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Anatomy of A High Risk Contentious Performance: Evaluating the Ninth of July

My my.....ape cita orang Malaysia! 

Happening gilebabs siut...
The former Bersih deputy chairman stressed that “not one flowerpot will be knocked down, not one brick will be thrown” if the police helped the election watchdog’s supporters march to Istana Negara to deliver a memorandum to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.
He pointed out that in “less primitive” Indonesia, demonstrations occurred almost on a weekly basis but NEVER got out of hand because the police there were on hand to assist the people exercise their right to assemble.
The Jakarta police chief, for instance, will appear on television to inform the public of a protest in the capital the next day and the route it will take, Mohamad said.
“‘I hope they (protestors) will come out early.’ This is the Jakarta police chief... And us? ‘Those who leave their homes we will arrest earlier’,” he said to laughter and jeers from the crowd. More here

Yo Mat Sabu


Go here and here I don't like to put up pictures of the event (this was last year's demonstration turned evil gile babeng kat Tangjung Periok which left hundreds injured, a few dead and massive damage to property)

Is it Election issues that you are trying to push or Is it the Right to a Peaceful Assembly?
mmmmm....come to think of it.........Peaceful?

For real....why don't you add another item on your demand then...

The very act itself is Contentious

Charles Tilly in 2008 Contentious Performance wrote   
Contentious performances are contentious because they concern claims that bore on someone else’s interests—often governments; they are performances because they follow some learned and historically grounded scripts, but like any performance there is room for innovation, mostly in small ways. Such performances, Tilly argues, clump into repertoires of claim-making routines that apply to the same claimant-object pairs: workers tend to strike against their bosses, citizens tend to march against their governments, and anti-globalists tend protest against meetings of transnational organizations. Repertoires vary from place to place, time to time, and pair to pair. But when people make claims they innovate within limits set by the repertoire already established for their place, time, and pair. Repertoires vary in terms of their rigidity from absence of any repertoire to rigid repertoires that repeat the same routines over and over as exactly as they can.
 Street demonstrations are examples of contentious performances. Tilly positions the origin of the street demonstration in Great Britain between 1758 and 1834. It became the performance staged by social movements; it soon became a multi-purpose tool rather than an instrument oriented to some single goal or political inclination. By the 1830s British activists had learned to mount all three variants of the street demonstration that are still familiar today: the disciplined march through public streets, the organized occupation of a public space, and the combination of the two in a march to or from a public meeting. Roughly hundred year later street demonstrations made it into France to become the major means of advertising political identities and programs in France after World War I. In the last two decades of the 20th century the number of demonstrations in Paris alone increased from 200-400 per annum to 1.000-1.500 per annum
Let us understand further the mechanics of these Contentious Performance..

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Additional Revenue Challenge by our so called Finance Minister

"Another question which was well received from the floor was about the lowering of excise duties on imported cars.
To this, Najib candidly said he could only do so if his government is able to find additional revenue elsewhere.
 “I’m speaking as the minister of finance. If you can tell me where to find additional revenue, I will reduce the price of imported cars. I cannot raise income tax or the price of RON95 (grade petrol). My options are limited.
“I believe one day (such as when we) introduce GST, which is a consumption based tax, I can look at ways to reduce tax on imported cars. It is a zero-sum game. Something has to give,” he said, laughingly." Source here 

Mak oi.....

Lu biar serious pakcik...

Lu punya Tax Base dah betul ke belum?

Lu punya enforcement dah cukup bagus ke ?

Berlambak pakcik oi...

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Tony Tompel Lu sudah lupa apa lu bilang pasai itu Kambing?

Bole cita ka

Vernacular schools a scapeGOAT for disunity, says Pua

PETALING JAYA, June 25 — Vernacular schools have been unfairly painted as a contributing factor for the country’s weak racial integration, DAP MP Tony Pua said today.

Instead, Pua claimed the increasing popularity of vernacular schools among Malaysians was because of the deteriorating standards of the national schools.

“Vernacular education has been blamed for splitting society. I understand why it exists, and why it is popular,” said the DAP publicity chief.

“It is not because most parents love the Chinese language. It is because national schools are hopeless in quality, and by sending their children there, parents are worried that their kids will have no future,” Pua said during the launch of his book “The Tiger that Lost Its Roar” here today.

