor and enhance our childrens linguistic abilities?

    Taking out vernacular schools out of the equation completely is an impossibility at this stage, even if the government did that, they would face serious issues on how to incorporate the “Jenis” stream into the National Stream. As of current, the quality of the overall system must be improved and possibly require a complete redesign in the syllabus which would entail a comprehensive retraining program for the educators...

    BTW did you go to a National or Vernacular School?

  18. SatD,
    For god's sake, are these petty racial issues are all that you can think of? Mati mati want the medium of instruction to be in the Malay language? You might not have noticed, but all subjects in schools are taught in Malay except for maths and science.

    If I may ask, what does one really lose by learning these subjects in English? Does it makes one less Malay? You do not even consider the number of unemployed who cannot secure a job simply because they cannot speak fluent English. Do they think every single Malay can secure a contract or a civil service job?

    Does it not bother you that the majority who are unemployed are Malay? It is shameful enough that there are even 'hushed' cases in local universities about even lecturers who are not capable of teaching in English.

    Do you think that Malaysians can step out of this country and communicate with others in Malay? Or is it that they expect others to speak to us in Malay only? I wonder what they're all ashamed about when Zainuddin Maidin went live on air with Al-Jazeera last year and sounded just fine.

    I suggest to those who are complaining to set up a fund, build a private school for their own children and teach them anything they want but English. Don't bring about the downfall of everyone else who wishes to learn and compete globally.
    Thiu Nam Seng

  19. Thiu

    Noted that the level of English is lousy, it needs to be improved without a doubt.

    I’m in KL now and feel that I’m in a foreign country; I just don’t understand your strange Chinese language…Is this mainland China?? You people do not speak English nor Malay but prefer to speak your language, this is Malaysia where the official language is BAHASA MALAYSIA and ENGLISH.

    As for employment, linguistic abilities is key and we must look forward to improve our competitiveness; English is a natural choice to ensure global and regional competitiveness BUT definitely not MANDARIN or TAMIL, so why the need to maintain the vernacular schooling system. I don’t know can you give me ONE logical reason to do so? (And please don’t give me the excuse that quality of National schools is poor, if its poor… fix it)

    Let me ask you; if a Hokkien meets a Fu Chau and both cannot speak Mandarin, what language do they speak in Malaysia? Why must this be sustained? Why must they converse in their own dialects unless you only plan to live with only that community, this is a country Thiu...and this country only recognize Bahasa n English as its national language

    Not sure whether you actually understood my post? Please re-read, it focuses on introducing a control mechanism to evaluate language ability of students in English, Bahasa etc..

  20. on this part, i have to agree with satd that to integrate malaysia, there are sacrifices involved. fortunately/unfortunately, i understand that by and large, the chinese/indian communities would like to preserve their heritage and culture but at the end, the vernacular school systems are tearing us apart. i am from kebangsaan school but i did not lose my chinese culture/philosophy, maybe is just a lil disadvantage unable to converse in mandarin.

    if we have to blame, blame it on the politicians of BN that have implemented the strat of divide and rule. we should just have kebangsaan school and if one wants to learn mandarin/tamil, can always to it either through tuition or some sort of language association.

    looking at the bigger picture, if we study in kebangsaan school with a fair balance of english and malay language and in certain subjects, it will definitely help all of us to be equally good. it will definitely help many poor/marginalised indians to be on par with the rest of the others.

    if we are so adamant to pursue all the way in mandarin education, i guess we have to either do it in singapore or taiwan.

    there are always sacrifices in achieving greatness. but of course, ketuanan melayu and propagated by BN is another topic altogether.

  21. Thank you Joseph

    People like you are the true Bangsa Malaysia.......a dime in a dozen to be able to look beyond the rhetoric and the myopic views of our politicians....

  22. That bastard guy earlier up there summed up very well of the malaysian chinese mentality. If they are only one percent of the population like in Indonesia and thailand, they are prepared to assimilate.In other word, by force yes, sincerely No...

    And if they have enough numbers, they will do their own "things" oblivious to the host country.

    And if they win the election....We must be prepared.

    I support you suggestions as the most appropriate.


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