Monday, May 21, 2012

Wahai Anok NikMat :Why should the younger generation be deprived of the Nekmat?

As expected the Party Leader who does not want to represent his party in Federal or State Parliament has spoken

KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 — PAS insisted today there will be no talks between PAS and Umno, blaming the media for misreporting a proposal for a “muzakarah” (discussion) between the two Malay Muslim parties. President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said the only discussion PAS was having was with non-governmental organisations over accusations that the Islamist party had veered from its religious principles. “The question of co-operation between PAS and Umno does not arise. It has been wrongly interpreted that PAS wants a muzakarah with Umno,” he told reporters at a press conference here today. “If we were to ever have talks with Umno, it would be better if such talks were focused on clean elections,” he added. He said that PAS was only interested in discussions with NGOs regarding the party’s role in developing the Muslim community in the country. “PAS is ready to have talks with NGOs to give a clear explanation of Islam, but not with Umno. “This issue always arises every time we are nearing elections,” he said. The Marang MP added that PAS is now focusing on its preparations for the upcoming general election, and asked that the issue of talks between the party and Umno no longer be raised (here)

Amusing all this side show freaks.

Anyway I am from a generation that had to endure sembahyang dua imam.

I was around 8 or 9 when folks from the Mosque suddenly had sides, they even approached me to ask me to join the other "halal" saf.

I looked at them with a confused face and asked why?

As a child I have witnessed breakups that lasts for years in the family due to political ideology...never understood it then.....

But now as a man.....

I'm sad to see all of this...

Came across of this news clipping in Facebook today. Cannot verify the authenticity

Source Here

I asked myself why can't the younger generation enjoy this Nekmat? Why can't the 2 largest party that represent the Malay Muslim Majority Vote sit down together and work out what ever their differences and find a middle ground in the greater interest of the Ummah.

I once wrote about the potential area of discussion (here)

Let us now go to the basic of the Constitutional Malay- 
1. a person who professes the religion of Islam, 
 2. habitually speaks the Malay language, 
3. And conforms to Malay custom 

Now lets see is there anything there that is tied to Race in a biological sense? 

OK….let me now turn the table…. If I convert and become a devout Buddist, marry a Chinese, makan babi, berak calit, pakai chop stick, speaks fluent Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese and other Chinese dialects……….Am I a Chinese? 

 Go and ask that question to any Chinese friend you have? And the answer is a No with a straight poker face… The thing is you can never become a Chinese unless you are by blood a Chinese…..just look at how they treat their half blood (here)

now lets get back to the Malays….we adopted a Cultural Definition rather than a biological one 

…one particular formula we need to understand is that Constitutional Malay is not equal to the Malay from Antropology, Geographical and Linguistic is one of a kind Cultural Perspective of the Malays unique only to Malaysia what does that means then?.......

In a simplest plain kongkalikong …..the Malaysian Malays are very Open and accommodating as a bunch of people…….or was it really difficult the define the Malay race from a biological perspective given the fact that the Malay Archipelago and its various suku kaum are so diverse in nature.....(this is one of the major reasons of the misunderstanding with la to claim what is ours and theirs....we were border-less up till the time when the Europeans came to break all of us apart).....

Some folks may try to bring into the picture the argument that Islam should not be included as the defination of a Malay........I say why not?

When Islam came to our shores, the Native Malays became Muslim and adopted the Islamic Values into their way of such Islam and Malay are an entity that cannot be treated separately in the context of Malaysian Malays.

So now the most interesting part- A Constitutional Malay can become a Non Constitutional Malay by

1. Converting to other religion

2. I malu la to speak in Bahasa

3. WTF is a Malay Custom? Baju melayu setahun sekali? Sakit pergi jumpa bomoh? Main Wau Bulan? Makan nasi pakai tangan?Subscribe to Fuedalistic Zaman Tok Kaduk taat setia buta tuli? Or is it a co-mingling of Core Islamic Values with Beautiful Adat Resam orang Melayu i.e bersopan-santun, berbudi perkerti dan saling hormat menghormati

All of item 1,2 and 3 are the Major Agenda of Anti Malays in Malaysia and their Global cohorts…..the plan have been in action to prove the fallacy of the statement ‘Tak Kan Constitutional Melayu Hilang Di Dunia’....mmm should i copy right this one ka At the rate we are going in Malaysia………the Constitutional Malays will be gone in 100 years…..extinct especially no 2 and 3

Very simple-

1. Sesatkan Iman Orang Melayu and overtime they will only become Muslim in IC only ...count around you how many still sembahyang regularly? Bayar Zakat?....ehem not the 4ringgit lima posen fitrah brader….dan lain2 lagi lah

2. Destroy the Stature of Bahasa Kebangsaan, Promote English and Defend to the death Vernacular Schooling and ensure that Bahasa Kebangsaan will only be relegated to official communication……what will emerge is “Boss teh ais satu!sama roti canai garing patsegi, kasi dal taruk sambal sikit”, “I dulu study kat UK”, “gua sudah cakap sama lu ini macam tara boleh”…..etc.etc……..what fucking language is that? 3. Need I say much about this one.......go ask any 20something KL boy what is Malay Custom....and by doing No 1 this will make No 3 a walk in the park.....just look at the break down in what constitute proper Malay Values........

First step is not to listen to people like this Dr Dzul

If you click that link

You'll be directed to his page where he posted an article by Islamic Rennaissance Front

Source here
Racism was even legitimised by a scholar of Ulama’ Muda UMNO recently who said that Prophet Muhammad was racist. It is not surprising then to see the escalation of prejudiced attitudes and policies that favour a certain race over others since that is now endorsed by UMNO religious scholars themselves.
Biar Betik brader...

I asked him to provide to actual statement by Ulama Muda UMNO......up till now nothing

Dangerous times we are living now.....

To the Son of NikMat......monkey says why don't you give it a shot...

At least you may get the opportunity to enjoy the Nekmat again before you meet your maker  

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