Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Do I need a post title?

Of late I've been thinking of whether to delete the entity that I created....

Currently with 3 clicks I can erase satD

Will think of a way to do it with one click..

Each time I lose my phone I fear that my identity would be compromised.

So how u all been?

Good I hope..

Banyak benda gua nak cita ni...

Giler mental siout...

Where should I start?

How bout the most recent one..

Will UMNO/BN regain its two-thirds parliamentary majority or will PR capture Putrajaya with a 20 Plus majority in the 13GE? 
There is one person who is working even harder than the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak to ensure that UMNO/Barisan Nasional not only win the 13th General Election but also regain its two-thirds parliamentary majority. This person is Tun Dr. Mahathir, who is supposed to have retired from politics when he stepped down as Prime Minister after 22 years at the end of 2003. Yesterday, Mahathir was in Sik to remind UMNO members to rid themselves of the feeling of dissatisfaction over candidates chosen by the top UMNO/BN leadership if they want to see UMNO/BN remain in power after the coming 13GE. He said UMNO members must all set aside their differences and give their full support to the selected UMNO/BN candidates as the priority should be ensuring victory so that BN can win big and form a strong government.

It is most extraordinary but typical Mahathirism that Mahathir should be warning of the "Melayu mudah lupa" complex as the cause of the disgruntled in UMNO not supporting the chosen candidate, when Mahathir himself was the best illustration of the "Melayu mudah lupa" complex when he campaigned actively against the premiership of Tun Abdullah in the 2008 general election. It is clear that to Mahathir, what is at stake in the 13GE is not so much the Najib premiership but the Mahathir legacy, and no one has any doubt as to which would get the priority if there is a clash between the Najib premiership and the Mahathir legacy!
 Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Ipoh Timur Media statement by Lim Kit Siang in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, 10th December 2012 (here)

Don't bother reading..the rest unless ur interested in cina jual ubat bullshit...

So back to what he said on Tun M..

Lu budget apek tua ni tau apa "Melayu mudah lupa" is?


It was because of his call to Melayu mudah lupa that I started to write (here)

Gua pun lupa....

And what do we forget?

Some forget the religion...

Some even goes around saying I'm a Muslim but I don't practice..

Some don't even use the language anymore...

Some don't even understand what is Malay Culture..

Anyway back to what Beng said..

Mahathir himself was the best illustration of the "Melayu mudah lupa" complex when he campaigned actively against the premiership of Tun Abdullah in the 2008 general election
and this
He said UMNO members must all set aside their differences and give their full support to the selected UMNO/BN candidates as the priority should be ensuring victory so that BN can win big and form a strong government.

How does that tally...

What did Tun M actually did in 2008?

He talked about the rot....

It is the rot that he went up against...Badawi happens to be a cause of that...

So what is wrong with Tun M asking the UMNO members to put aside their differences?

You also talked about this

However, Pakatan Rakyat parties must work hard to win over the middle ground voters, for developments in the past month have given reasons for middle-ground voters to hesitate as to whether Pakatan Rakyat parties of PKR, PAS and DAP are fully committed to the PR Common Policy Framework and Buku Jingga common platforms.

So what do you think of the developments that has created doubts on the commitment of  DAP, PKR and PAS?

Mr Lim ah? Kasi cilita sikit loh

Let's say this whole Islamic thinggy..

I saw this the other day..

Pas sedia dibubarkan dan semua ahlinya menyertai Umno jika parti itu melaksanakan hukum Islam di negara ini. Hashim Jasin (Pas-Sanglang) berkata, Mursyidul Am Pas (Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat) pernah menyebut jika Umno melaksanakan hukum Islam pada jam 12 tengah malam, Pas akan dibubarkan pada jam 12.05 tengah malam. Bagaimana pun, beliau berkata setakat ini tidak pernah terlintas dalam hatinya untuk menyertai Umno kerana ia masih gagal melaksanakan apa yang dikehendaki oleh Islam. “Saya tidak akan menyertai Umno kerana ia menolak hukum Islam,” katanya ketika ketika perbahasan Bajet 2013 peringkat jawatankuasa, semalam. (here)

Not bad..

It shows how committed PAS is in implementing Hukum Islam..

Sampai sanggup bubar parti and masuk UMNO ....

Baru hari tu doa KO...

Biar betik..

Let us talk about this Hukum Islam a wee bit

Of late people have been quoting Assad...selit sana selit sini...

But somehow they miss this part

Where he asked this

And went on to answer it

Principles of State & Government in Islam (here)

Guano Puok Puok UMNO? Yolo ko demo nok tolok?

When I first read that I was inspired...somewhat sold on the idea of an Islamic State..

Why not ?

BTW how many of you would like to have snatch thieves kena potong tangan?

This whole kecoh2 against Constitution crap should be relooked into.

The right question would be can the State Criminalise Offenses which falls under its purview?

And to what extent can it enforce that?

Does the state has the investigative capabilities to enforce Islamic Laws?

Let's say one pakcik managed to get Haji Hadi's wife to skype with him and for her to strip naked with a dildo with him on another screen with noone else around...recorded digitally..

Would Hadi says that Video tu besi?

Ni confirm bilik dia, katil dia sendiri...bukan berdua2an ke tu?

Or how bout a man who steals a DVD via online download Vs a man who steals a DVD from a shop..

Both same goods....just different method..

Chop Chop?

Too many things to read about if one really wants to talk about Islamic State...a man gave me a biblio of 10 classics before even attempting to write about it....gua baru baca 2 bijik...