The Petaling Jaya Utara MP lamented the severe decline of national schools, pointing out that the teaching system had changed drastically over the past few decades.

He charged that the existing education system created a “layer of separation” by sending top Malay students to Mara government boarding schools.

This, he said, left the “second and third tier” of Malay students to compete against the other races in national schools.

“Let us take away the vernacular school debate...let’s focus on quality. I think that if a school system can guarantee a solid education and placing at an excellent university, parents won’t care whether it’s national and vernacular,” added Pua to rousing applause from the crowd of 150 in attendance.

Twisted....ini posang

How la Beng?

How is it that competing with Second and Third Tier Malays leads to greater Racial Polarisation?

Care to explain?

Apa sudah jadi sama lu Beng?

Lu tahun Dualibulima manyak pikir mana lu mau taruk itu lu punya anak....

Ini bawah gua kasi tempel lu baca lagi sekali apa lu cilita tahun 2005 part 1 here 

My daughter, Xin Ying is only 6 months old. So it's really too early think about where she's going to study. However, I've been asked this question many times by friends and relatives - "Where should we send our daughter to school?" This is not to mention the fact that my wife and myself have casually discussed this topic many times, even before Xin Ying was born. ;) And to be frank, we don't have a conclusive answer at this stage.
The national (Kebangsaan) vs the Chinese school debate is an extremely large and sensitive debate in the Malaysian politics. My posts on this topic for this blog shall be broken into three parts - I'll post them as I complete writing over the course of this week :).

In Part I, I shall outline the criteria that should be used in order to decide whether I should send her to a national or Chinese school.
In Part II, I shall try to evaluate which type of school will be able to best deliver the criteria outlined in Part I.
And finally in Part III, I shall outline several policy recommendations which I believe will be able to improve our education system further to best achieve the criteria stated here.
Hopefully, by the time Xin Ying is 6 years old, the decision on which type of school she should attend will be a much easier one to make.
To give a bit of background of the proud parents - I attended a national-type former missionary primary school in Batu Pahat - Montfort Boys School from 1978. So, my education was pretty much in Bahasa Malaysia although some of the teachers continued to teach in English. My parents were both Chinese educated who did not complete primary school and hence barely knew a handful of English words. My parents sent me to Montfort because it was the top primary school in Batu Pahat, and one of the best in Johor during that time. On the other hand, my wife, Ting Fong went through Chinese girls primary school - SRK(C) Ai Chun I, Batu Pahat - before joining a national-type secondary school. So both of us have a pretty good understanding of the national type and vernacular type schools in Malaysia. So, why is it such a difficult decision to make?

Let’s first review our key priorities in terms of the type of school our child should be in (not in any particular order):

Academic standards
Needless to say, the academic standards, as well as the overall quality of education has to be high. As parents, we are all keen to have our children study in the top schools if they are able to, so that they can have a good future ahead of them. It’ll also to a certain extent provide them with an edge over the crowd.

Mother tongue education
I’m thankful that despite having attended a national type school in the past, I’m still fairly fluent in Mandarin (putonghua) and able to read and write simple Chinese. This was thankfully sufficient for me to conduct business in Greater China. I'm fortunate because Mandarin was my lingua franca at home, besides a sprinkling of the Teochew dialect. My parents were kind enough to have taught me some written Chinese since I was four or five years old as well, and I took up additional "homework" in the language during my university days.
Mother tongue education is hence important to us, as it not only represents our cultural roots, the Chinese language has also incidentally become probably the second most important language for commerce in the world. English competence in China is now limited to the elite academia, and the China businessmen have little or no knowledge of it. Hence if one is at all interested in business in China, competence in Mandarin will be imperative.
English language
While our mother tongue education is important, English language competence is likely to be of greater immediate importance. This is because the top universities which are recognised worldwide today, are located in the English speaking world – be it Oxbridge or the Ivy leagues. In addition, the bulk of the reference materials are of English language origin or at the very least, would have a translated version in English.
Hence, whichever choice of education system our kids undertake, it should be able to provide them with a strong and solid foundation in English. In addition, we believe that language education is most important during primary school, as that’s when it is easiest for them to pick up the rudiments of any language.

