Monday, February 16, 2009

Revamping Fresh Produce Distribution Channel in Malaysia

I'm too preoccupied and also very malas to elaborate on this....

Key Components :

1. Increase Retail Hypermarts to cover the whole Malaysia.

2. Have a policy for them to buy a certain percentage of local produce.

3. Turn their parking lots (specific centers only) for Night Market after 12 Midnight for Wholesale pasar borong where they will buy from local producers within the area and for other wholesale buyers/sellers to participate.

4. Cut out middle man (typical modal is one or two lorries to deliver the goods to wholesale market and earn close to 150% on top of producer prices) by creating the most efficient logistic operation by Keretapi Tanah Melayu with lorry services to be delivered directly to KTM stations which will be serviced by High Speed Moving Pasar Borong equipped with Cold Storage Capacity etc etc bla bla bla....(To make it more interesting add in a profit sharing arrangement between KTM and the producers through a cooperative structure to all local fresh produce producers irrespective of race)

5. Hopefully net-net prices can go down and be more stable and primary producers are no longer at the mercy of the middle man......

but must build high speed train oops......whats the status on that one ah?

Ok gotta go...bibi
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