Malaysian Talibans wants us to believe that they are Islamic Democrats....huh...what ever that means..

The same dude who berbuih 2 mulut duk sebut kata party dia Islamic Democrats when asked in Tweeter had this to say to me...

Evidently Outdated Pakcik???

Is PAS for real to expect people to part with their 10 ringgit for their National Proposition?

Currently going for $1.60 (here)

So pakcik dah jual brapa bijik?

Assad punye masterpieces pun available online..(here)

Merepek siout...

Now back to this UMNO tolak Hukum Islam thinggy....

What has UMNO done over the years with regards to Islam?

Did it not managed to secure Article 3?

Islam is the Religion of the Federation...

Lets say la ada perjumpaan persatuan federation planet bumi....one federation asks the Malaysian federation lu ugama ape?

What would the Federation of Malaysia answer be?

Did UMNO not also secure the Funding to ensure that Islamic knowledge is perpetually funded by the Federation or the State?
What about Jenayah Shariah?

What has PAS done?

Is it this?

Why has Kelantan not implemented hudud after making it state law in 1993?
We wanted to then, but the PM (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) sent the Tok Guru (Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat) a letter stating that the state would be marginalised should we go ahead. So we decided not to take the chance and to wait. But we celebrate Hudud Day to remind us of the responsibility we have to this law and to raise people's understanding of it. (here)
Kepala atuk lu!!

Hudud Day....ada tiup cake potong riben ke pakcik?

Well take a look at some interesting facts on the existing State Syariah Criminal Enactment..

There are at least 13 sections of the Penal Code which overlaps with the the State Syariah Criminal Enactment. (Sections 268,295,298, 298A,372,372A,372B,376A,377,377A,415,416 dan 498 of the Penal Code)

Same thing literally

None were ever challenged by anyone except for section 298A of the Penal Code.

Guess who folks?

He was the guy who got buttfucked by Anwar Ibrahim. (so the Prosecution case says....bukan gua)

So mamat Sukma ni pergi challenge cakap kata

Both Mr 0.01 % Bukan saya main sama itu pelacur Cina sebab Perut saya Tak Buncit and him were both Muslim...why were they not charged under the Shariah Court.

They knew the Pok Lebais semua takkan ada chance to prosecute the case...

The thing is Sodomy is an offense under the Penal Code, which also is an offense against the order of Islam and if the offender committed the offense, he may be tried either by a civil court or court Sharia, he can be sued in any court of, but cannot be punished twice for the same offense.

He lost...lu pergi google sendiri ape hal....buang masa gua nak explain kat lu orang semua

On that note do also look into the Sulaiman Takrib case Vs the State Government...where the Federal Court defined what is the an offense against the Order of Islam...

They interpreted that the teachings of Islam as a religious order or order contained in the Quran and Sunnah which includes faith, Sharia and morals and is not limited to the five pillars of Islam.

I also find this statement by PAS Hudud spokesperson as bullshit of the highest order..

We wanted to then, but the PM (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) sent the Tok Guru (Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat) a letter stating that the state would be marginalised should we go ahead.

For real ka pakcik

Gua kasi tanye lu sikit soalan...lu pergi tanya sama itu Karpal Langkah Mayat Saya Dulu...

Dey Bai....lu apa pasal tara pakai Dut?

Kasi tanya sama itu Bai...

Is the Criminal Laws of Malaysia intended to be the Exclusive Jurisdiction of the Federal Government?

What more something specifically under the State Jurisdiction

What does the Historical Documents say?

Ask him about the Case involving a Cinapek British Subject in Pahang...how did the Sultan tried the murder case? Using what law....

Lu orang semua kecoh lebih la....

What if the Penal Code itself is changed?

Not possible?

Malas mau cita panjang la bab ni...

kasi tunjuk apa lu ada dulu...

Yang gua paling menyampah dalam bab ni..... yang paling bising sekali adalah Cina Berak Calit...

Mana pergi semua orang Islam?

Yang duduk pergi sana sini nak jual liberalism tu bersepah2....

Cina berak calit ni memang full of prejudice and condescending nak mampus...

Lets go back to Assad

This is what he said in the 1930s of the Europeans....

The Road to Mecca (here)

You see the Cinapeks are no different than the Europeans...

They sit on a pedestal claiming superiority of their Culture, their Language etc lah...

Malas nak cita panjang...

Gua kasi sebijik sample of the Condescending Cinapek population

Baru cucuk sikit dah melalut

Take the reply that came out of that mulut makan babi after YB Khairy talked about Satu Sekolah

Source here

This Condescending Apek punya favorite is to ask people to go FUCK THEIR MOTHER and ask about their ability to SPELL THEIR MOTHERS NAME IN HANZI....

Saiko siout lu pehal kecik kecik dulu kena molest dengan Mak Lu ke?

Why don't you go fuck yours and while you do that go show off how well you can spell her name in Hanzi

If you're a women go get one of those strap on ya...

Anyway folks while we're on that topic...

What should we all do about the clear violation of our Constitution and the National Language Act by SRJKs (here)?

Do we sit tight and let this slide?

Or shall we put all these extremist elements into their rightful place?

Sedangkan nama Tuhan yang Maha Esa pun di seret ke pengadilan atas dasar kepelembagaan, apakah kita semua harus diam membisu selama 50 tahun lagi?

UPDATE 12/12/12 00:00HRS
Life goes on...

N sebelum gua lupe lagi sekali....PokcikMokcik PAH guano? Negaro Isle ko Negaro Kebajike?
Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. -Lord Thomas Dewer