Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wee Ka Siong You Should Resign First before submitting the Police Report

A new contender just applied to join my kitchenware collection....I'm still not sure whether to add this one or not.....

One peabrain Deputy Education Minister that goes by the name of Wee Ka Siong is in a fix from my point of view
  1. He is a Chinese 
  2. He is a Chinese Politician representing MCA which is part of BN
  3. He is the Deputy Education Minister
As a Senior Official from the Education Ministry one has the responsibility to look at the overall education policy from ALL angles, one needs to have NO POLITICAL nor RACIAL BIAS in order to undertake that function properly without ANY conflict of interest situation especially in deliberating on policy action with a NATIONAL impact for GENERATIONS to come

Looks like Wee wants to do a police report against the people who are supporting the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign

This monkey says go ahead but RESIGN first as Deputy Education Minister!!!!

Now i bet this peabrain will go and ask one of his running dogs to go and file the report....but dude you already said your position........which means that YOU ARE NOT EVEN OPEN TO DIALOGUE.........

I will be here.........and if I die children will continue this struggle and their children and so on and so forth.....until this dream of Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua becomes a reality for Malaysia....

So bring it on Wee!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua- Now and Then

Ever since the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Campaign was launched last week by brother KijangMas of DemiNegara..comments have poured in...both for and against the idea...many went for character assasination and try hard to brand DemiNegara as a "racist" blog and all those in support for the initiative as a bunch of racist trying to stir discontent among our racial "harmony"

Very much expected.......bunch of racist trying to call themselves MALAYSIANS ...i say surrender your IC and passport and go back to your ancestral motherland....... good riddance

Now lets go deeper into their arguments.

The bulk of these retards try hard to Equate Withdrawing Government Policy and Support for MRSM, Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SABK) as the quid pro quo against giving up the Vernacular School....yeah rite!
Now Lets look at the Official Statistics 2008 from MOE, you may download yourself here

A cursory look at the data shows that a
  • Total of 1813 SRKJ(C and T)
  • 54 Sekolah Berasrama Penuh,
  • 16 SABK(primary),
  • 101 SABK (Secondary)
  • and 55 Sekolah Agama
  • As for MRSM the numbers are 39 go here and count the dots
Now lets do a simple calculation lets say 30 students per class and 5 class per age = 150 Students per age

Now lets apply this number against the total number of School....
  • assuming SRJK(C/T)/SABK(primary) got 6 years of Study,
  • Sekolah Berasrama Penuh/MRSM/Sekolah Agama/SABK(secondary) got 5 years...
The resulting number of kids would b
  • SRJK(C/T) would be = 150 x 6 x 1813 = 1,631,700
  • SABK(primary) = 150 x 6 x 16 = 14400
  • Sekolah Berasrama Penuh = 150 x 5 x 54 = 40,500
  • SABK (Secondary) = 150 x 5 x 101 = 75, 750
  • Sekolah Agama = 150 x 5 x 55 = 42, 250
  • MRSM = 150 x 5 x 34 = 25,500
Feel free to disagree....real numbers on enrollment for primary school by type is here cant find actual numbers for secondary school anywhere in the bear with me on this....

First and foremost besides MRSM which is enacted as per our constitution article 153 and the corresponding Akta Majlis Amanah Rakyat 1966.....the other schools are OPEN to All Non-Bumi based on your UPSR or Penilaian Darjah 5 during my time. (for sekolah agama.....if you want to convert to Islam alhamdulliah..silakan pak)......

So let me ask you this now.....which one is more?

How many more kids in their early years are segregated in an Alien Language which is only spoken on a daily basis by less than 20% of the population.... Racial Disunity of course is a co-mingling of many factors, one key component is how well we understand one another…..and of which language plays a very important role..

This key problem in language brings us back to vernacular schooling ….lets assume a kid from 7 to 12 years old goes to to a vernacular many hours a day does he goes around thinking, learning, communicating in Mandarin/Tamil…goes home after school probably into an environment that continues to speak Non-national Languages..or even other foreign language dialects……how much interaction in BM or English will this group children have as a % of their life minus the early years say up till 5/6 years old….ask yourself would these group of children be racially united with other kids of different race who do not speak the language that they speak fluently….. as with any problem..there are root causes…..and if language is one of the possible root cause of disunity then we must face the issue on vernacular schooling head on..without fear and without politics clouding our judgment..........