National integration
What has national integration got to do with a kid’s education, you might ask? National integration tends to be absent from most people’s priority list when selecting a schooling system for their children. I’ll place additional emphasis on this criterion, as it is the criterion most often overlooked by Malaysian, particularly Chinese parents.

We live in a multi-racial country. It is my firm believe that for the country to succeed in its national integration goals, all ethnic groups must possess good understanding of each other in terms of culture, religion and common practices. Being Malaysians, national integration should be one of our key goals so that we are able to live in harmony with one another. I’d like my daughter to grow up with life-long friends of all races, not just to “stick” among our own racial group.

In addition, national integration allows for our children to pick up many necessary soft skills which will serve them well in both their social as well as occupational careers. If our children are able to integrate well with other ethnic groups, they would have naturally learnt to be tolerant of various social and cultural practices. More importantly, they will learn to accept that being “different” is not equivalent to being “better” or “worse”, a key distinction that is often neglected.
I am often upset by fresh graduates whom during interviews would inadvertently express racially biased sentiments without realising it. I attribute the basis of their opinions largely to the fact that they have had few or little interactions with other racial groups, particularly during their years in education, despite living in our racially diverse community.

National integration in Malaysia would also mean that our child will have to be reasonably fluent in Bahasa Malaysia. I would like her to be able to converse fluently with her Malay friends in the language. I find that the verbal skills of most of the younger Chinese in the Malay language do not extend very much beyond making food orders at the corner mamak shops. This actually leads to further reasons for segregation amongst the Malaysian racial groups.
The above are our key criteria or yardstick which we will use to decide which school Xin Ying should attend. In my next post sometime during the week, I shall write on whether the national or the Chinese schools will be able to meet the criteria outlined above.

Wahlau weh Beng....

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80:20 Vs 99.99% Certainty : A look at the Malaysian Perception towards "Experts"

Lt Col Frank Slade (Al Pacino) while leaving for his trip in "Scent of A Women" picked up his cat and said

When in doubt.......... FUCK

What do we now dumbass innocent Malaysian bystanders should do?

We have been confronted by two sets of probabilities this past few years

One was by some punky and skanky looking Thai Forensic Doctor on the TBH cause of death by merely looking at the pictures from the comforts of her computer screen....

Now today we hear of a 99.99% Certainty that Mr X is indeed Anwar Ibrahim

US experts confirmed Anwar as man in video, court told
UPDATED @ 03:54:05 PM 24-06-2011
By Clara Chooi
June 24, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — US authorities have identified the man in the controversial sex video screened by “Datuk T” as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, a magistrate’s court was told this morning.
The point was raised in the facts of the case read out today after the “Datuk T” trio of Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik and Datuk Shuib Lazim pleaded guilty to their involvement in the screening of the video on March 21.

The Datuk T trio arriving in court today, June 24, 2011. — Picture by Choo Choy May
Abdul Rahim was accused of abetting Shazryl and Shuib in “openly” screening the pornographic material featuring sex acts between a man and a woman at the Carcosa Seri Negara Hotel here on March 21. All three were slapped with fines under section 292 of the Penal Code.
“Results of the analysis by experts from Dartmouth College, Handover, New Hampshire in the US verified the authenticity of the video, that there was no tampering or any act of super-imposing and that it originated from a DVR camcorder taken from Datuk Shazryl,” deputy public prosecutor Kamalluddin Md Said said when reading the facts of the case this morning.
He explained that the police had also obtained a CCTV recording from an apartment in Ampang, where the sex acts took place, and confirmed that both Anwar and Shazryl had been at the lobby of the apartment building on February 21, the same day that the sex video was said to have been recorded.

“Experts from Dartmouth College also carried out a facial recognition analysis on the man in the video and found that it resembled Anwar Ibrahim,” said Kamalluddin.
Abdul Rahim’s lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, who also submitted on that point today, told reporters later that according to the experts’ report, they were 99.99 per cent certain that the man in the video is Anwar.
In the June 4 report, prepared by Professor Hany Farid and Professor Lorenzo Torresani, it was stated that the institution had studied a video from a camcorder in a room and copied to a thumbdrive, a video from a surveillance camera taken in a room and extracted directly from a DVR, a video from a second camcorder taken outside an elevator, 320 images of one person named as “Mr X”, 26 images of one person named as “Mr Y” and 4,423 images of “Malaysian people”.

