Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Messenger of the Book of Specification

First of all i would like to give a well deserved "slow motion" clap to the folks who had coffee in bangsar village and came up with the campaign (Although i do not think that there should be an end date to this campaign)

Before we begin I think it is best for us to get to know the man whom the message was delivered, the same man for the remaining of his life dedicated his heart and soul in propagating the message.............learn about his childhood life, his challenges, his companions n enemies , and of how he delivered the message...

Enter the Sealed Nectar, the authoritative biography of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, an award winning book at world-wide competition on the biography of the Prophet held at Makkah al-Mukarramah by the Muslim World League in 1979

I came across the book during lunch at the Mekkah Hilton shopping center, there's this small bookstore called Dakwah, manned by a very knowledgeable Brother from Myanmar. The man impressed me with his knowledge of the Quran and the contents of his inventory. They've opened a branch in KL, do drop by for a visit

My version of the Sealed Nectar was a pocket-size go anywhere (no bigger than my palm), which remained in my jubah throughout my stay in Mekkah...the book transported me back to the days of his Prophethood, everywhere i went i imagined how it must have been like then.....the events, the places where he stood and prayed........I finally finished the book during my flight back to KL and i wept silently in the dark...............

For those who support cetak rompak you may go here to download the full e-version (Please doa for the Author folks...i think he did a great job), For those who like to click hyperlinks and navigate pages more intuitively go here

And to you who have spent the last few minutes reading this post....please spread the message

Thank You

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