I'm really curious of how both side of the political divide will respond to this own take is that both got NO BALLS and probably want to throw more money to support this root cause of our problem

As for those against the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua.....this bunch of racist bigots try hard to challenge the Constitutional Provisions of Malay Special Rights Article 153 against what? Remember the give and take for the 1,000, 000 stateless Chinese and Indians, that was the quid pro quo... r u ready to surrender your IC and Passport if Article 153 is abolished.?

Did the constitution provides for the "rights" to teach Other Subjects in Non Official Language? Go read the memorandum to TPM for details

What is the need to master Mandarin and Tamil for? ..Say this if a Kantonese meets a Hokkien or a Fhu Chau do they speak Mandarin or Bahasa/English?

So tell me what in the world for these two languages........ is it to unite the Chinese and Indian against the rest of the Malaysians?.If so then by design you are trying an environment that the majority of the population is unable to understand and hence you are actually segregating yourself from the majority of the population. On top of it you would then systematically use this "advantage" in all aspects from economic, political and social is this going to help a country as young as ours to grow..unless you plan to build a country within a country?

Language issue is basic, it forms the basic foundation of a Nation..look at Mainland China...there must be a single language of choice for all citizen to be able to be spoke FLUENTLY..the same for India with so many different languages and even also for Indonesia..these are just a few examples of our negara jiran.....
Being multilingual is part and parcel of the natural evolution of our 'economic resources' and Yes I support for the proper teaching of a third, fourth or even fifth language to our children.......BUT In language classes and NOT having the whole curriculum in a Foreign Language

So now lets go back to history

The Fucking British Occupation period 1786- 1941

Our fucking colonial masters operates a divide and rule approach anywhere they to extract maximum resources from this Tanah Melayu they invited a bunch of "skilled foreign" workers from China and India...Did they come here as Slaves to the Colonial Masters?
I think not....most would probably voluntered to get a job...always wondered why in world the Brittish didnt train the Malays these so called skills and send these foreign workers back after a few years.......guess this is part of the strategy to avoid a Nationalistic Uprising by the now these bunch of foreign workers then brought the whole supporting community and of course sex was part of their daily activy.....hence their numbers that there are kids around education becomes a concern to everyone......

being brittish(as usual)......lets divide this people futher.....lets offer them our language and if this foreign workers cant speak it....let them import their own community ingat pergi camping ke? Were you all planning this for the long run from the outset??

Anyway back to education......4 types of schools exist - English Medium and Vernaculars (Malay, Chinese and Indian)....the Christians Missions were also active in providing educations in major towns. So now the wealthiest of them the Chinese started establishing their own school, importing curriculum, teachers and textbook form motherland.......the estate going Indians had to rely on their Plantation masters.....kesian giler.....and the Malays were trying their best to survive amidst all of the Brits think that .....lets just educate them to a level that they wont create any problem for us...
anyway back to the point of racial disunity......folks were systematically divided by design of the fucking british operational policy.......for close to 150 years.....

The Japanese Occupation.

....sekejap aje.....not much effect on Education.....what came about was the talibaruts..who sold their soul.....if this monkey was around during that time...彼は日本刀で頭を切り落とすと

The kelam kabut years 1945-1957

To me who ever was around at that time was a bunch of idiots........what was the brittish gonna do if we had fought them as a united front irrespective of our race then.....but their policy worked....we were divided....we did not have a sense of belonging.......

Now back to education..the thinking then by the Cheeseman Plan(part of Malayan Union) was to have 4 system (English, Malay, Chinese & Indian) with Chinese + Tamil to be a subject in English schools and teaching of English was to be compulsary in all vernacular schools.....

We all know what happened to Malayan that proposal masuk tong sampah

Now the brits pening kepala how in the world can we consolidate this they set up the Barnes Committee in 1950 to look at ways to reform and integrate the whole education system....they came out with a report called the Barnes Report recommending for ALL existing school to be transformed into National Schools in which childred of various ethnic group would be taught through the medium of Malay and English.......

Surprise surprise the Chinese protested vehemently against that....remember folk there is no constitution yet.......they think that this is an effort to eliminate their culture and language.....again the fucking british mengelabah...and set up another committee called the Fenn-Wu in 1951....judging from the name of the committee you can guess their this committee then provided their recommendations revolving symphatetically around the Chinese vernacular education, main gist is to have a bilingual (Malay and English) medium with specific provisions to the learning of Chinese and Tamil in schools.....

