Monday, November 24, 2014

An Open Letter to UMNO PAU Delegates: You are barking at the wrong tunggul

Dear PAU Delegates

I write to you today as a concerned citizen of Malaysia. I'm fully aware of some of your intentions to debate the existence of Vernacular Education within our National Education system.

It seems that your top leaders in the party is getting jittery and have put the "moderation" gear on overdrive these past 48hours.

Frankly, I would suggest for you to look at the Matahari and Bulan promise made by your Deputy President, the Malay First Malaysian Second according of Lim Kit Siang

Watch him at minute 1:49 to 2:00 and hear how the Ahbengs do their Ching Chong Clap

His boss your party supremo has gone on record at the recent MCA assembly to say

“Don’t worry about Chinese vernacular schools. Chinese education has always been a part of the Constitution and its continuity is ensured in the national education blueprint,” source here

So we got the current serving Minister of Education promising Matahari dan Bulan and another doing his interpretation of the Constitution.

On the other side you've got Barking Dogs who goes around saying that questioning the existence and advocating closure of Vernacular Education is Seditious

I don't need to name them, berlambak-lambak zombie berkeliaran.

Let me just show you what the Chief Zombie has said

PR And DAP Will Fight Legally In Courts And Seek Support From All Malaysians Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban And Kadazan To Protect Chinese And Tamil Vernacular Schools From Being Abolished By UMNO Supporters Like Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP for Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 14.5.2013

Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad dares to call for the abolition of Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools because with assured UMNO support behind him, he knows he will neither be sacked as pro-Chancellor Of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) nor charged for making such seditious remarks. Abdul Rahman’s call for the abolition of Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools in favour of a single stream school is seditious and a BN MP Mark Koding was even convicted of sedition in 1982 for making the very same suggestion in Parliament in 1978.   (here)
Worry not people I have written about it multiple times and shall not repeat this boring subject anymore..

If you don't trust my writings then go to the recent piece in Malay Mail by Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi a lawyer and an activist member of Concerned Lawyers for Justice in response to the racially biased understanding by another Zombie.

In conclusion it may be said with absolute certainty that with due respect to Datuk Li Tian Ker, his assertion that Mohamad Azmi committed the offence of sedition when he called for a debate on the possible closure of Chinese and Tamil schools at the coming Umno general assembly is wholly without basis and incorrect, simply because there isn’t a Constitutional right to the schools as claimed in the first place. Further, the legal precedent set by Mark Koding’s case is not authority for the notion that questioning the existence of the schools is sedition. Quite the contrary, in fact. Thus Mohamad Azmi can safely rest assured that in raising the status of Chinese and Tamil schools at the said assembly for whatever deliberation is not sedition but rather is within his right to freedom of speech protected by no less than Article 10 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. (here)

Remember when your Youth Chief went on record to talk about a Virtual Constitutional Guarantee, it was me who had to straighten him up in 2011

Go here
Before him in 2010 I had to engage Tun Mahathir (here) when he openly said this

1. Saya ucap terimakasih kerana ramai yang melawat blog saya dan membuat komen menyokong atau menolak. Ramai juga yang bercakap berkenaan bahagian-bahagian Perlembagaan yang tidak boleh dipinda (entrenched). Tetapi ramai yang tidak ambilkira tentang peruntukan-peruntukan dalam Perlembagaan yang begitu adil. Tiada perlindungan bagi hak sesuatu kaum yang tidak diimbangi dengan hak kaum-kaum lain. 
2. Demikian apabila agama Islam dijadikan agama rasmi negara Malaysia, susulan daripada itu perlembagaan memperuntukkan bahawa agama-agama lain boleh dianuti dan dipraktik oleh penganut-penganut agama berkenaan tanpa gangguan.
3. Apabila bahasa Melayu diterima sebagai bahasa rasmi negara, tetapi bahasa-bahasa lain boleh digunakan sebagai bahasa ibunda dan bahasa pengantar di sekolah-sekolah. 
4. Apabila sekolah kebangsaan ialah sekolah yang mengguna bahasa kebangsaan sebagai bahasa pengantar, sekolah-sekolah jenis nasional boleh mengguna bahasa Cina (bahasa kebangsaan China) dan bahasa Tamil (bahasa suku kaum Tamil). (here)
Now in 2014 he goes on record to say this...

