Thursday, December 30, 2010

The 150Km MRT Valuation Debate....In Search for A Benchmark

A number of folks have gone into the debate on whether 36Billion makes any sense or not.....

Some even ventured into historical project cost and tried to project kampung style the value forward as the base of their arguments........ 

Lets make this short and sweet....

BEIJING (AFP) – China's capital Beijing on Thursday opened five new subway lines stretching into the suburbs -- additions the city hopes will help ease its infamous traffic jams, deemed the world's worst this year.
The new routes add 108 kilometres (67 miles) to the capital's metro rail network, bringing the total to 336 kilometres, the official Xinhua news agency said.
The additions to the network -- which carries about five million passengers a day -- cost more than nine billion dollars, the report said. More here
Or here
BEIJING -- Five new subway lines will open Thursday in Beijing, taking the total number of the lines to 14, the city's subway authorities said Wednesday.
The five new subways lines -- Fangshan Line, Changping Line, the first phase of the No. 15 Line, Yizhuang Line and Daxing Line -- will have a combined length of 108 kilometers, bringing the Chinese national capital's total metro length to 336 km.
Passengers can get aboard trains running along the five news lines as of 2 pm Thursday, said an official of Beijing Subway Operation Co. Ltd.
The new lines cost nearly 61 billion yuan (about US$9.2 billion).
Beijing's metro network now hauls 5.02 million passengers daily. Go here

To check out how the trains and the stations look like go here  and here

If you wanna have a full tour of the routes and stations go here for a flash enabled interactive site

Some info on their project partners go here

So folks there you have it .........the latest comparable valuation.

 I don't think that the Beijing system is a cikai one (check the vids folks!) as the City aspire to be a Global City......definitely the highest level of Made in China quality....

So give and take here and there......... if 108km cost 9.2Billion USD 

The effective per/km rate using USD/MYR @ 3.0834 is MYR 262,660,000 

Assuming we bring them over to build for us (ceteris paribus

Total Estimated cost = MYR 39, 399, 000,000

Bole cita kut?

Feel free to do more analysis on the lines (Like Elevated Vs Underground KMs, Number of Stations, Estimated Volumes)

But one thing for sure 

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