The report concluded that based on the study, “Mr X” is the same man in pictures provided to them by the local authorities, which were of Anwar.
“The conclusion states very clearly that Mr X is Anwar. They cannot say directly that Mr X is Anwar because they do not know him, but they concluded that it is 99.99 per cent certain from their facial recognition analysis that the man in the video is the same as the man in the pictures (of Anwar) shown to them,” said Shafee. More here

So what now?

Lets start with understanding the credibility of the Experts first shall we....

Unlike Porntip who is merely a student and a practitioner of the field....

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Milaka Ahbeng Lu Mau Kincing Lagi Ka? Mosque Election Fiasco

Kincing Sana Kincing Sini

Milaka Ahbeng manyak hancing ma!

GEORGE TOWN (June 19, 2011): Neither the DAP nor the Penang state executive council has any say in the decisions of the Penang Islamic Council (MAIPP), Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng emphasised today.
He said this in the wake of criticisms that have come about after the King ordered the MAIPP to defer its exercise to conduct elections in mosques throughout the state.
The elections were scheduled to be held last weekend.
The Yang Dipertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, conveyed the order when MAIPP president Ellias Zakaria had an audience with him at Istana Negara on Friday.
Ellias was accompanied by Penang Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas.
"The DAP has no representative in MAIPP," Lim, who is also DAP secretary-general, told a press conference here. "I also have no say in its affairs. The MAIPP has never asked me for any approval on its decisions."
Lim said it was unfair of Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim to imply that Lim was involved in the move to hold the elections.
Rais had said Lim should remember that Islamic matters fell under the jurisdiction of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in Penang, Malacca, Sabah and Sarawak.
Lim described Rais' statement as dishonest and irresponsible in trying to link him to MAIPP's plan for the elections.
He stressed that he also did not have anything to do with the decisions of the state Hindu Endowment Board as it represented a specific religious community.
"Rais Yatim is playing dangerously with fire by linking me with the mosque elections," Lim said, challenging Rais to show evidence that he was involved.
Tuanku Mizan had also told the MAIPP to set up an independent committee to come up with suitable procedures for the elections, which are now held back till 31 Dec 31, next year.
Tuanku Mizan had consented to extend the appointment of existing mosque committee members until then.
The committee members and new procedures proposed would then have to get consent from him.
Prior to this latest turn of events, state Religious Affairs Committee chairman Abdul Malik Kassim had issued a statement last Thursday to stress that Penang would go ahead with elections for the mosque committees despite objections from certain quarters, as the move is provided for under section 22(4) of the Penang Islamic Council Enactment.
He had stressed that through the elections process the mosque communities would themselves propose their committees to the MAIPP, for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to approve.
A total of 151 mosques were slated to hold elections during their annual meetings, while the members of 34 other mosques made some compromises among themselves to facilitate the elections.
Only eight mosques had not submitted candidates' forms as required to the MAIPP.
The MAIPP is expected to issue an official statement after it's meeting this week. Source here

Oh leali ka Beng?

U veli sure one?

Let me ask you a couple of kampung mali simpel question loh....

Penang prepared to go to court over mosque elections

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang government is prepared to face court challenges over its decision to have election of mosque committee members in the state on June 18, said State Religious Affairs, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman Abdul Malik Kassim.
He said the election of mosque committee members was provided for in Section 22 (4) of the Pulau Pinang Islamic Religious Council Enactment.
"A total of 4,485 people have offered themselves to fill the 4,530 vacancies in 151 of 200 mosques in six districts in the state, to enhance the preservation of the mosque institution," he said in a statement issued Friday.
He said 151 mosques will be holding the polls while the rest would be using alternative methods of selecting the committee members. - Bernama Source here


Or how bout this one Beng
Kerajaan DAP perkenal kertas undi ala pilihan raya
GEORGETOWN 6 Jun – Kerajaan negeri pimpinan DAP memutuskan kaedah pemilihan Anggota Jawatankuasa (AJK) Kariah Masjid di seluruh negeri menggunakan sistem pengundian dalam kertas undi ala pilihan raya.
Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Agama, Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna negeri, Abdul Malik Kassim berkata, kaedah pemilihan yang diperkenalkan itu adalah persetujuan bersama dengan pelbagai pihak termasuk Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam (JHEAI), Majlis Agama Islam Pulau Pinang (MAIPP) dan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO)

