Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Mata Sepet, A Universally Accepted Term by the Deaf

KUALA LUMPUR: National Civics Bureau (BTN) assistant director Hamim Husin has been summoned to the Public Complaints Bureau office to clarify on Thursday his alleged racist remarks. Hamim has denied making the remarks.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk T. Murugiah said that the bureau had received many complaints regarding the remarks Hamim had reportedly made at a Puteri Umno event on Monday that were offensive to the Chinese and Indian communities and the bureau needed to investigate the matter.

The report on the investigation would be sent to the Public Services Department, he said in a statement late Wednesday.

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Looks like the Public Complain Bureau will have their hands full....

Take the universally accepted Sign Language to identify a Chinese Person in which the index fingertips pull the eyes into a slant.

This gesture have been used since god know when......some countries have dropped them due to "Political Correctness"

So should all Deaf Person in Malaysia be hauled up by the Public Complaints Bureau?

This monkey also wonder what goes around in all those Vernacular School, Business Associations and Political Parties Divisions Meetings of the other "Malaysians" who do not use Bahasa or English as their first language......

And how come there is no Electronic Recording of the "alleged offence".....Every single Mobile phone has that function anyway.....

Awat manja sangat nih.....mai sini duk bawah ketiak gua..........

What fucking bullshit is this?

Irrespective of whether he made the remarks or not?

The first question we must ask

Did he actually say these the "offensive remarks" to the Chinese or Indian Communities?

Was there any representative of the Chinese and Indian Communities in the Puteri UMNO Meeting?

Going by this logic then all meetings that is attended by any Government Officials or Political Parties be RECORDED for the purpose of Pre-emptive enforcement of what one can say or cannot say in this country called Malaysia......

Welcome to Room 101 folks..........
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