Friday, October 15, 2010

The Importance of the Rais Report: Corruption or Just plain efficient?

Simple questions I want to ask..

How many hours after the police report was made against Rocky did MCMC melompat into action?

How many outstanding complaints were there before this particular police report by the Minister?

Were these cases attended to? Why suddenly the report becomes high priority? What is the criteria for MCMC to act is it based on the severity of the event? If so based on what? the number of Police Report made? The number of person affected? 

Did MCMC acted according to proper standard operating procedure? Or did someone bend the rules?

Reallocation of government resources for personal gains is no different than Insider Misappropriation of Public Company Resources.

If you think that the Government agencies are your personal tools that you can mobilise to your own advantage...think again Jolobu....

This message is not just for is for all those who dapat gaji from the Government.

monkey wonders if SPRM will act?
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