"Menerusi perbincangan dan percambahan fikiran dengan pelbagai pihak, kerajaan bersetuju dan mahu kaedah pemilihan jawatankuasa kariah yang lebih telus, berbanding dengan tatacara pemilihan sedia ada,” katanya di sini, hari ini. Source BERNAMA here
Gua manyak pining kipala la Beng?

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Senduk Bingai What's up with you?

Senduk bingai poyo perut buncit nak kerek ajak orang gaduh sana sini merapu lagi...

Shameless Umno drags Agong into its politics
Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz | June 20, 2011
The Agong should not allow his August office to be drawn into Umno's infighting and acts of subversion to undermine the Penang state government.
A few days ago Umno people in Penang celebrated a ‘victory’ of sorts. The ‘victory’ I refer to is the royal command to stop the elections of mosque officials. A ‘victory’ which I’m afraid will be a ‘pyrrhic victory’ and achieved at the cost of staggering losses.
It is ironic that Umno has to turn to the very symbol representing the institution which it wanted to downsize in the 1980s.
Our Agong has now been dragged into the murky and directionless politics of Umno. More Crap here 

Pakcik oi.....

Lu Bangang ke Bodoh?

Ever asked why Agong requested the cancellation at the 11th Hour?

Ambiguous Ambiga: Mau Di Bawa Ke Mana Perjuangan Mu?

In one of my earliest post "10 days on...." I wrote about BERSIH in 2007

From a distance one's view may be limited to the very little information that he has access to...
The build-up was interesting.....the event...the objective...the manner in which it was executed..the reactions....n of course ...the local media......
Nov 10 came n gone.....wish i was there to witness it first did BERSIH achieved anything?.....apart from gathering like minded people for a common cause.....i can assure you that many were there for a common cause but ......but for some.... there could have been an underlying motive...personal perhaps....
Was it really 60K people who gathered......why wasnt there a picture taken from one of the buildings.......optical illusion perhaps......Al Jazeera could have put someone in an office building or an apartment with full view of the strategic locations......
To the "60K" who painted the town yellow.......whats your next move?....will regular gatherings be the weapon of choice.....
Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines...have seen it all......of how reform agenda were taken to the streets and of how the govt machinery dealt which the threat.....and of how people's power triump............take a step back folks.......look at yourself in the mirror......mmm actually get one of those cheap Air Asia flight out to Jakarta or Manila......have a look at the country....n compare it with could feel the hardship our neighbors are suffering by just taking a stroll out of your hotel.....So do u think that u r willing to risk your comfortable zone to go to the streets for something that you believe in......
Why dont you just go to your neighbors for a chat... and try to convince them to believe in the cause....get them to go to the people that they know n do the same......begin the revolution of the stealth need for police permits....nor the threats of detention nor physical harm.....and when the time comes......exercise your right to vote....simple..

Zaman awal dulu blogging tak reti ape2 tech stuff, the first ever comment came in and I only realised it one year after...

Now of late macam kelam kabuts aje gua tengok this "build up" towards BERSIH 2.0

If you recall the first "current porn star" came out from nowhere on a kapchai to suddenly grab the mike kat depan Istana.....bole cita ka?

Gua malas mau cerita banyak la can read the news ur self.....dah nak masuk merapu tahap gaban siut..siap ada UMNO Youth , PERKASA etc....siap nak masuk gelanggang....

To me what I wrote 4 years ago still apply to our situation plus a wee bit more based on my comment at Din Turtle yesterday...refer here

Lets have a National Debate then on the matter kasi TV1 cover la taruk si BERSIH, SPRM and BN and PR wakils tak payah nak berarak la weh...
Pastu buat FOC SMS voting and Internet Poll on the Issues to see if these are "really issues" or not....
So what if suddenly ada Terrorist saja nak kasi kacau buat Bom Berani Mati ikat kat perut pakai Baju DAP ke PAS ke? Apa macam mau tuduh BN?

