Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ball of Death

Hoi lu bingai ke bagi budak 10 bulan makan fish small did u chop the blardy thing

Pastu lu tak tahu ke macam mana nak handle budak kecik tercekik....

lu kasi terbalik itu budak pastu tepuk belakang sampai keluar....

fucking idiot....

10-month-old boy chokes to death on a fish ball
TAMPIN: A 10-month-old baby boy choked to death on a fish ball at a nursery yesterday.

Wan Nur Alif Wan Arif Fadhla was having breakfast, which was prepared by the nursery, with other children at about 9am when the incident happened.

The baby was said to have collapsed and turned blue and was sent to the Tampin Hospital, where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

His father, Wan Arif Fadhla Wan Yusof, 41, said his wife called him at about 11.15am to tell him that their son had been sent to the hospital.

“I went to the hospital and was informed that my son had choked on a fish ball,” said the Rembau district information officer, who then lodged a police report.

Wan Arif said his son’s body would be brought back to his wife’s hometown in Marang, Terengganu, for burial.

Tampin police chief Supt Wooi Hooi Cheng said that police would call the operator of the nursery to record her statement. — Bernama

Quick check.

1. What is the maximum ratio of Kids Vs Orang Tua kat Nurseries ? Got fucking standards or not or just main tibai aje

2. All the orang tua kerja kat nurseries tu trained in Basic Safety and Emergency procedures or not? ke main ambik Indonesian or Burmese keluar kapal

All these mushrooming tadikas kat kawasan perumahan is ripe for a full revamp.....

hari tu gua dengar some mental case hit kids with this.......
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