Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Someone in LCCT and AirAsia is part of an International Drug Smuggling ring?

Surabaya. Customs and excise officials at the Juanda International airport in Surabaya have arrested a Malaysian trying to smuggle in one kilogram of methamphetamine estimated to be worth Rp 1 billion ($112,00), an official said on Monday.

The Malaysian male, identified only as A.M.A., 24, arrived from Kuala Lumpur on board an Air Asia flight close to midnight on Saturday.

“Officers from the customs narcotics team of the Juanda airport were suspicious of the person, based on A.M.A.’s profile. They then conducted a physical check on his body and his baggage,” said Buhari Sirait, head of the airport’s customs office.

The officers found the methamphetamine wrapped in aluminium foil and hidden inside a secret compartment tucked into the lining of the suspect’s backpack, he said.

Under questioning, A.M.A. told customs officers that he was only acting as a courier for someone in Malaysia.

Upon arriving in Surabaya, he was to deliver the package of drugs to a person named Devi.

East Java narcotics police said the man’s arrest by customs officers’ had likely eliminated the chance to apprehend Devi.

Sr. Comr. Jan de Fretes, head of the East Java Police’s narcotics unit, criticized the lack of coordination between the two agencies.

He said the customs office should have immediately notified the police of their suspicions so that other players in the smuggling operation could also be arrested.

“Once arrested at the airport, the case cannot be developed further,” Jan said.

But Buhari denied not coordinating with the police.

“There is no such a thing as institutional ego that made the methamphetamine smuggling end at the airport with the arrest of the courier. We always coordinate with the police in handling cases like these.”

Jan also complained about the lax security checks in Malaysia which allowed people to smuggle narcotics out of the country.

“We once filed a complaint; of course it was the National Police headquarters that filed it.”

In a recent survey conducted by the National Police, weak security checks were found at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

It is at the LCCT — which is often referred to as the Air Asia terminal — that the security checks are lax. The checks appears just to be formalities,” Jan said.

Lax checks and cheap fares have made low-cost carriers such as Air Asia a favorite for drug smugglers, he added.

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Wah serious allegations tuh.........

I hope our authorities can respond to this..........

But how did 1 Kilo boleh lepas?

Was it a checked in bag?

Was is hand carry?

Who was at the Check in Counter....

Who was at the Boarding Hall check point.....

Who was handling the Baggage truck.....

 the Pilot and Crew....the Ground Staff........

Everybody that came close to the passenger and the bag should be identified........

Bikin malu NEGARA!

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