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Republic of Penang Vs Agong : The Return Serve

As expected my previous analysis in Mosque Management pretty much is proven with the recent statement

KUALA LUMPUR, June 17 — Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin has ordered Penang to call off its controversial mosque elections, the state government said today.
Penang religious affairs, domestic trade and consumer affairs committee chairman Abdul Malik Kassim said the decision was relayed to him by Penang Islamic Council (MAIPP) head Ellias Zakaria earlier today.

“The Yang di-Pertuan Agong has ordered the state mosque elections to be postponed,” Abdul Malik said in a statement.
The mosque elections were supposed to be held this weekend.
Abdul Malik said an official statement would be made after a meeting with the MAIPP.
Penang announced earlier this month that the selection of mosque committees in the state would be made through elections this year, in place of the previous method. Refer here


Now the witch hunt should begin!

Who suggested to Majlis for the Election? Provide details of d minutes of meeting on the matter

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mosque Management: Introductory Analysis into the Republic of Penang Election


Assalamualaikum WRT

This is a tricky subject gua pun baru belajar beberapa jam yang lalu.

To begin this discourse please read this soyok tepek materials below (author unknown source here warning wordfile virus sendiri mau ingat UPDATE 1606PM The source is Puan Siti Alawiah Siraj. Pensyarah Accounting di IIUM. Beliau menulis Bab 3 ini dalam thesis MSc (Accounting) yang bertajuk "The Financial Management Practices of State Mosques in Peninsular Malaysia"-Thank you CendrawasihKayangan for the notification)

3.0 Introduction
The discussion in this chapter is based on various related publications on state mosques, homepages of state mosques, and the researcher’s personal discussion with personnel from state mosques. The chapter is divided into two main sections: the administration of Islamic affairs and the administration of state mosques.

The first section explains the functions of the Islamic Religious Council (Majlis Agama Islam), the Islamic Religious Department (Jabatan Agama Islam) and the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jabatan Kemajuan Agama Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)). The second section covers the functions and categories of mosques as well as the general administration and financial administration of state mosques. The final section provides a conclusion to this chapter.

3.1 The Administration of Islamic Affairs
As Malaysia is a multi-religious country, Islam plays a very significant role in Malaysian society. Muslims constitute more than 50% of its population and are concentrated primarily in Peninsular Malaysia. Its significance is indicated in the Federal Constitution, which recognizes Islam as the official religion of the country while allowing other religions to be practiced freely in Malaysia (Majid, 1988). Article 3 (1) of the Federal Constitution stipulates that “Islam is the religion of the Federation” In addition to this, the involvement of the government in disseminating Islam and instilling Islamic values among Muslims is considerable. Government involvement, both at the Federal and State levels, signifies the importance of Islam in shaping the Malaysian society.

The Federal Constitution, however, delineates the power of the Federal government and the State governments in relation to the administration of Islamic affairs. The power of the State government is restricted to Shari’āh Laws that concerns Muslims and the administration of Islamic affairs in the individual state (Majid, 1988). The Ninth Schedule of the Constitution states that, among other things, the administration of Malay customs, zakāh (Islamic wealth/income taxes), fitrah (Islamic poll tax), baitul māl (Islamic Treasury) and other Islamic income, mosques and other places of worship for Muslims are the prerogative of the State governments. Accordingly, each state has its own enactments on the administration of Islamic affairs and Malay customs. Consequently, this may contribute to the variations in the implementation and enforcement of the Shari’āh Laws and administration of Islamic affairs in Peninsular Malaysia.

Peninsular Malaysia comprises what were known as Federated and non-Federated Malay states and the Straits Settlements (Jali, et. al., 2003). Federated Malay States were Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak and Selangor while Non-Federated Malay States comprise Perlis, Kedah, Johore, Kelantan, and Terengganu. These Malay states were headed by Sultans (the Rulers). The Straits Settlements were initially consisting of Penang, Malacca, and Singapore. In 1906, the Labuan Island, North Boneo (Sabah) and Sarawak joined the Settlements (Hooker, 2003). They were administered by British Governor. Singapore officially separated from Malaysia in 1965 (Jali, et. al., 2003). The Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur was established in 1974 when the state of Selangor ceded the territory to the Federal Government. Labuan and Putrajaya joined the Federal Territories in 1984 and 2001 respectively.

