Thursday, April 29, 2010

BABI dalam Masjid?

Baru aje gua nak lepak sikit........pikir pasal benda lain
MalayMail :Alleged pork meat found inside mosque
Thursday, April 29th, 2010 13:16:00
KLANG: Yet another attack against religious buildings has surfaced — in the form of pork found inside the Raudhatul Mukminin mosque in Sungai Pinang.
The discovery was made by one of the mosque's staff at 1.15pm as they were preparing for the zohor prayers.
After spotting the suspicious package of meat in a plastic bag inside the praying compound, he informed the imam, Fuad Abu.
He then called a Chinese man to help check the package. The reddish meat was confirmed to be pork.
"Because of its sensitive nature, I cannot comment further as police are investigating the case," Fuad said.
"As far as I am concerned, we live in a peaceful neighbourhood. I believe that this was done by naughty boys."
Klang district police chief ACP Mohammad Mat Yusof said he hoped the public would not speculate on the matter as police would be "doing their best to investigate". He added the forensics department had already taken the meat for examination.
Just months ago, molotov cocktails were thrown at several churches causing one to burn down. A mosque and a Sikh temple were also attacked then

For what?

Is this part of the plan to destabilise something that is already fragile........

Bear in mind we got close to a few million Indonesian who are well trained in chopping heads, tikam perut and all without even feeling a thing.......very different from our docile local Malays....not to mention that these people have been abused by all the taukey taukey and the typical kiasu housewives...

It only takes a simple instruction from someone in their community to start a race war against the Non Muslim and they have all the experiences from Maluku, the 98 riots u name may not even notice it.... say suddenly race based house break-in start happening...and they beat the shit out of you.....

Lu betul berani ke?
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