Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spend What?....Quickly pulak tu!!!!!!

Imagine having 7 billion to spend quickly? (i'll book my Ducati 1098R Bayliss Limited Edition!!!, Pak Lah if u ever need to sell the boat let me know as well ya)

Are these existing projects?

Are these newly "conceived" projects by CONsultants? if so, how is the tender and allocation procedure? If you wanna spend fast, are you sure that there is ZERO leakage to corruption? (Imagine flies and shit....folks, or the more polite semut and gula)

What is the "expected"Multiplier effect of these project to the Economy?

How can these "projects" help our economy and the rakyat in general?

Are we chasing short-term returns that does not create real value from a competitive perspective?

What is our "thing" actually these days? What drives investors or bankers to fuel the engine of growth?

Good that you've lowered interest rate and statutory reserves, but if they don't lend BNM will end up borrowing them back and pay interest on these you plan to "implement" a target loan growth to our banks like how you did in 1998 and if they don't comply wat-u-gonna do?

Lapar siut......gonna go makan first

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