The provision in Article 3 of the Federal Constitution stipulates the relationship between elite (royal) power and the administration of Islam in each state. According to Article 3(2) of the Federal Constitution, the Ruler of the Malay States of Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Johore, Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan is proclaimed as the head of the religion of Islam. On the other hand, Article 3(3) stipulates the head of Islam for states of Penang, Malacca, Sabah, and Sarawak is the Yang di Pertuan Agong (paramount ruler). For Federal Territories including Labuan, Article 3(5) specifies that the Yang di Pertuan Agong is the head of Islam and the Parliament involves in the administration of Islamic affairs of the territories. The Council of the Rulers elects the Yang di Pertuan Agong, who is then proclaimed as head of Islam in the country. Being the head of Islam, rulers of each State are responsible for the administration of Islamic affairs as well as the development and advancement of Islam.

In performing their duties, the rulers are assisted by the Islamic Religious Council (IRC) of each state. The IRC assists and advises the rulers in making policies and procedures pertaining to the administration of Islamic affairs in the state. While the IRC assists in the policy making, the Islamic Religious Department (IRD) is responsible for the execution of policies and procedures for the development and advancement of Islam in each state. At the Federal level, there is a Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)) under the Prime Minister’s Department. The role of JAKIM is to standardize and coordinate the administration of Islamic affairs in all states.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Birth of the First "Official" Cindian

Hellow folks.....wat up peeps!

Gua dengor ada orang alim kantoi kencing lagi?

Simple Question

Who was the first to oppose PAS Islamic State? Tun Mahathir or DAP?

Refer to this post by Bro HHalem ...more specifically refer to the date on the letter to MB Kelantan and also this post by Bro DinTurtle (wish he put the references to the quotes on the DAP statement)

So what's hot peeps!

Banyok gua nak kena bace nih.. to catch up ...

Ada la satu benda bangang gua baca tadi

DAP backs couple’s ‘Anak Malaysia’ bid
KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 — The DAP pledged today to back Hannah Yeoh and Ramachandran Muniandy all the way to court in their bid to register their newborn child as an “Anak Malaysia” for her official ethnicity.
In a statement today, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said he has directed the party’s legal adviser, Gobind Singh Deo, to represent the interracial couple in court should they decide to pursue the case.
“Forcing Hannah and Ramachandran to choose either Indian or Chinese is repugnant when they just want their child to be known as Malaysian,” Lim said.
“By deliberately forcing us into ethnic boxes BN is not celebrating diversity nor creating a common Malaysian identity, but opportunistically playing divide-and-rule politics,” the Penang chief minister added, criticising the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.
Subang Jaya state lawmaker Yeoh, 32, and her husband had sparked controversy earlier this week after tweeting their failure to win approval from the National Registration Department (NRD) to register their daughter as “Anak Malaysia” under the category for race.
The NRD issued a statement yesterday explaining it was unable to process the duo’s unorthodox request as policy determined the child’s race follow the parents; leaving Yeoh and Ramachandran two options — Chinese or Indian.
The couple subsequently chose to register their firstborn as Chinese, but said they would appeal to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak refer here


Women actually carried the baby for 9 months with the thought of registering the kid as "Anak Malaysia"

And why the choice of "Chinese" instead of "Indian"?


Let us now go to the Tiny Little Dot down south......

Greater Flexibility With Implementation Of Double-Barrelled Race Option From 1 January 2011

With effect from 1 January 2011, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will implement the registration of double-barrelled race options for Singaporean children born to parents of different races.

2. This change, first announced in Parliament on 12 January 2010, gives parents who are of different races further flexibility and choice to decide how their child’s race should be recorded. Couples of inter-ethnic marriages now have the additional option to reflect both their races for their child as a double-barrelled race. This is on top of the existing options of choosing only one of the two different races – either that of the father or the mother – for their child. For example, if one parent is “Chinese” and the other is “Indian”, the child’s race may be recorded as “Chinese”, “Indian”, “Chinese-Indian”, or “Indian-Chinese”. The registration of the double-barrelled race will be limited to only two components, i.e. one hyphenation.
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