3. When Minister Aziz Ishak as acting Education Minister decided that all schools must be converted to national schools with the national language as the teaching medium, the Chinese raised a big row. Cabinet then decided that the vernacular language schools would be allowed. They were re-designated “Jenis Kebangsaan” or National Type. The national type primary vernacular schools would receive Government aid but the national type secondary schools were not to be supported by Government. The decision was political. Nothing in the Constitution provided for this. Then another Education Minister in 1971 decided to abolish Government secondary schools which teach in English. (here)


How sweet

Anyway folks this issue of being in the Constitution was already identified way back in 1953

The demand to recognize Chinese as an official language was officially adopted by the UCSTA when Lim Lian Geok was appointed its President on 19 December 1953. Lim was noted for his “unwavering stand and fearless struggle” (Yen, 2008:252) to safeguard the cause of Chinese education on the grounds of equality and justice throughout his tenure as the President of the UCSTA.
He strongly believed that the only way to legitimize the position of the Chinese schools in the national education system was through the recognition of Chinese as an official language. This conviction was the result of a meeting with Sir Donald Charles MacGillivray, the Deputy High Commissioner, on 8 November 1952. The meeting was called by the Deputy High Commissioner to assure the Chinese educationists that the government had no intention to eliminate the Chinese schools.
Lim was more interested to find out as to why the Chinese could be accepted as the citizens of the country, but their schools could not be accepted into the national education system. He was referring to the proposal of the British to establish national schools which excluded Chinese as a medium of instruction. MacGillivray‟s answer to the question was that national schools could not use Chinese as a medium of instruction as it was not an official language. This was an awakening call for Lim. Lim came to realize that efforts to legitimize the position of Chinese schools within the ambit of the national education system must invariably include the recognition of Chinese as an official language

The late Mark Koding was absolutely right on the money when he said

Tuan Yang di-Pertua, masanya sudah tiba bagi Dewan yang mulia ini untuk memutuskan samada kita akan terus membenarkan sekolah-sekolah China dan Tamil dan bahasabahasa tersebut di papan-papan tanda di jalan-jalan raya di negeri itu. Saya, seratus peratus berpendapat bahawa kita harus menutup sekolah-sekolah jenis tersebut dan menyekat sama sekali penulisan papan-papan tanda dalam bahasabahasa itu. Sekiranya tindakan-tindakan ini kelak bertentangan dengan Artikal 152 Perlembagaan maka kita harus merombak Perlembagaan tersebut demi kepentingan rakyat dan negara. Kalau kita gagal melakukan hakikat ini bermakna kita menghampakan amanah yang diamanatkan oleh rakyat dan juga melenyapkan harapan dan aspirasi generasi baru kita yang tidak mahu melihat negara mereka dicap oleh identiti orang asing. Adakah kita mahu mengwujudkan identiti kita atas asas kemelayuan, kechinaan atau keindiaan. Saya rasa sudah pasti kemelayuan atau kebumiputeraan kerana tidak ada alternatif yang lain demi survival negara kita.
By asking for Article 152 to be changed he was deemed seditious....

So from the 70's keluar la semua zombies duk jual Constitutional Guarantee

Remember folks it is your current Party leader who WENT AGAINST THE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISIONS with his Education Act

You seriously think that he wants this CONSTITUTIONALLY FLAWED POLITICAL DECISION to be exposed ?

Yeah rite

Don't waste your time debating this during PAU

Like I said dah bertahun tahun

Take this matter to the Court of Law and ask these simple questions (details here)

If you wanna make it more interesting and add another dimension to this..try to selit this as well

As you all may be aware there is a growing number of Private Islamic Schools in Malaysia

Ask the question why are they not receiving the proper support from our Federal and State Government as per Article 12 (2)
Ada brani ka geng merah putih yg perasan nak pertahankan Agama, Bangsa dan Negara?

Tell me which one legally deserves funding from our Government

SKJs or Private Islamic Schools?

Stop wasting you time trying to convince the top echelons that WE NEED TO ERADICATE THIS ILLEGALLY FUNDED INSTITUTION


Remember wahai Pejuang Melayu wannabes the fact remains they see NO VALUE in our NATIONAL LANGUAGE

Asmah (1985:22) said “though the national language is the language of the nation and hence everyone should feel it is his language, time has shown that this idea has not really pervaded the Malaysian society, particularly the non-bumiputras [non-indigenous peoples, i.e., the Chinese and Indians]. Asmah (1985:22) provides the following illustrative example from the scholar Tan Chee Beng: “two Chinese of different dialect groups would rather communicate in English or break off contact altogether than speak in Malay which both can use.” (here)
Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. -Lord Thomas Dewer