Friday, August 19, 2011

The Guan Beng Counter Argument....Yawn

Bodoh punye AhBeng dah kena kantoi kencing tak tahu nak jawap
Guan Eng sees red over Umno MP’s tweet Penang
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is incensed over a tweet by an Umno leader that he paid The Economist to write a favourable article on the state’s economic progress. Lim said Umno should show proof to back its wild allegations or else stop spreading vicious lies on the matter.
He was referring to Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s tweet on Tuesday:”As usual. Must must read! RT @satD: @cmlimguaneng @limkitsiang how much u paid Economist 4 D Mojo Advertorial?”
Lim asked Rahman to retract his statement and apologise for trying to undermine and diminish the hard work of 1.6 million Penangites who have successfully turned the state around in the last three years. He said Umno was clearly unhappy with the praise heaped on the Pakatan Rakyat government for its success in fighting corruption and running a clean administration.
Instead of trying to compete with Penang Pakatan on ideas, he said, the BN was trying to sabotage its efforts with vicious lies. “I wish to remind BN that Pakatan does not engage in such dishonest practices, like some federal government leaders buying off journalists for favourable reviews,” the DAP secretary-general added in a statement.
‘Not everyone can be bought’ “And not everyone can be bought, certainly not The Economist. As the most reputable economic magazine in the world, BN’s allegations of Pakatan buying off its journalist has no credibility whatsoever.” The Economist in its recent issue carried an article titled “Malaysia’s Penang state – Getting back its mojo”, which touched on the state reinventing itself in the industrial sector after Pakatan Rakyat took over in 2008.
Lim’s detractors had responded immediately by saying the Penang government had paid the international magazine for the positive article. Lim said Pakatan’s adoption of a successful model of governance centred on a clean government and competency that allowed Penang to attract the highest investments in its history, with RM12.24 billion last year. “The concluding remarks by The Economist have caused much concern among BN supporters. Little wonder, then, that Penang has become a political weather vane as much as a lesson in economic development,” the chief minister added. Source Here

To the 1,599,999 Penangites lu orang tara hal punya......

Ada satu mamat Milaka Mari Kencing Banyak aja kerek lebih kantoi kencing tak tahu nak jawap...

And why should UMNO show proof????

MPKotaBelud is a Person who Re-tweeted my Tweet to you....

Did he do it under official UMNO Tweeter ID?

He just asked people to read my article ma....apa pasal lu kecoh lebih Beng.....

What exactly does he have to retract?

"As Usual , A Must Must Read!"

That one ka Beng......Ok la go and retract that need to read my post...tak pe la....

Or is it this one ?

"how much u paid Economist 4 D Mojo Advertorial?"

Those were my words and I take FULL FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY

Apa lu tara berani mau jawap gua.....

Lu Bodoh ke Bangang Beng?

Come and Sue me then need 7 Days oso la...

yesterday oso can....

BTW Beng how can -10.8% Economic Growth after one year taking over be a lesson in Economic Development?
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