Thursday, August 16, 2007

Urgh.......Whats that smell?

"There is something rotten in the state of Malaysia".....Tun M 15th Aug 2007

Does rotten even begin to describe it ..

Our biggest problem is complete lack of "Information Transparency" which lead to poor accountability of the decision making process in the Government or in public companies.....

We the man on the street need to understand our rights as citizens or stakeholders.... i personally don't know the level of access to information which we are suppose to get especially with regards to govt decisions or policies or contracts with private sectors etc....our elected representative in the parliament who is supposed to provide some element of check n balance are the same people in the government decision making process...this is a critical flaw in the process.....the whole whip voting system in the parliament is another defunct function which should go ASAP....Opposition voice power in the parliament in rather minuscule in comparison to the ruling power..hence complete failure of the process....

So where do we go from here....perhaps we need to find disgruntled government officers who dares to pass on all the critical piece of information for us out here to decipher, use and put them on OUR OWN Public Court of the Internet....

The power to govern lies in the control of information the new world of information balance of power have shifted....the time is now folks for the future of our young not let Malaysia becomes a failed nation state

I don't want us to one day be like people who lives next to a dump site.......completely immune to the smell... as it is already a part of our daily life
Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. -Lord Thomas Dewer