Now with two reports in hand...fucking british then created another committee headed by LD WHitfield called the Central Advisory Committee on Education in 1951 to deliberate on the two report...their opinion on the two report can be viewed here

Few things this monkey noticed in the Whitfield committee observations
  1. They were leaning towards a common medium using Malay and English
  2. They promote and support the teaching of Chinese and Tamil as a Language subject
  3. Their worry that the Barnes report created negative perception that government aids to vernacular school is being withdrawn and the potential unemployment risk of the teachers from the vernacular schools
  4. Their belief that the last racially segregated vernacular primary school will cease to exist when the parents of the children attending it believe that a national school would provide a more acceptable education (Fenn Wu report suggest that that day will NEVER happen)
"It is an event of the undated future so that in contemplating the problems of Vernacular Schools in their present form it would be unwise to regard them only as short term issue. Any satisfactory solution to these problems should help so to modulate existing vernacular school that their eventual transmutation into acceptable National schools will be natural and voluntary and welcomed by the parents of those who attend them"- Central Advisory Committee on Education 10th Sept 1951
Their recommendation forms the basis of the 1952 Education Ordinance whereby a bilingual national system of education with a common curriculum was established on only ONE type of School i.e The National School with Malay & English as Medium with Chinese and Tamil as 3rd language subject.

Technically Vernacular School existed outside the Education Ordinance 1952 (dari dulu tak nak ikut Undang Undang!!!! kimak betul)

A year before Merdeka

In 1956 Bapak Najib came out with another report called the Razak report major gist (lu bace sendiri la link gua kasi tu!) focuses along the promotion of the National Language (Malay) and phasing out of the English Medium with the ultimate objective of the education policy of bringing together children of all races under a National education system in which the national language is the medium of instruction (they recognise that progress towards this goal cannot be rushed and must be gradual)

Somehow along the way in paragraph 54 of this report SRJKs was created with a clause whereby if parents of 15 children request for it........this then form the Education Ordinance 1957 allowing for the existance of vernacular schools with Government Support.

MERDEKA!!!!!! MERDEKA!!!! MERDEKA!!!! I give u kerakyatan in return for my special status, you can practice your culture within your own "unofficial" capacity........get it! Now lets live and let live

1961 Rahman Talib Report
Minister of Education Rahman Talib, then had another report to evaluate the status of the implementation of the Razak Report. The team saw very little progress in implementing the use of the Malay language as the main medium of instruction in Malaysian schools and phasing out English-medium schools. Their report then resulted in the Education Act of 1961.

The most significant outcome of the Education Act of 1961 was that a definite timetable was set to phase out English-medium schools and convert government-aided Chinese-medium secondary schools into Bahasa Melayu-medium secondary schools.
I will stop here(capek got to put the kids to bed) this is the period before NEP was implemented.......look at the mindset of the people championing Vernacular Schools (Then and Now)........Did they bother to consider to integrate into the National System.....the Malay Vernacular School did.......they integrated into the National School....
The majority of the population have moved forward.....why are you all stuck with 1950's mindset....they will keep on finding reasons NOT to integrate into a single system....they will try to convince you that they are the victims of NEP Policies and IF AND ONLY IF NEP is gone then Vernacular School will be gone...........sad indeed these people who call themselves Malaysians......who goes around claiming to be Anak Bangsa Malaysia........
I totally agree if you say that the overall education requires reform....just look at the teaching of Maths n Science in English....i got a niece aged 12 now ...her teacher tries his best to teach maths in English...bersepah sepah nak mampus....budak tu balik rumah pening kepala...and she speaks better English than her teacher........Do they have English Classes for Teachers?....
So many things to do ahead folks(this post is becoming too long by my gua tibai lu standard.).....the goal of the petition is to have an indepth study towards a common goal.......a goal that was concieved not a few weeks back but a goal that have been on the minds of the policymakers way back before go figure why we are still here
Again irrespective of your race or political leanings....ponder upon the said Memo to TPM and show that you want to move ahead by joining our movement to forge a cohesive and unified Bangsa Malaysia...
Join us at Facebook and Sign the Petition

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua- Is there a reason to say no?

I have a dream......and my dream is that Malaysians will speak in a single unified how things are in Indonesia.....I've been living here for 4 years already.......every single day I look around, people of various races in Indonesia speak a single common such thing as ayam Vs itek kinda thing like how things are in Malaysia....I ask myself how is this possible? Even the resident MatSalehs speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesia.....

To me the root cause is that our nation is still divided along racial and cultural lines with no middle ground where people of various races could collectively identify themselves with........we've seen the phony Anak Bangsa Malaysia syndrome trying their best to slip through into Mainstream thinking process......and yet they fail to notice the cold hard fact that you must start early beginning with our cannot just one day say that you are Anak Bangsa Malaysia when you go around identifying yourself as I'm a "Your Race" Malaysian must be able to subscribe to the critical foundation of this nation.............

