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We won't START but We Will FOLLOW ? Najib Razak's post BERSIH message to ALL Malaysians

“Don’t (make us) start street demonstrations. Yesterday, we only sent our Umno Youth wing, led by Khairy Jamaluddin, to represent us,” Najib said, amid deafening shouts of support for the Umno Youth chief, who was also present. More here
Interesting speech Mr Prime Minister, did the King not ask for all parties not to resort to street demonstrations? 

Jadi kalau ada orang lain buat your side need to buat as well?

Is this how things will be going forward? An eye for an Eye concept?

By saying UMNO youth was representing US, you have just cancelled the first part of that statement

Don't (make us) start street demonstrations

I'm trying hard to understand your logic here are you saying that you may not START but you are willing to FOLLOW? More specifically to provide counter rallies and ignore police warnings?

At least PERKASA was a better Citizen in the case of Yesterday
KUALA LUMPUR: Supporters of Malay extremist group Perkasa were supposed to gather at Tasik Titiwangsa here and march in droves to Stadium Merdeka. But the planned march fizzled out.
At 2pm there were no supporters at the lake, except for a few joggers, a wedding party and several policemen. Perkasa leader Ibrahim Ali has apparently got cold feet.
Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali said that Ibrahim would not be present at any rally because of the court order barring him from entering certain parts of the city.
After promising to arrive at Tasik Titiwangsa at 12.30pm, Perkasa leaders decided to postpone the rally after zohor prayers, according to Syed Hassan.
At 2pm, however, there were no Perkasa members at the lake.
Speaking to FMT, Syed Hassan said that his supporters would possibly be congregating in “an hour, maybe an hour and a half”.
Meanwhile, Perkasa Youth chief Irwan Fahmi said that he was “waiting for instructions” from Ibrahim.
Perkasa had intended to congregate at the lakeside area and march to the city centre to intercept Bersih 2.0 supporters.
However, police have cordorned off every entrance to the park, forcing visitors, including a very disgruntled bride in full regalia – to leave their cars by the roadside and make their way out on foot
Source here  

kalu aku awek yang nak kawin dah pakai cantik2 pastu kena jalan tengah panas... ke tengah hujan ke.. mekap semua hancus..baju basah giler babeng

Aku penampar Brehim Ali next time I see him...tak pun aku kencing dalam plastic pastu baling kat muka dia...

Anyway folks gua pening kepala this the future of Malaysia's Democracy ?

There's also a new angle on this matter....Check out Sultan of Selangor's Pre Rally Message in-case you've missed it

A royal caution has been issued by the Selangor Sultan to the rakyat to stay away from street demonstrations.
Such demonstrations would only bring trouble to the people and disrupt harmony, as well as threaten peace and ruin the country's good name, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said.
Warning that stern action would be taken against any group fanning animosity among the races in the state, the Sultan said demonstrations would force shops and businesses to close out of fear that their premises would be damaged and disrupt the daily routine of people.
"I advise all Selangor citizens not to get involved or take part in any street demonstration at any point in time because our beloved Selangor will only suffer losses from it,” he said in his royal address when launching Masjid Al-Salam in Hulu Selangor here yesterday.
His advice came a few days after the King intervened and called for consultations, saying that demonstrations would bring more harm than good to the people and country.
The Sultan also declared for mosques and surau not to be used for sleeping or meeting by those who come from other places to join street demonstrations or illegal assemblies.
He said mosques and surau were holy and sacred places for Muslims to pray and draw closer to Allah.
The Sultan said he had confidence in the police's abilities and fully supported them in their duty to preserve the country's peace and public safety.
“I thank the rakyat who have been sensitive and attentive to efforts in maintaining peace in Selangor,” he said, reminding the people that nobody enjoyed things like arguments, conflict and suspicion.
Sultan Sharafuddin stressed that Malays in Selangor must remain united and not fight among each other due to differences in political ideologies.
“I want to appeal (to them) to stay united and not fight. We are Malays united in one religion, that is Islam. I will feel sad if [they] are divided by different political ideologies,” he said, urging them not to be easily influenced by inflammatory remarks.
The Sultan stressed that the rules given by the state's religious authorities must be obeyed as these were meant to guarantee the well-being of Muslims in Selangor.
It was also necessary, he added, to take early precautionary measures to ensure mosques remained as public places separated from political influence and from those with their own agenda.
I will take stern action against any group who tries to fan the flames of enmity and discord among the races and communities in Selangor,” said the Sultan. go here 


I WONDER........
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