Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lari Topic Discussion of Satu Sekolah

Folks have u been in a lari topic kinda discussion?

Sometimes when we are talking about cows, someone comes over and throw in a basikal, biskut and a penyapu.

Something so straightforward and simple .... a cyber-initiative was launched back in May to Have a  Single School for PRIMARY Students with a Single Medium of Instructions in BAHASA Kebangsaan with Other Languages be taught as a Language Subject being part of its curriculum...............that was the goal....but if one bothers to read the actually asked for an indepth study to be conducted on our Education system...........

Orang cakap pasal sekolah rendah lu main selit aje Sekolah Menengah, ITM, STPM, apebenda lagi..ah..Matrikulasi.....dll...if there are "problems" in them...that would be another topic altogether....lets try to solve them bit by now back to the topic.........what is wrong with that proposal?

Lets just talk about printing cost?......How much do you think we could save by having a single medium?

Or teachers? How to we treat the Vernacular Teachers? Can they work in such an environment?

How is their ability in Bahasa Kebangsaan? I saw an interview once on youtube about Vernacular schools done by MalaysiaKini....mamat gurubesar sekolah tamil main bantai aje full tamil version interview and I had to read subtitles.....howla....makes sense or not all these things that those trying hard to defend the Vernacular Schools?? ( I'm still waiting for a solid fact based counterpost that can prove that Vernacular School system is beneficial for National Unity and also as a whole performs better than Sekolah Kebangsaan)

How would the curriculum be? What about other things?Like sports, arts etc etc?

BUT ALL In Bahasa Kebangsaan......How bout that? So simple.....start with having a single medium of instructions.....thats it? Apelah susah sangat............sempoi nak mampus......

Well folks these are the things we should be talking about instead of the other things I mentioned earlier ....

Now let me ask you how many people around you are aware of this? I dont know I'm not really around Malaysians....

Anyway tell them that the country needs their opinion on a YES and a NO....on whether we should still continue an education system  with 3 Medium of Instructions(One language is the National Language of a Foreign Nation and another is for A State in India)?....actually bersepah sepah permutation of questions that you could ask.....what ever it is just a yes or a no would do.......for now..

satD joins the Call for a Referendum !!!!

Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. -Lord Thomas Dewer