Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The "Listening" Government

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anyway I saw this today...

KUALA LUMPUR (March 22, 2010): School principals in the Federal Territory (FT) have been warned to ensure that Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings do not discuss matters that oppose the Education Ministry's policies.

“This is a message from the ministry. PTA meetings should not be used as a platform to discuss matters opposing the government’s policies,” said Kuala Lumpur Education Department director Mohd Adenan Deraman at the end of the 2009 STPM and SPM Excellence Awards ceremony at the department here today.

He said the ministry had received information that the Teaching of Science and Maths in English (better known as PPSMI) policy is part of the PTA meetings' agenda in several schools.

Adenan said the ministry had warned the schools to refrain from discussing the matter as the decision on PPSMI had already been made by the cabinet.

“PTA is formed to help the schools’ development and not to oppose policy matters. School principals have to play their roles in handling PTA meetings without controversy.

It is the duty of the principal and the PTA committee members to ensure that no such discussions take place and if the matter is still discussed, action will be taken against the PTA committee,” he said.

He reminded the principals to use the guidelines provided under the Education Act 1996 which has provisions on forming and conducting PTA meetings.

The cabinet had in July last year approved the Education Ministry's proposal to abolish PPSMI, reverting to Bahasa Malaysia and vernacular languages in phases effective 2012.

Announcing the decision, Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had said the move would see national schools teaching Science and Mathematics in Bahasa Malaysia while Chinese and Tamil schools would employ their respective vernacular languages.

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Ini macam bole ka.........pakcik..

If your fucking policies are blardy stupid and sending our kids into direct unemployment oso cannot discuss ke?


Well I don't know much about the guidelines in conducting PTA meetings in Education Act n gua pun malas nak google....but if one is not allowed to even discuss issues that affect their children due to a policy that have been decided by the Cabinet..ade sikit kureng la brader kat situ...

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