Perhaps the lyrics of the song Indonesia Saja by Dewa  can help you understand what I'm trying to put forward

aku bukan orang jawa
aku juga bukan sunda
aku bukan orang aceh
aku juga bukan ambon
aku bukan cina
aku juga bukan barat
aku bukan kiri
aku juga bukan kanan
aku bukan hijau
aku juga bukan merah
aku hanya merasa
aku orang indonesia saja
aku hanya merasa
aku orang indonesia saja

Well here's the thing folks.....the birth of the Real Anak Bangsa Malaysia begins today marks the beginning of a long-term campaign to push for A Single School System for Malaysians, it was a campaign conceived on the cyberspace(which I'm very proud to be a part of) and will soon invade every single part of our country......

For details read the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua post by Brother KijangMas of DemiNegara , there you will find the proposed Memo to be submitted to our Deputy Prime Minister who also happens to be Our Education Minister.

Please look beyond our racial differences and think about the future of our children and our country

Show your support with our Online petition here

Do read my follow up post......especially for those who disagree with Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Along came a Senduk

Folks lets take a break from the Perak Berak..........fuckin morons!!!

This post is dedicated to all the anonymous out there in the cyberspace!!!

I will write this one as how i see it.......orang sini bilang "bahasa terang" need to come out with theory here theory there...principle here principle there..... you know how long it normally takes to build a cyber identity? To have a following, to create the cyber-aura..............With one click of your mouse you just wiped all that effort away.......

Bak kata pepatah melayu.....terlajak perahu boleh diundur......terlajak post habis masuk google reader, google cache........kalau delete pun semua orang dah tahu........

Mamat senduk ni pulak satu.....tak habis habis nak belit sampai 3 post.....never once mintak maaf for BETRAYING A FRIEND.........

On top of it.......this senduk have the audacity to award someone a "white feather"......where the fuck did u get the feather duk.....pluck it from your spineless chicken shit......have a look at duk's comment section....and you can see the Kampung in his thinking......ajak orang nak gaduh sana sini..........i guess you sure do fit the anatomy of a senduk.....besar kepala tak tentu pasal.....sorry to digress a bit dey Parpu...stop shouting with the caplock la ingat orang pekak ke?

To top it all up.......his wife came out to defend the action to say that it was her who suggested the post.....
mmmmm......what is this monkey gonna do now.........called her senduk as well?...or is it buy one get one free kinda thing going on this senduk is enough for my kitchenware collection......

So now folks lets get back to the key issue here.....anonymity.....

Before you go on further watch this..........courtesy of my brothers from artic

Do you know how the band looks like? Did they manage to deliver their message and art to you without disclosing how they look like?

Ok how about you know how any of the Mainstream newspapers writers/columnist/editors look like?

What is anonymous anyway.....? 10 people know that its you.......50 people know that its you ...or only you yourself syiok sendiri know its you.......

Knowing an anonymous blogger is a privilege....I've witnessed a number of times when folks meet up with another anonymous blogger buddy of mine.......they would say "Oh my god!!...I read you everyday.....I'm so happy to have had the chance to meet you personally"... is not something that you casually one afternoon decide after your other half say let go kacau this blogger.....put up a post containing the picture of the can do senduk.....

Now lets look at Duk's writtings...(banyak gile...Duk lu takde kerja lain nak buat time office ke?).....ayat bombastic gile.....tapi content..tara hasil........orang tak banyak baca boleh lah lu nak jual lu punya ayat...

an anonymous friend of mine said.......he sounded so contrived and seems like trying too hard.....I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! I think it was synthesized to its finest........of what senduk is...slowly showing his true Malay Apologist colors.......

To all anonymous out there allow this monkey to offer to you some simple guide to avoid a senduk bingai episode.
  1. Start counting how many people know who you are and how many have a photo of you....
  2. Identify typical evolving senduk syndrom.....categorised as tak puas hati cause they cannot engage you in a post vs post and normally a non-anonymous blogger.
  3. Avoid gatherings of bloggers... you never know... a senduk might just be there...and if you do go, DO NOT tell them about your cyber identity.....just give them your boring real life name
  4. Know who you can trust........when they ask too much question...or wants to take a careful
And as for me.....i would probably remain an anonymous blogger until another senduk comes along........or maybe the same senduk if he holds a grudge against me.......and if he does.....i will "kacau" him with a capital K....

Until then I await the next piece to join my growing kitchenware collection........
Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. -Lord Thomas Dewer