Thursday, April 26, 2012

Would BERSIH Engage A Proactive EC?

Thank you bro Rocky (here...catchy bro) and bro Voice (here) for the follow up pieces.

Now that we all are aware about what we need to do in order to assemble at Dataran Merdeka according to the Law.

A bunch of people still wants to proceed even after alternatives sites are offered.

Kesian Datuk Bandar

Suddenly the spotlight is on them.

Tetiba je especially for the DBKL was rather calm before this kecoh lebih bunch of people starts to stir trouble.

Bole cita ka..
KUALA LUMPUR, April 25 — Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) threatened today to forcefully bar demonstrators from using Dataran Merdeka for this Saturday’s Bersih 3.0 sit-in protest for electoral reforms, with Mayor Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail dismissing the activists as unreasonable. Both sides stuck to their guns today in an hour-long meeting at City Hall, with Bersih leaders insisting that it was too late to change the venue of the protest from the historic square to Stadium Merdeka.
Speaking to reporters after meeting Bersih representatives, Ahmad Fuad also pointed out that he would hold Bersih responsible if chaos ensued this Saturday. “Action was taken against those students at Dataran Merdeka. The same action will be taken against (Bersih) if you do the same. “If there is chaos, blame Bersih,” he said.
Yesterday, City Hall enforcers detained four Occupy Dataran activists, hours after evicting the movement from Dataran Merdeka. DBKL officers had earlier seized tents and camping equipment belonging to the activists, and put up steel barricades to stop them from camping there. Occupy Dataran’s stated aim is to reclaim public spaces for the purpose of promoting participatory democracy.
Earlier, Bersih co-chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said the movement was still hopeful that City Hall would changed its stand. “We have a grave problem here with time; we cannot change the location because it is already Wednesday. Even if we make an announcement by tomorrow, that leaves two days,” Ambiga told a press conference today. “We believe that if we change the place now, it’s going to cause a bigger confusion. People will gather here (Dataran Merdeka) as well as Stadium Merdeka,” she added. Ambiga stressed there would be less likelihood of chaos if the rally were to go ahead at Dataran Merdeka as planned. “If there is any change now, there will be more chaos. There is just too little time to inform people.”
However, Ahmad Fuad dismissed Ambiga’s justification as “unreasonable”. “If their problem is not having enough time to inform their supporters, we can hold a press conference together to make sure the public knows about our mutual understanding,” he said. Reiterating the offer of Stadium Merdeka as an alternative venue, Ahmad Fuad said the site has more “historical value” as well as “bigger space, more parking, and seats for them to sit on”. “Stadium Merdeka is a win-win situation for all.” (here)

This has become an event of National Importance.

A lot of people would like to know if their demands are valid and if the statistics that they are quoting are credible and the most important question of why they don't want to go Stadium Merdeka.

Macam la jauh sangat pun from Dataran...

I say just give the permit to assemble there

But not to BERSIH

Give it to the Election Commission

PUTRAJAYA, April 24 – The Election Commission (EC) today launched a special information booklet to counter all allegations made by opposition lawmakers and civil society groups to discredit the country’s election process. EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof told reporters today that some 5,000 Malay-language booklets have already been printed, while the English language ones are still on the way. The 12-page booklets, costing RM4 a piece, will be distributed to government departments nationwide, media organisations and the public.

It comprises the EC’s responses to 12 allegations raised by critics of the country’s polls process, including issues of the over 40,000 ‘doubtful voters’ in the current electoral roll, the alleged over-registration of voters in one single address, registration of foreigners as voters, the EC’s move to correct the voting localities of some 19,000 voters and others. Abdul Aziz (picture) told reporters at today’s launch that since the Parliamentary Select Committee’s (PSC) final report was passed in Parliament earlier this month, the EC has had to fend off relentless accusations against the credibility of its processes and the current voter registry.

But, he stressed, the allegations were largely unfounded. “This is because they do not really understand the EC’s processes. “There were many complaints regarding the electoral roll, so we have prepared answers to the allegations in this booklet,” he said. The EC chairman insisted that Malaysia’s polls process was among the best in the world, pointing out that even foreign dignitaries have visited here to observe the local system. He noted that these foreign nations have also invited Malaysia’s EC as observers for their respective elections. “If do not trust us, why would they invite us?” he asked. Abdul Aziz also repeated that it was impossible for any country to have an electoral roll that is 100 per cent free from discrepancies. “We have over 12 million voters... Surely some mistakes are bound to happen. “But do not, just because of a few shortcomings, make these false accusations against us. “EC hopes that with this booklet, all the allegations can finally be countered with facts,” he said. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers and election watchdog Bersih 2.0 have been accusing the EC and the federal government of lacking in commitment to reform the country’s election process, despite the PSC’s 22-point recommendations tabled in Parliament on April 2. (here)

The BERSIH folks should be your primary target to distribute those information.

Do a comprehensive rebuttal of their claims.

Put it live on National TV.

This will put them on the defensive....

They tried to reel in DBKL into their game

Don't play the game they want you to.

Anway larat ke DBKL nak handle that volume?

Dah tangkap nak kena tulis saman pulak larat lu nak tulis saman for each one of them?

That is not your forte la pakcik

Ni riot police punye skill set.

Your people are more trained to handle massage/karaoke joints  raids

Turn the table...

Kasi chance kat mamat minah bingai telan bulat2 apa BERSIH cakap.

Set up a stage

Tell them that they are on National TV on Dataran

The Mayor can then get the Attorney General to first explain the power of DBKL and its relation to Article 10 of our Constitution and why Parliament using powers conferred by it passed the relevant laws in relation to control of the rights to assembly.

After that get the EC Head to explain this document (here) that he printed for 4 Ringgit to be distributed to Government Department.

Dude....folks got pdf.

Do a special web site ke....animated video that explains the underlying internal process which lead to some of these misunderstanding.

We all need to know how the EC works.

Start the event like that.

Then ask them what is that they really want?

Oh BTW Gua dengar cita got belit sana sini kinda NGO's popping out from nowhere. Go here to read bro Apanama recent expose.

Saja suka suka many members would all those NGOs have and if all of them were to assemble penuh tak Dataran Merdeka?

The Khairy Ambiga debate is meaningless to me but a good start.

It would be better if the Authorities who are in charged explain as they are the ones who are accused of all those funny things.

Use your right to reply.

Don't get sucked into the game
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