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Show me the "Khazanah Warisan Melayu" in Kampung Baru

PAS bawa isu Kg Baru ke global jika Putrajaya ‘berdegil’
KUALA LUMPUR, 28 Sept — PAS akan membawa perkara isu kedudukan Kampung Baru di ibu negara ke peringkat antarabangsa jika kerajaan terus berdegil tidak mahu memulihara Kampung Baru sebagai khazanah warisan Melayu, kata Naib Presiden PAS Salahuddin Ayub.
  “Jika kerajaan terus bersikap keras kepala dengan keengganannya untuk memulihara Kampung Baru sebagai khazanah warisan Melayu, banyak lagi yang akan dilakukan dalam pelan tindakan bersama-sama Sekretariat Pembangunan Kampung Baru (SPKB) termasuk membawa perkara itu ke peringkat dunia dan bukan setakat isu nasional sahaja,” kata Salahuddin.
Bukan setakat perjuangan demi mengekalkan warisan bangsa Melayu yang semakin pupus, tegas beliau sambil memberitahu, “tetapi kami yang terlibat membantu bantahan penduduk Kampung Baru terhadap Rang Undang-Undang Perbadanan Pembangunan Kampong Baru 2010 menyifatkan perjuangan itu sebagai pejuangan peribadi kami sehingga dapat diselamatkan Kampung Baru sebagai khazanah warisan Melayu.” Source here

What you smokin dude...mintak sepam....

Khazanah Warisan Melayu?????????

Now show me The Melayu Heritage in that picture?

lets learn a bit about this Khazanah

 By the early 1890s, Kuala Lumpur had a population of some 20,000 with a large number being new Chinese immigrants as well as Malay villagers and about 150 Europeans. In response to fears that the rapid influx of outsiders was reducing agricultural land for the town, an existing agricultural area was permanently set aside for Malay farmers. The Malay Agricultural Settlement, formalised by the British in 1899, was called Kampung Baru - literally “New Village” - to distinguish it from the other older Malay villages surrounding the city.

Unique History / Over a Century of Development: Kampung Baru 1891, Formalised 1899/1900 By the 1880s there were already recorded at least seven traditional kampungs in the vicinity in question, besides other unrecorded clusters of traditional house groups of mostly Malay farmers in the area between the Klang river and the Gombak river and beyond. The uniting or amalgamation of the kampungs took place progressively. For example Kampung Masjid became a de facto village core in 1880 and was joined by Kampung Periok in 1890 while Kampung Hujung Pasir came into Ikatan Perkampungan in about 1900, and so on as organised by the local villagers themselves.

As the word of the villages’ prosperity grew, more and more people came to the area, initially farm folk from Ulu Selangor, Kajang and also Malay traders from Klang. Kampung Baru as we know it today was officially promulgated around 1899/1900, in which an area originally of about 223 acres between the Klang River and Batu Road (Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman) was reserved as the Malay Agricultural Settlement. This came about when the British also observed that as more and more Chinese, Indian and European immigrants and expatriates were flooding KL, the Malays were pushed out, which diminished the necessary cultivation and supply of agricultural products that the growing city needed, and which by and large had been traditionally provided by the Malay farmers. However, the establishment of the M.A.S. was said to also result from the ‘expressed desire of the Resident General and the British Resident of Selangor “to educate the children of Malays to (1) take part in the administration and (2) to enable them to reap some of the advantages of the present prosperity”. The Resident said that he hoped the scheme would result in filling the growing clerical services with Malay workers.’ In order to carry out the above intentions, allotments of land were approved to Malay persons with certain conditions such as having to plant crops and so on. Also, schools and amenities including roads and even irrigation water wheels were built in the area. The “Settlement” as the British called it, somewhat a misnomer as much of it was already made up of established kampungs, would be controlled by a Board of Management, consisting of British as well as Malay members including a representative of the Sultan of Selangor. The Board is authorised within the gazetted Rules to approve Malay lot applicants according to agreed terms, to set expenditure and carry out development and maintenance as well as administrative tasks. The land in fact had earlier already been marked by the coming and going of Malay farmers as noted by the acknowledgement of an old Malay cemetery in the area. Source here

In the paper referred above Architect Ahmad Najib Ariffin identified less than 20 houses to be acknowledged for posterity

And that was in 2009, I don't know if the houses are still standing.....

But what can we modern Malaysian identify Kampung Baru with ?

Nasi Lemak? Bubur Lambuk?

Be serious do list down what this Khazanah mean to you?

And what event of significant historical importance could you associate with Kampung Baru

1969 Riots......what else.....I don't want to google....but that's the only thing I could associate Kg Baru with.....

Gua bukan nak perlekehkan Kampung Baru......tapi gua rasa Kampung gua kat Kota Bharu lagi authentic Melayu......

This is what I wrote sometime back when the news first came out refer here
How many Malay Land Owners kat Kg Baru?Seratus, seribu.....sepuluh ribu?
Do they represent the interest of Malays sampai nak kena ada Federal Territories Land Working Committee and Kampung Baru Development Corporation establish under a Parlimentary act?

What nonsense is this? What about other Malay Reserve areas in the country...will value be extracted via the same way?

What was the original objectives of Malay reserve land? And what should the Modern Day Policy look like?

And what bullshit is this statement that Non-Malay (inclusive of Foreigners) Ownership is Key to the Development?

I find all these crap coming out from our policy makers macam sial to the power of 11..... bingai....... what is it that you want to do? its a private property la dey..... who has the power to designate which site is Malay Reserve and which site is not?and under what clause can the restriction be lifted?

If all the Malay Owners of the Area apply to the government to lift the restriction of their specific area tak boleh ke? What fucking bullshit are we talking about here....

If you want to monetize the value..... Lift the fucking restriction without any stupid quotas......

If you want to take care of the "interest" of the Land Owner.......get all of them to agree that
  • All of them will join a Cooperative who will have interest in the development
  • Create A JV Company for development between Land Owners Cooperative,Capital Providers and Developers
  • JV Company Purchase the Land for a specified sum to be agreed between Land Owners Cooperative done at Fair Value based on Non-Malay Reserve Market Price (Excluding Development Value)
  • Development Value will be in the form of Real Estate Investment Fund for Each of the Cooperative Members according to their Land Size within the development area.
  • Other Malays who do not own the land can also participate in the Real Estate Investment Fund Develop and Sell the fucking thing to any species with money
  • Hold some parts of the Development Area for Future Rental Income of the Real Estate Investment Fund

If we go along with the current proposal ....50 years from now there is gonna be bersepah2 Kg this Kg that development corporations established under Acts of this the way forward folks? Do not create a stupid precedent for problems in the future..
This is a private deal between a group of Malay Land Owners and interested parties...... Let the interested parties bid the hell out of the value of Kampung Bharu......

I still feel the same about it.....especially with regards to the Bill.....bodoh n buang masa.....

Now lets go back to mamat stoned kat atas tuh...

Lu biar serious nak pergi Global?

OK Gua challenge lu pergi mintak sama UNESCO to designate Kampung Baru as a Heritage Area...

Bring them over to review this Khazanah and provide a professional opinion on the matter and see if this Khazanah Warisan can meet their criteria for designation go here

Ada brani?

Poyo la lu brader...

Ini macam ka level mau pergi global?

What exactly is your storyline to the Global Audiance?

Malays being forced to sell their Khazanah Warisan?

Malays will lose their last cultural icon ?

Just what brader?

Cuba cita sikit 
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